Mike Wu
Biographical information
Real name Mike Wu
Known aliases Mike Chan
Citizenship Flag of the United States American
Family Eddie Wu (Brother)
Career information
Occupation Third Echelon Research Analyst
Affiliations Third Echelon

Lucky Dragons

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: OB

Mike Wu (alias: Mike Chan) was a member of the Lucky Dragons, and a mole within the NSA's top secret initiative, Third Echelon during Operation Barracuda in 2006 working as a research analyst.

Biography Edit

2006: Operation Barracuda/MRUUV Incident Edit

In 2006, Mike Wu had secured a position within Third Echelon as a research analyst, working closely with Third Echelon director Irving Lambert, technical analyst Carly St. John and Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher on important operations. During this time, Third Echelon had learned of a intelligence leak within the agency itself, meaning Wu knew that it was inevitable that he would soon be found. One day, with the two of them working late in the offices, Carly St. John was close to finding out that it was Mike Wu who was the mole within the agency. In order to buy him some time to escape, he used a handgun to shoot Carly in the back of the head as she was typing on her computer, killing her instantly.

Capture Edit

Mike Wu escaped the Third Echelon headquarters, but was eventually captured and placed into an interrogation room. Sam Fisher, able to make it to the United States, had interrogated Mike Wu for information. Despite wanting to kill Wu for his betrayel, he let him live to forever carrying around the guilt of murdering Carly for the rest of his days. It is unknown what happened to Wu after the interrogation.

Trivia Edit

  • "Chan" (Simplified: ), used as an adjective, means "stale" or "old".

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