Were you looking for the Japanese Defense Ministry Headquarters, the setting this level takes place?

Kokubo Sosho
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Game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Location Japanese Defence Ministry, Tokyo, Japan
Date 11th July 2007
Objective Determine if Otomo’s actions are sanctioned by the Japanese government.

Kokubo Sosho is the tenth and final solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.


Admiral Otomo and the Japanese I-SDF are responsible for working with Douglas Shetland to push the Koreas and the United States into war. It must be determined if Otomo's actions are sanctioned by the Japanese government, and Otomo must be stopped.

Mission OverviewEdit

By the time Fisher arrived at Kokubo Sosho, the JGSDF soldiers there had already arrested and rounded up all of the U.S. personnel stationed there, and were holding them hostage indefinitely while they prepared to make their next move. After infiltrating the facility and bypassing the guards, Fisher spoke directly to the hostages, who were unharmed and informed Fisher that an emergency meeting was to take place in the War Room. Fisher proceeded to the sub-levels and infiltrated the War Room's perimeter for the short time it had been opened, and due to the tempest-hardening preventing an intrusion from afar instead came out above the War Room through an air vent as it was not air-tight.

As Fisher listened in, the generals present were contacted by Admiral Otomo, who demanded that the military repeal the postwar constitution and return control of Japan to the Emperor so that he could force him to order the immediate remilitarization of Japan. The generals protested the Admiral's demands, so Otomo gave them four days to order the constitution's repeal, after which he would force-launch a North Korean ballistic missile against his own country if his demands were not met. After Otomo cut the transmission, the generals, horrified at the Admiral's threat, moved forward and deployed a strike team of the JGSDF down to the underwater bunker to take control of the facility and stop Otomo. The assault ended in disaster as the entire strike team was massacred by the I-SDF. Enraged at the generals' "dishonorable" actions, Otomo declared that he would go forth with his threat to annihilate one of Japan's major cities. With sufficient evidence that Otomo had been blackmailing the Japanese government the entire time, Fisher proceeded down to the bunker where Otomo was stationed.

On the way down, the I-SDF detects Fisher's presence and cut the power to the elevators. Fisher then climbed down and made his way to get past the I-SDF soldiers, a mess of trip wires and wall mines. Fisher was then informed by Lambert that North Korea had contacted the U.S. that it lost control of a ballistic missile and that it would launch in a matter of three minutes if the I-SDF's servers were not destroyed in time. Fisher moved quickly and was able to overcome the I-SDF's lethal defenses, destroying the servers and canceling the launch. Fisher then confronted Otomo with the intention of capturing him and forcing him to admit to his crimes before an international war crimes tribunal, as his sense of honor would dictate. Otomo scoffed at Fisher's efforts to stop him and instead attempted to commit seppuku with a large blade, but Fisher was able to stabilize him before the wound became fatal. Fisher then blasted his way through the super-thick glass of the bunker and swam up more than 100 ft. to the surface of Tokyo Bay with Otomo in tow. Third Echelon then retrieved Fisher and Otomo, the latter of whom would be forced to admit to his crimes before the world and effectively ending the crisis in East Asia.


  • Sam can be captured if discovered by the guards that are LTL (Less Than Lethal) equipped. During interrogation Sam will escape by picking his handcuffs and taking out the interrogators before carrying on with the mission.
    • However the awareness level will be automatically raise to 1, making the mission harder to complete.
    • If Sam is caught, some of his dialogue in the rest of the mission will be replaced by Lambert and Anna Grímsdóttir.
  • If Sam interrogates one of the guards, the guard will say to Sam, "It's not like you can shake me and make my ammo fall on the floor." A reference to the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • In the server room, if an alarm is sounded, the servers will sink to the ground. The only way to raise the server again is to hack the retinal scanner (grab a guard and force him to use it also works).
  • Along with Penthouse mission, the Kokubo Sosho has night-vision security cameras.
  • The code to the door to the server room is 1945 and is a reference to the year World War 2 ended, the Post War Constitution was signed, and the American occupation of Japan began. This is likely a reference due to the plot developments regarding Japan's Constitution that follow soon after.
  • This is the third level in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory that takes place in Japan, the others being Hokkaido and Bathhouse.
  • The name 'Kokubo Sosho' literally means "General Department of National Defense" in Japanese.