Last Stand is a Deniable Ops game mode featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. In Last Stand, the player must defend an EMP device against waves of enemies on a map. There are a total of 20 waves (although the player has the option of starting the game at wave 1, 5, 10 or 15), with progressively more numerous, armoured and armed enemies.

Overview Edit

Last Stand not only tasks players to survive, but to defend an EMP device against waves of converging enemies. If the player is detected, enemies will typically focus on the player for a while, but if not, they will attack the EMP device. The EMP's "health" will replenish between waves, but only to 50% or 25% if it has fallen below these points. If the player loses, they can restart the current wave rather than having to go right back to the beginning; this will replenish ammunition, gadgets and the EMP's health to full. It will also reset the map to its pristine state, with all lights and hazards intact.

Strategies Edit

  • It is very tough defending the EMP without being spotted and enemies will damage the EMP very quickly, so getting the attention off the EMP device may be a wise option. To this end, it may be good to pick one unsuppressed weapon (to get enemy attention) and one suppressed weapon (that makes it easier to kill enemies without giving your position away), and switch between the two as required.
  • This mode is highly recommended to play with another player, as it will make defending the EMP devices easier than trying to defend alone. It may be best for players to pick a side of the EMP to defend on rather than sticking together and risk attacks from behind.
  • There are no weapon stashes immediately available, so it is a good idea to pick a secondary weapon that is used by enemies to ensure ammunition will be plentiful, or to use enemy weapons if your ammo runs out. Choosing ammo upgrades for your uniform can also be of help.
  • Setting gadgets and traps before enemies breach the area may be a good idea, however, as you have a very limited supply of gadgets, which will only be replenished if you die, it may be best to keep gadgets for emergency use.
  • This mode emphasises open combat more than any other, however, it is a good idea to use suppressed weapons to help you fight a mobile battle, striking and then flanking your enemies using the shadows.
  • A boring but practical strategy is to find a good vantage point and simply headshot each enemy with a suppressed weapon. This will generally allow you to pick off each enemy one by one undetected, but can be too slow to prevent unacceptable damage being dealt to the EMP. However, it is helpful for later waves, allowing you to whittle down enemy numbers enough so that when you decide to get their attention off the EMP, they will be less likely to overwhelm you, particularly if playing solo.