The Mercenary (wearing one of many uniforms available) in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Mercenaries or Mercs are one of the two opposing sides in the Splinter Cell series multiplayer mode Spies vs Mercs. Mercenaries specialize in assault, while their counterparts, the Spies, specialize in stealth. Mercenaries differ in look, organization, weapons, equipment and gadgets in each of the Splinter Cell games.


Mercenaries are the most prolific in using firearms and assault-based weaponry and gadgets to deal with their enemies. They are physically strong and are deadly in both ranged and close-quarters combat (CQC). Not only are their weapons powerful, but they possess a melee attack with enough force to knock over a Spy. Despite their powerful combat training, however, they are not the most agile compared to their Spy counterparts. They cannot crouch to fit into ventilation shafts, climb poles and scale walls like Spies, along with many other physical maneuvers enabling them to traverse the environment. Instead, they rely on assault and action strength to best their enemies, as well as tactical cooperation to deal with foes.

In each of the Splinter Cell games, the Mercenaries see things in a First-Person view, meaning their gameplay is similar to those of other First-Person Shooter games. Not only do they have powerful weapons at their disposal, they are also equipped with strong equipment to withstand damage as well as a wide selection of equipment to utilize against Spies. Their ability to track down and hunt their targets, as well as their combat, is their main advantage they have over Spies.

Equipment Edit

Mercenary OrganizationsEdit


Echelon Spy takes hold of an Upsilon Mercenary.


Trivia Edit

  • The Mercenaries, like the Spies, do not belong to a specific organization in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, making this the first time this has ever happened in the series. Instead of a name, their side is merely called "Mercenaries" or "Spies".

Gallery Edit

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