(Sam starts on the other side of the wall by the airport staff entrance and is about to move.)

Irvin Lambert: Your ride is just about here, a cargo truck that should get you through security and into LAX

Anna Grimsdottir: I've arranged for a small distraction, if it comes together it should open a small window of opportunity.

Sam Fisher: You make my job too easy.

Grim: Just respecting my elders.

Lambert: And if anybody sees you, you've lost your ride and the mission's over before it begins.

Sam: You've always had a talent for the obvious, Lambert.

(Sam cause to the parking area and near security where a truck pulls over and he climbs on the back. listening to the driver speak to the security.)

Security: Afternoon.

Driver: What's going on? They usually don't check me until the next point.

Security: Had if I know, just found it in my task register.

Driver: Huh, probably some TSA bigwig trying to get promoted.

Security: Something strange's going on today. It's like there's an orange alert they don't want to tell anybody about.

Driver: That's weird. I'll see you around.

Security: Yeah, take it easy.

(The truck moves in the garage with Fisher inside.)

Lambert: Alright, Fisher, you're inside LAX.

Sam: You're kidding. That was way to easy.

Lambert: Basically we've got gaps in the armor and you're not the only visitor that slipped through.

Sam: Soth.

Lambert: And the last ND 133, and a handful of hired mercenaries disguised as LAX employees. I'd be willing to bet they're fresh from a smallpox vaccination, so you may be able to ID them by a higher than normal body temperature.

Dermont P. Brunton: We have no choice, we need to have them dead.

(If Sam attempts to leave a room without completing part of the objective.)

Lambert: Fisher, you cannot leave any terrorist behind, this will jeopardize the rest of the mission.

Brunton: We have no choice, we need to have them dead.

(Once Sam eliminates his first terrorist.)

Lambert: Great. Grim, you got anything on how they're communicating?

Grim: Yeah, it's an ultra wide band network, node based. They've got ten members online, including Soth.

Lambert: Then we're looking for nine terrorists you're going to need to neutralize before you find Soth.

Grim: If all of Soth's men have been vaccinated for smallpox within the last ten days, then it's a safe bet they're running a few degrees hotter.

(Sam goes through the door and into a security booth room with a cleaner doing her work. He goes in the bathroom and up the vent that leads into the baggage transport area with a terrorist and employee talking together.)

Employee1: Hey, nice lariat.

Terrorist1: What?

Employee1: I like your lariat. Smart move buying your own, these cheap pieces of crap the tightwads upstairs handout break weakly.

Terrorist1: Oh thanks.

Employee1: Are you new here? I don't think I've seen you before.

Terrorist1: No, just new to the shift.

Employee1: Ah, usually part of the graveyard shift.

Terrorist1: Yeah.

Employee1: Then you must know J.M. Terry.

Terrorist1: Sure.

Employee1: I ain't talked to him in forever. How's he doing? His wife ever opened that shop?

Terrorist1: Listen I've got to get back to work.

Employee1: Oh, sorry about that. I've got a tendency to gab, take it easy.

(Sam dispatches the terrorist and goes to the next room crawling with more terrorist among employees. one goes to another terrorist.)

Employee2: Hey, I don't think I've seen you here before.

Terrorist2: Ah. I'm new here.

Employee2: Ah well then, welcome to the team.

Terrorirst2: Thanks.

Employee2: You must be Bob's replacement.

Terrorist2: Yep.

Employee2: Great, I hate to say it, but Bob is a little too thirsty for his own good.

Terrorist2: That's not good.

Employee2: *chuckles* No it's not. You had a chance to check the numbers for the conveyor attention, yet?

Terrorist2: Eh, no, not yet. I was just about to get to that.

Employee2: Well get to it, then. I can't get started unless I have those figures.

Terrorist2: Yeah, I'll come find you when I got them.

Employee2: Thanks.

(The employee goes to another personnel.)

Employee3: So who is he?

Employee2: Oh, I forgot his name, he's replacing the lush.

Employee3: Thank god.

Employee2: Yeah I guess. But he doesn't to know his ass from his elbow.

Employee3: Ah, well we could give him a few weeks. New guys are always a solid work

(Sam dispatches the terrorists on this sector and leaves the personnel area and through the conveyor belt that goes to a spot near the airport lounge. He slips by near a booth with a terrorist going to a personnel.)

Terrorist3: I gotta step out for a second.

Employee4: No problem. I can cover things here.

(He will slip into the staff room and heads down to the corridor where he will radio in.)

Terrorist3: (Radio) You there?

Terrorist4: (Radio) Yeah, but it's just me. Have you seen Martin?

Terrorist3: No, I think something's going real wrong.

Terrorist4: No kidding.

Terrorist3: I was supposed to meet him up top, cover the boss before we pull out!

(If Sam captures the Terrorist, he can interrogate him.)

Sam: Howdy.

Terrorist3: What the hell?

Sam: That's the question exactly. I hope your answers are fully apt. Where's Soth? Where's the ND133?

Terrorist3: Who's Soth?

Sam: Pointdexter, Penguin, whatever his name was, where's your employer.

Terrorist3: Whatever you know, it won't help you. By the time you reach him, it will be too late for all of you.

(If Sam keeps interrogating.)

Sam: I like your accent. Where're you from?

Terrorist3: GO TO HELL! *strained pain*

Sam: Be social. Where are you from?

Terrorist3: Virginia.

Sam: You're American, attacking Americans.

Terrorist3: Yeah, I'm American. But this isn't the America it should be and there are damn a few Americans left.

(Still interrogating.)

Terrorist3: Kill me, I'm ready.

(Sam goes through a staff office listening to a guy taking a customer call while a terrorist is walking around.)

Employee5: ..Of course, Ma'am, of course. No that's not what I meant. I didn't mean to suggest that at all. If you could just tell me your original destination. I understand that.. I understand that. I am not arguing with you, Ma'am, if you could tell me your original destination, maybe... Of course, Ma'am. Albuquerque, but unless you tell me.. Yes, Albuquerque. I am not arguing with you. Albuquerque. Listen, the line is weak, could I.. Sorry. I understand that and I'm trying to. Just a second. *To Terrorist.* Hey, can you give me a hand with the phones?

Terrorist4: I am sorry, I'm very busy.

Employee5: Just five minutes, pal. Come.. I was supposed to get off half an hour ago. Listen who's your supervisor, I'll put him a good word for you?

Terrorist4: Ehm, J-Jones.

Employee5: Jones, Jones who?

Terrorist4: Ed Jones. I have to go, I'm very busy.

Employee5: Wait, what's your name, I'll.. *interrupted by call.* Sorry....

(His conversation will repeat all the time. The terrorist goes out to radio.)

Terrorist4: Boss, if you read me, my cover's been compromised. I need instructions. Are you there!? I can kill the clerk before he alerts anybody. I don't have much time, I'm taking action, repeat, I'm killing the clerk.

(Sam may grab him to interrogate.)

Sam: You're going to tell me what are you exactly supposed to do here.

Terrorist4: It's a mistake! I'm not who you think I am.

Sam: Interesting. And who do I think you are then?

Terrorist4: *Grunts* Stop! You're making a mistake.

Sam: By killing you? I think not. Speak to me.

Terrorist4: The boss is about to watch and spread it from the catwalk. I don't know anything else.

Sam: Indeed.

(Sam dispatches the last lone terrorist.)

Lambert: Good work, Fisher. That takes care of all but Soth's men.

Grim: And the chatter looks like they are with Soth.

Lambert: We're nearly certain he's in the catwalks above passenger ticketing. Work your way up there and find him. Neutralize him and the others and retrieve the ND 133.

(Sam may walk next door where a school of employees watch a presentation.)

Employee6: I suggest we go for a short break.

(Sam goes out through the door listening to some Employees by the balcony.)

Employee7: This is pure madness. If we enforce the controls again, will cause massive traffic problems, with no solution.

(Sam goes down the stairs of the balcony.)

Grim: We have an indication where Soth could be. He seem to enter the ticketing area just bellow you.

Lambert: Fisher, we need confirmation on this. Locate Soth in the ticketing area, we need to ID him.

Sam: The leg story again. Might be to far away.

Grim: It should work on the balcony bellow the escalators.

(Once he goes bellow.)

Grim: Fisher, spot Soth in the area bellow using your thermal and binoculars.

(Sam spots Soth with the thermal vision and binoculars.)

Lambert: Ok, we've got him.

Grim: Affirmative. He's carrying the last ND 133 box.

(Sam goes into the elevator and goes up, suddenly the elevator comes to a halt.)

Lambert: The elevator's stopped.

Sam: Thanks, Lambert.

Grim: Soth's men cut the power from above.

Lambert: Cutting off potential interruptions. You need to get up there, fast.

Grim: If you can smash your way through the emergency exit, there's a crawlspace that will let you up on the catwalks.

Lambert: Get to it. We don't have much time.

(Sam climbs out of the elevator and scales up to the shaft into the catwalks, intercepting a communique from Soth.)

Norman Soth: It's me. How's the board look?... Just incoming flights, we discussed this... Right, right... What about our Midway and Vegas flights? I don't want to release until they've disembarked... Yes, but are they off the plane yet?... Excellent. ...Only a few minutes now. Out.

(As Sam makes his way near the terrorist, he listens to engineers who are working on the power failure.)

Engineer1: This really doesn't look like an accident to me.

Engineer2: The security guys already looked at it.

Engineer1: You need a cold chisel to sheer these bolts off like this.

Engineer2: Whatever. Let's just get this fixed. I'm off in an hour and I'm not looking for overtime.

(Sam scales up to get a clean sight of the terrorists and disposes them.)

Lambert: Phenomenal work fisher, but don't slow down. We're only a few minutes from I don't know how many thousands of dead. Get the ND 133.

(Sam makes his way to the box and tampers it.)

Sam: I've got the box, we still have eleven minutes on the timer.

Lambert: Damn, Damn, Damn. That's five less minutes than we were counting for. Even by Osprey we couldn't get it safely out of LA limits. We need something to seal it in.

Grim: It would have to be reinforced steel to withstand the force of decompression.

Lambert: We'll evacuate the airport, that should keep the casualties bellow a thousand. Fisher, you can get it low fast. If the box decompresses inside some kind of containment in the basement, we may be able to get casualties down to the dozens.

Fisher: I've got a better idea.

End Game.

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