A hospital has been attacked in a Hesbollah-controlled district of Lebanon.

Lebanese Hospital is a Spies vs Mercs map in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Map Overview Edit

The hospital is a relinquished establishment that has been recently attacked, resulting to parts of the upper building to turn into a wreck. No civilian occupation is seen, only that most of the equipment and ambulances are left with a couple of corpses. There are three sections to cover, The main lobby with balconies above and a rooftop where the Spies are inserted. The wrecked rooms where destruction has turned this place apart, and the mortuary covered by hallways. Spies came to extract information about the incident.

Tactics Edit

Spies Edit

  • Spies start from the rooftop, careful where you insert yourself by rappelling bellow as chances are you are going to get shot by merc on the way down.
    • Best idea is to have invisibility cloak or a smoke/flash grenade
  • The entrance hall has covers around the balconies, inside small rooms and the hanging covers around.
  • The ceilings on the hallways are the most safest ways in traversing around the hospital.
  • In the morgue, there are tight spaces for spies to slip in and out of the room.

Mercs Edit

  • The spies insert themselves through rappelling in the roof by the lobby. Have a watcher for above.
  • Careful when walking through the halls above as chances are you are going to get killed from above the ceiling holes.
  • Keep looking above the ceiling with RFD vision to spot movement with electronic use.
  • The morgue and wrecked room is the best places to use the Intel Device.

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