US Mil-Sat Tango| Geosynchronous Orbit, 0:34 Hours, Zulu time, Monday, June 18, 2007.

(Satelite in space shows the events. A ship is being hijacked by an armed group of pirates. One tries to sneak away but in panic he stumbles up and meets with a soldier who strikes him with the butt of his rifle.)

Irving Lambert: (Background) Looks like a Chinese Yang Wei class cruiser with a North Korean destroyer escort.  

(Below the sea, a submarine, the USS * A75 is tracing the incident.  

(WNM intro and music plays.) 

Morris O'Dell: Events in the yellow sea took a turn for the worse today when North Korea and Chinese forces blockaded and boarded a Japanese cargo ship. 

Morris O'Dell: The North Korean government released no official statement and their ambassador remained out of contact. While at the UN, Chinese ambassador Long Dan, urged to the US and her longtime Japanese allies to remain calm calling the blockades a jitters response to what the rest of Asia views as a possible re militarization of Japan.  

(News End) 

(Scene goes to a secure room with SecDef, POTUS and Lambert inside the Pentagon.) 

Irving Lambert: This blockade is an act of war. The NSE is working on a formal response and they ordered the USS Walsh to close at blank speed. The Walsh is the most advanced ship in history. My best man will be on board.  

National Security Agency | Fort Meade, Maryland, USA 08:51 Hours | Thursday, June 21, 2007

(Agent Sam Fisher is giving a retina scan to enter the control center joining the rest of the team.) 

Lambert: What do you know. Chinese and North Korean ships working together again.  

Anna Grimsdottir: That's what we expected. 

Sam Fisher: That's a 0-5-6 (zero five six) prototype, Chinese.   William Redding: Exactly.  

Lambert: How are your sea legs? 

Sam: I haven't lost them. 

Lambert: Good, because the 0-5-6 prototype isn't the only new fish in the pond.  

(WNM intro and music plays) 

Morris O'Dell: Admiral Toshiro Otomo, head of Japan's newly formed, Information Self-Defense Force, had this to say: 

Toshiro Otomo: This is another distressing attempt by China and North Korea to further depress our faltering economy. The ISDF and Japan, appear to our allies for the military support promised us under the post-war constitution of 19 hundred... 

Morris O'Dell: The fact remains that in the eyes of many in Asia, the ISDF itself is a violation of the post-war constitution, prohibiting Japan from maintaining a military force capable of striking beyond it's borders. In Asia, memories of imperial Japan are still fresh.  

(News ends.)  

CG 80 USS Clarence Walsh | Caribbean Sea, 07:57 Hours Zulu Time | Saturday, June 23, 2007

(Fisher and Redding are on board a helicopter on their way to the USS Clarence Walsh. They land on the ships helipad and both men leave, Sam meets up with skipper Arthur Partridge.)

Arthur Partridge: Hot damn! Sam Fisher. Haha, been a long time boy, when's the last time I saw you?  

Sam: I'm afraid I have no recollection of that, Senator.

Partridge: That's right. It has been a while.  

Sam: Nice condo you got here.  

Sam: Well damn, I have a space set up for ya, at the bosom, you make yourself at home and.. heck, no one will even know you're here.  


Colonel Irving Lambert: Fisher, an American engineer named Bruce Morgenholt has been captured by a Peruvian separatist group called the "People's voice". Their suspected leader, Hugo Lacerda, is a hardcore revolutionary preaching information warfare as the only realistic means to achieve revolution in modern society. We need you to get in there and recover or destroy any information Morgenholt may have been forced to divulge, and, if possible, rescue him. As for Lacerda... he's been bumped onto our target of opportunity list. So if you have a shot, take it.  

Anna Grimsdottir: Hostage rescue isn't normally our bag, but Morgenholt was part of Project Watson, The UN committee that studied Philip Masse's handiwork after Georgia. Some people are worried that this kidnapping is just a cover-up and that Morgenholt is being interrogated for classified information about the Masse Kernels. Fact is that some of the tricks, Masse came up with could be used to do a lot of damage. We need to contain that information at all cost.  

William Redding: The target area is a lighthouse attached to an abandoned Spanish Colonial era fortification and some nearby structures. We don't have an exact location of Morgenholt, so you'll have to find him yourself. Insertion will be at night by zodiac onto the beach beneath the fort itself. Thermal imaging shows that there are some old natural and semi-natural caves under the fort, so you may be able to use for infiltration.  

Captain Arthur Partridge: Alright Fisher, the helicopter will drop you a few kilometers off shore in the Zodiac. You have one of my Zodiacs and logistical support in and out of the target area. Extraction will be by helicopter from the top of the lighthouse.  

Douglas Shetland: Displace International holds contract with Wright-Pritchard Technologies to protect their VIP's in potentially hostile situations. We did a thorough threat evaluation for their project in Peru and we accepted the VIP detail on Morgenholt. The guys who came after him knew what they were doing. This was not a tourist grab. I lost three good men in the snatch, and I'm currently preparing a rescue plan for approval from Morgenholt's family and Wright-Pritchard. This is gonna cost Displace a lot of money.  

In Game:  

(Sam begins by the beach near the fort, Zodiac dragged out by the sand with slight rain. He walks towards the rocks finding a path towards the natural and semi-natural caves. While slipping in, he hears gunfire.)  

Lambert: I'm hearing gun fire down there, Fisher..... is everything alright?  

Sam: It's coming from up ahead, but, Lambert, when I think 'guerrilla', I think 'Kalashnikov'.  

Lambert: What do you mean?  

Sam: I had enough AKs fired at me in my time to tell you that wasn't one.  

Lambert: Alright. See if there anything unusual going on with their equipment. Keep us posted.  

(Sam climbs into a large section of the cavern with two roads, one going down and one across a suspension bridge, two guerrillas approach the caverns in astonishment.)  

Guerrilla1: Hey Estevan, look here.  

Guerrilla2: what, what is it?  

Guerrilla1: there's some kind of caves back here. Look!  

Guerrilla2: look! There's some kind of old bridge there..  

Guerrilla1: You know, I heard that smugglers used these old caves.  

Guerrilla2: Smugglers!?  

Guerrilla1: Si, they probably had some secret passages and tunnels down here. Come on.. *He moves to the bridge*  

Guerrilla2: Whoah, careful.  

Guerrilla1: It's safe, don't worry. *He ends up on the other side and explores*  

Guerrilla2: Where're you going? Careful! Maybe it's not safe.  

Guerrilla1: Don't be a fool.  

Guerrilla2: All caves like this are dangerous. I'm not going any further.  

Guerrilla1: Fine. Do what you like.  

(The guerrilla is going to leave.)  

Guerrilla2: Well, I'm gonna head back.  

Guerrilla1: Ok, I'm going to stay here and enjoy the view.  

(If Sam grabs the lone guerrilla, he can interrogate him.)  

Sam: Didn't anyone ever tell you that spelunking is dangerous?  

Guerrilla1: Oh no, you're going to kill me, right?  

Sam: Only if you say the word 'Monkey'. Now tell something I want to know.  

Guerrilla1: Ah... ammunition and medical supplies, check around the cape, they have some stuff in there.  

Sam: Some of you guys are helpful, why do you have to work for the bad guys?  

Guerrilla1: You're the American oppressor. You're the bad guy.  

Sam: Are you going to say 'Monkey'?  

Guerrilla1: What? No!  

Sam: Then this conversation's over.  

(Sam heads through the cavern's paths and finds himself in the colonial fort at some storage sections. He will find some crates.)  

Lambert: I think you're right about the equipment Sam.  

Sam: Yeah... They've got themselves a little stockpile of high tech kit here.  

Lambert: Try and find out where they came got it. See if those crates have SSCC barcodes on them and them with your EEV.  

(Once Sam scans his first crate.)  

Lambert: The SSCC code is lot one of five. See if you can find the other four.  

Sam: I'll do my best.  

(On another path, there is a guerrilla testing his weapon, hense the constant shooting. Sam can grab him and interrogate him.)  

Sam: Nice piece. Where'd you get it?  

Guerrilla3: Oh.. God.. I don't know. I really don't know.  

Sam: That's bad news for you, then.  

Guerrilla3: I've tell you if I knew.. Please don't kill me.  

Sam: Fine, then you if you don't know where the guns came from, then tell me something else that's useful.  

Guerrilla3: Ah... ah... Morgenholt! Morgenholt!... You must be here for him. He's in the room just ahead. I think they're torturing him.  

Sam: Torturing him.. hrruh? Thanks for the info..  

Guerrilla3: Hnnn.. nnt, Not problem.  

(Sam goes higher the stairs through a door, hearing screams and electricity, bellow there is a chamber where two guerrillas are torturing Bruce Morgenholt, suspended in a bathtub with electrical rods.)  

Bruce Morgenholt: No, ah.. *agony shouts then whimpers*  

Guerrilla4: Don't you think he had enough?  

Guerrilla5: He's had enough when he can talk.  

Guerrilla4: Talking... Madre de Dios. He hasn't been able to speak for an hour.  

Guerrilla5: He could be faking it. *tortures him more*  

Morgenholt: AH, NO.. NO! *strained scream then whimpers*  

Guerrilla4: Jesus.  

Guerrilla5: Si. I bet he's faking it.  

Guerrilla4: Faking it!? His tongue is a lump of coal. His brain is...  

Guerrilla5: ENOUGH! Saoul, give him more.  

Guerrilla4: It's already at the maximum.  

Guerrilla5: WHAT!?  

Guerrilla4: Should I bring down another battery?  

Guerrila5: Hehehe *To Morgenholt* What do you say, amigo? You want another battery? Hehehe... Wait a minute.. His eh....  

Guerrila4: His ears. LOOK! SMOKE! I think I'm going to be ill.. I think he's dead.  

Guerrila5: Hreh... Only one way to be sure...  

Guerrila4: Huh.. I'm going for a walk...  

(The Guerrilla leaves while the torturer is giving Morgenholt one final shock then goes to his desk. While Sam approaches Morgenholt.)  

Sam:(to self) Gah, it stinks...  

Lambert: It doesn't sound too good down there, Fisher.  

Sam: The sound isn't the problem... you should smell it...  

Lambert: You're sure he's dead?  

Sam: Deader than Elvish.  

Lambert: Alright, leave the body. We still need to recover any traces of the interrogation. Grim will call you back.  

(Sam can shoot Morgenholt's body.)  

Lambert: Sam, what are you doing?!

Sam: Making sure he's not suffering....

Lambert: Well leaving NATO rounds in the body isn't going to look good... leave the evidence alone and get moving.

Sam: on my way.

(If Sam goes to free Morgenholt, he cuts his rope and settles him on the bathtub.)  

Lambert: Fisher... I said leave the body... We don't have the means to extract him...  

Sam: Just because he's dead, doesn't mean I need to leave him hanging here like a piece of meat.  

Lambert: Don't get too connected, Fisher. I need you to stay rational.  

Sam: You can spare thirty seconds for some simple dignity.  

(Sam may grab the torturer and interrogate him.)  

Sam: I already don't like you. Don't make it worse for yourself.  

Guerrilla5: Who.. who are you?

Sam: Shutup. Why did you torture Morgenholt?

Guerrilla5: Lacerda told us to.

Sam: Why? What does he wanna know?

Guerrilla5: Math problems. Programmer's stuff. I don't get it.

Sam: You're just the stupid one who likes to hurt people, huh?

Guerrilla5: E...Exactly...

Sam: Can you think of a reason why the world wouldn't be a better place without you?

Guerrilla5: Ah... Please.. I...

Sam: I didn't think so.

(Sam moves through the hallway of the fort.)

Anna Grimsdottir: Sam, It's Grim. We need to make sure that whatever Morgenholt might have told them about Masse's algorithms never leaves this site.

Sam: Ok.

Grim: I detected a wireless link coming from a technician who left the room before you entered.

Sam: So I need to recover any data he might uploaded to their servers?

Grim: Exactly.

(He goes through a door outside the forts courtyard to a guerrilla campsite.)

Lambert: From the looks of it, these guerrilla's have a pretty temporary set-up. Seem unlikely they'll have any kind of alarm system on location.

Sam: Good.

(Sam can hear two guerrillas talking.)

Guerrilla6: Man it's really raining.

Guerrilla7: Si. Well you best get going then.

Guerrilla6: What?

Guerrilla7: It's your turn to patrol.

Guerrilla6: Turn is nothing have to do. It's about seniority.

Guerrilla7: Seniority.. what... What is this? Are you union or something?

Guerrilla6: Not yet. But once we topple the government we'll form a union that'll impress the middle man.

(Sam can get the guy in the tent and interrogate him.)

Sam: Hi, you look important.

Guerrilla6: I am loyal. You will get no information from me.

Sam: Really? Hmm.. it looks like you forgot to shave this morning, let me help you out a bit.

Guerrilla6: Huh... you can't.. hey, what are you doing? Ok ok.. What do you want to know?

Sam: I'm looking for Lacerda. He's been behaving badly.

Guerrilla6: Well.. You're wasting your time, American. He left on a boat a long ago. He could be anywhere by now.

Sam: I guess I have to follow him then. Don't worry, he won't slip away.

(Sam goes over to the next area with some generators and hears two guerrillas talk.)

Guerrilla8: Did the boat get away ok?

Guerrilla9: Si. They've been gone for a while.

Guerrilla8: How many men went with it?

Geurrilla9: Lacerda went, and he took four other with him.

Guerrilla8: You'll be able to keep up your guard with four less men?

Guerrilla9: No one will get by me, sir.

(Both the eavesdrop and interrogation leads to this.)

Lambert: I think that confirms it, Fisher.

Sam: Yeah... Seem that Lacerda's long gone.

Lambert: We'll see if we can track him through Echelon... don't worry about him for now. We'll keep you posted.

(Sam should find his fourth crate by now.)

Lambert: That's four of the five crates, Sam. Keep your eyes peeled for the last one.

(Sam heads upstairs through the wall's path and across to the structures, hearing two Guerrillas talk one of three conversations.)

Guerrilla10: Have you seen the newspapers.

Guerrilla11: No, what happened?

Guerrilla10: It's Hernandez

Guerrilla11: Hernandez!? No! He's injured?

Guerrilla10: Worse..

Guerrilla11: No! Dead?

Guerrilla10: No, worse.. He's been traded to Melgar Football Club.

Guerrilla11: Traded, impossible. You're lying!

Guerrilla10: I swear, it is the truth! I couldn't believe it either.

Guerrilla11: But this is horrible, something must be done.

Guerrilla10: I know.. Maybe we can threaten Hernandez's family?


Guerrilla10: Too bad it's over-passed.

Guerrilla11: Why..

Guerrilla10: They say that we are unlikely to see the Bree.

Guerrilla11: The Bree, what are you talking about?

Guerrilla10: Madre De Dios, you didn't hear? The international station, there's been an accident. They've lost radio contact and they've confirmed there's major damage. They expect that the Bree will shower sometime this evening.

Guerrilla11: Hmm, In pride, in reasoning pride our error lies. All with their sphere and rush to the skies.

Guerrilla10: Hmm.. the almighty power, come along and flaming to the skies, could all defy the omnipotent world.

Guerrilla11: Aye aye aye.... And I thought I was the dumb.

Guerrilla10: On occasion, there is a difference between a revolutionary and a terrorist.


(Sam moves in and find a guard looking after a laptop.)

(If Sam grabs him, he may interrogate him.)

Sam: Why did you torture Morgenholt?

Guerrilla12: Hmm.. Lacerda, he wanted algorithms, some kind of computer algorithm.

Sam: What does a second rate communist revolutionary want with a computer algorithm.

Guerrilla12: I don't know.. I don't think Lacerda knows, I think someone hired us.

Sam: What makes you think that?

Guerrilla12: I don't know. Lacerda's been making lots of deals. Something's going on. I don't know what.

Sam: And you don't know who he's been taking to..

Guerrilla12: No..

Sam: Then you're not much good to me anymore.

(Sam approaches the laptop nearby.)

Grim: That server is the one that the tech transferred the interrogation record to, you'll need to access it.

(Once Sam accesses it.)

Grim: Good work, Sam. That'll contain whatever information Morgenholt might have given them.

Sam: Won't they wonder what happened to it?

Grim: It was easy enough to make your little intrusion look like a memory allocation error... Don't worry... We give you the best tools.

(Sam heads higher to the fort with a view over the lighthouse. He hears two guards talking.)

Guerrilla12: You look troubled.

Guerrilla13: Thunderstorms make me nervous.

Guerrilla12: What!?

Guerrilla13: I was a boy In Grenada when the Americans invaded in 83. My father was in the army. When he realized we could not win. Then we went into the mountains.)

Guerrilla12: Then what happened?

(If Sam manages gets the last crate.)

Lambert: Good work, Fisher. If we can analyse the intelligence you gathered from those crates, we can make a lot of people's jobs a whole lot safer.

Sam: How come no one ever does things to make my job safer?

Lambert: If you want me to hire some more analysts to interpret information for you, I can do that...

Sam: On second thought, the danger's not so bad.

(He goes down by the gates as he hears a complaining guerrilla with a blowtorch.)

Guerrilla14: Stupid gang... Fix the gate, open the gate, close the gate, open the gate, Well now the gate's broken.

(Sam goes near the lighthouse, crossing the bridge and enters the building to hear a man talking on a radio.)

Guerrilla14: Evening star to Maria Narcissa, come in. Evening star to Marica Narcissa, come in.

Radio: Maria Narcissa here. What is it Evening Star?

Guerrilla14: Cargo received Maria Narcissa. It all checks out.

Radio: Roger that, our crew should move and we have ten to go.

Guerrilla14: Affirmative, Maria.

Radio: Roger that. Maria Narcissa out.

(Sam can grab the guerilla to interogate)

Guerrilla14: Who are you talking to?

Grim: Maria Narcissa.

Sam: You're not trying to set me up on another blind date I hope...

Grim: The Maria Narcissa is a boat...

Sam: So was the last girl you set me up with...

Grim: Fisher!

Sam: Sorry.

Grim: The Maria Narcissa is a cargo ship... owned and operate by Celestinia Inc... Portuguese shipping company... registered in the Philippines... cross Pacific freight contracts... Lots of details missing..

Sam: Sounds suspicious..

Grim: Sounds like I'm setting you up for another date after all...

Sam: Can't wait to meet her.

(If Sam shoots the radio.)

Grim: Good thinking, Fisher. Without any communications gear they won't be able to tell their other cells that they've been hit.

Sam: That's the idea.

Grim: Always one step ahead.

Sam: The day I fall behind is the day I don't come home...

(As Sam makes his way up the lighthouse.)

Lambert: Fisher, your primary objectives are complete. We can extract you when you're ready. You'll need to signal for a helicopter pick up from the top of the lighthouse... but make sure the light is out first.

Sam: Will do.

(Sam goes up to the top and dispatches the guard patrolling around then switches off the light, calling for evac.)

End Game.