Sam Fisher uses the mechanical arm to assemble land mines that will later appear in the level Kinshasa.

Mine Assembling is a gameplay feature, as well as a JBA opportunity objective, in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1). In this minigame, players use a small, mechanical arm to assemble land mines for the JBA. For the level JBA HQ - Part 2, this appears as a primary objective players must complete for Enrica Villablanca. For subsequent JBA levels following this level, however, it appears as an opportunity objective players can complete to gain Trust.

Overview Edit

  • Use the [Fire/Kill Button] to control the speed and vertical direction of the mechanical arm. This allows you to place the detonator in the mine.
  • Simultaneously use the [Left analog stick] to compensate for the vibration in order to place the detonator in the very center of the mine.

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