(Sam begins from a car park behind a fence and about to infiltrate the factory.)

Irvin Lambert: Fisher, we've got an OK from the Joint Chiefs for Grimsdottir's plan.

Sam Fisher: Crazy.

Anna Grimsdottir: All you'll need to do is get Masse logged on to his terminal, I'll take care of the rest.

(Sam moves through the vents to move deeper into the factory. He spots a Russian merc speaking on his phone.)

Merc1: Alekseevich?! How close is he? By helicopter. What sort of stories? Haha..God help us all. The Georgians are starting to panic over their poor source of battalion. The Colonels are slitting each others throats. I can hardly wait. If nothing else, he has a good Russian name. Alekseevich... I like him already... You too.

(Sam pushes further in, passing through corridors and laser systems. He navigates around the halls and passes through a squad of mercs who talk to eachother.)

Merc2: Seriously?

Merc3: Yeah, I was just a kid at the time. I think my second year with the Spetsnaz.

Merc2: Was Grinko new?

Merc3: Oh no, that guy saw action in Afghanistan. He's been in the game since the eighties.

Merc2: So the first new ones.

Merc3: Well the first ended in a coma. The other one Grinko broke off three of his fingers.

Merc2: Jesus. And third one?

Merc3: Blinded him with a spoon.

Merc2: Gross.

(Sam bypasses them and reaches the main server room which has flooded the while floor with water. He patches into the system to server as he intercepts aradio frequency.)

Colonel Alekseevich: Attention, this is Colonel Alekseevich, acting commander. all personnel to full alert. We have enemy forces on sight. Possibly multiple hostiles, definitely armed. All personnel to full alert, we have an intruder. And I want his head on a spike.

(A squad of mercs enter the server room as Sam escapes. He heads out to the surface.)

Lambert: Fisher, you've got a Georgian Colonel named Alekseevich incoming.

(Sam passes through a door as Alekseevich is seen talking to a merc upstairs.)

Alekseevich: Why have we not passed the checkpoint?

Merc4: Sir?...

Alekseevich: We've come from open ground through three points of entry into a high secure area without being stopped once.

Merc4: You have an escort.

Alekseevich: Don't second guess me, tomarish.

Merc4: Yes, Sir, Alekseevich Sir.

(Sam move upstairs and grabs Alekseevich to use him on his authorised retina scanner and subdues him. He goes further up into the accessed halls and passes through a merc quarters, listening to a couple of them, wearing night vision, talk.)

Merc5: Alekseevich thinks the Americans are coming.

Merc6: They will, eventually.

Merc5: Let them.

Merc6: Don't be an ass.

(Sam heads Masses office which is a large room with balconies on top and two stairwells, one seems deestroyed. He is seen interacting between some computers and mainframes as two mercs stand on guard.)

Phillip Masse: Crap, crap, crap!..Just stay out of my way... Shoo, Shoo you incompetent buffoons. Crap. Can't fix surrounded by with you drooling, troglodyte communists.

Merc7: Idi nahui.

Masse: What!? What was that Nikolai? Did you say something?

Merc7: Nothing.

(Sam takes out the mercs and grabs Masse then forces him to log into his computer. Once he is done, he is greeted by a number of mercs raiding the office. He gets rid of them while executing Masse. Then leaves via the same way he came in, only he goes through a closed vent duct which he opens up.)

End Game.

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