The laser sight icon.

"The laser sight increases the accuracy of a weapon, and improves aiming assistance."
― In-game description[src]
A laser sight is a small, visible light that is placed on firearms to help improve accuracy and aim for the user. The laser sight is attached to the firearm parallel to the barrel and the laser emitted will be on-target with the barrel of the weapon.


The laser sight is a small device that can be attached to various weapon systems with the purpose of enhancing the targeting of that weapon. The laser will produce a small, visible dot (with color depending on the laser system) that allows the user to see just where on the target their weapon is currently aiming at, enhancing accuracy at the current distance. While meant to improve accuracy, the laser sight doesn't necessary account for other variables in firearm combat: bullet drop, wind speed, etc.

Gameplay Edit

In Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, the laser sight makes its first appearance as an attachment for the FN Five-seveN during the solo campaign section of the game. Players were able to utilize the laser sight by activating it for vastly improved accuracy against long distance targets. That laser sight was toggle-activated, and could be activated with just the press of the a button. The laser is effective in both accuracy, as well as using the laser to distract enemies. If used long enough, enemies will notice it; if it is pointed at an enemy long enough, they may notice the player's position and become alerted.


Example of the range of the Auto-Aim feature the Laser Sight provides. The red circle represents the range in which the aiming assist will automatically trigger once the enemy is targeted.

In Splinter Cell: Conviction, the laser sight makes a return as an upgrade that players can purchase using points earned through the Persistent Elite Creation feature. When an enemy is targeted, the crosshair automatically locks onto the head of the targeted enemy; this allows the player to hit the target, even if they miss the target. Another great advantage is that the lock-on feature follows the target for approximately 1.5 seconds, meaning it's still usable despite the target moving. The auto aim works the best when close to the target, where the player's shots are fatal almost every time.

In Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the laser sight returns as a purchasable upgrade for almost every weapon in the game. Unlike Splinter Cell: Conviction, the player is free to attach and remove the laser sight as much as they want. Unlike the previous games, however, the laser sight is only visible by the player, it cannot be used to distract or lure enemy guards.


  • On the icon of the laser sight upgrade in Splinter Cell: Conviction, the laser sight can be seen on a Glock 17. This is probably because the developers wanted an unusable weapon to represent this upgrade.
  • In Conviction, the laser sight upgrade costs 250 P.E.C. points.


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