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Game Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Location Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Date 01 March 2008 / 12:06 to 14:03 to 17:12... [1] West Africa Time
Depicts JBA Deep Cover Op / Red Mercury Plot

Kinshasa is the ninth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Undercover NSA agent Sam Fisher accompanies John Brown's Army (JBA) leader Emile Dufraisne to Kinshasa in the Republic of Congo for a very vital meeting.

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Sam Fisher arrived in Kinsasha in the parking lot of the meeting building in the back of a general purpose military truck. Emile tells Fisher to wait in the truck until he meets with Alejandro Takfir and Massoud Ibn Yussif, he'll return to give him his orders. After leaving, Central Intelligence Agency informant Hisham Hamza contacts Fisher and asks him to record that meeting. Fisher complied and hopped out of the back of the truck and heads out of the parking garage. Fisher was able to get through the kitchen area and cafeteria, climbing onto the hotel building where he was able to ascend to the rooftops.

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Fisher scales the side of the hotel as he attempts to beat Emile Dufraisne back to the garage/parking lot.

Fisher found a way to make it to the secured meeting room where Takfir, Massoud and Emile were going to meet. First, Fisher had to time his movements and slip past the laser security system where he was able to rappel himself from the center of the room and bug the center table of the room. Shortly, the three men enter the room and begin their conversation as Fisher was able to conceal himself on top of the lights. After the conversation, Fisher had to race against time and arrive back at the parking garage before Emile returned to the truck.


Fisher uses the Barret M82A1 to snipe the presidential guard before he kills Hisham.

Fisher was able to make it to the truck and Emile soon arrives, giving him his next assignment. Emile orders Fisher to kill a CIA mole, Hisham Hamza, who is located in the Congolese Presidential Palace. Fisher is to make his way to the nearby radio tower and take out Hisham using a sniper rifle positioned and set up on the tower. Fisher leaves the parking garage and navigates through the firefights between rebel soldiers and presidential soldiers fighting in the streets. Along the way, rebel soldiers had been executing and holding civilians hostage during the chaos for them to be killed. Fisher finally arrives at the radio and takes a sniper position using the Barrett M82A1 to oversee the window, he finds Hisham trying to reason with a presidential guard in the Presidential Palace. Fisher saves Hisham by taking out the presidential guard.


Fisher speaks to Hisham as he rescues him from the hostiles controlling the presidential palace.

A helicopter suddenly arrives, damaged and spinning out of the sky, knocking part of the tower over, which causes Fisher to fall down. Fisher then zip lines down the cable wire and into a destroyed building below. Fisher then navigated his way through the wreckage as rebel soldiers and presidential officers fire at the each other through the decimated streets. Fisher arrived at the Presidential Palace where Hisham was held hostage and rescued him from the rebel soldiers, all the while effectively faking his death by destroying the building after escaping. Fisher is then extracted by the JBA and heads back to the JBA Headquarters.

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  • In this mission, since it's a daytime mission, Fisher is not given his signature Multi-Vision Goggles. Instead, Fisher wears a pair of aviator shades that he can 'activate' and 'deactivate' similar to the way his goggles work. When activated, they will darken the environment making it easier to see for the player.
  • If the player chooses to shoot and kill Hisham, the mission ends and will not have access to the extra sections of the mission where Fisher attempts to rescue Hisham from the palace guards.
  • The explosive mines the player manufactured for Enrica Villablanca in the second JBA HQ mission can be seen in one of the sections, blowing up one of the rebels. The players then have to navigate a safe path past the mines.
  • In the second part of the level, if the player turns on the radar (Z button) and quickload his last save, the game will crash. To avoid crashing, turn off your radar and continue the level. (PC)

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  1. The mission is divided into three parts. When Hisham murder from the tower of the third of the mission is passed.