[October 31st, 2004]

Morris Odell: Appeared on the internet at 3:00 this morning.

Kombayn Nikoladze: (Webcast) declaration of war against the United States of America and it's allies. Until every last foreign soldier has left Georgia, this war will continue on American soil and around the world, claiming the lives of the aggressors. The scales of power have been newly balanced. And we will no longer accept the tyranny of the Unites States.

Morris Odell: ...blamed the US media for their part in spreading Kombayn Nikoladze's message.

Morris Odell: ...ironic counterpoint to the situation at home, US soldiers in Georgia and Azerbaijan have spent their fifth night without combat. Though tensions remain high, military intelligence has been unable to locate any remaining Georgian commando.

Morris Odell: ...have dramatically increased their efforts to find Kombayn Nikoladze. US Intelligence is combing a constantly expanding search radius extending from Georgia. Each new country, another possible secret alliance with the...

General: ...'cause what we have here is a situation where further airstrikes just won't do any good. Nikoladze's army, if that's what you want to call it, is a bunch of...

Morris Odell: As mourning relatives prepare funeral services, America's law enforcement and military forces prepare for the unknown, waiting for Kombayn Nikoladze's next move.

End news.

In Game:

(Scene starts with Sam being in a garage, while Wilkes is nearby, behind a block fence.)

Irving Lambert: (Radio) Fisher, your mission is a man named Ivan. When Grimsdottir got made in Kalinatek's server, Nikoladze's mercenaries got spooked. They're pulling up stakes, wiping out all evidence of their presence. Including Ivan and his comrades.

Sam Fisher: Who's Ivan?

Lambert: One of Nikoladze's geeks. A programmer.

Sam: They're killing their own men?

Lambert: It's all evidence. Let's pray you find him first. Details on your OpSat.

(If Sam goes to speak to Wilkes, Jr:)

Vernon Wilkes Junior: This is as close as we get. As you sure you're cool with the details? This last minute stuff bugs me out.

Sam: I'll figure it out.

Wilkes: Well, be careful.

Sam: I've already got a mother, Wilkes.

(Wilkes leaves the garage while Sam runs across the parking lot, encountering mercenaries along the way. He heads one level up.)

(Sam encounters three more mercenaries, one on one side of a van, the other two on the other side of it.)

Merc1: You have blood on your shoe.

Merc2: So I do.

Merc1: This is terrible work.

Merc2: The order came down directly down from Grinko.

Merc1: Yes. If I didn't fear him like the reaper, I'd be long gone.

Merc2: He told me to think of them as sheep. He says we are "thinning the flock".

Merc1: Hmph!

(Sam subdues them and moves on.)

(As Sam opens the door to the next level, a loud clap of thunder shakes the entire building, causing all of the lights in the room to go off.)

Merc: The power is down in the parking lot!

(The three mercenaries on the floor immediately spot Sam and engage him. Sam subdues them and moves on.)

(Sam climbs out one of the open windows of the garage and climbs onto a crane with a load of bricks. He shimmies all the way along the crane to reach the Kalinatek building. He intercepts a radio chatter.)

Mafioso1: West wing of fifth floor is clear, moving on to sixth.

Mafioso2: How many encryption keys did you retrieve?

Mafioso1: This is our seventh.

(Sam rappels down the Kalinatek building past a window where two mercs have just killed a technician.)

Merc3: Are you sure he's dead?

Merc4: Come on, you can see his brain! Of course he's dead!

Merc3: What about his encryption thing?

Merc4: The key?

Merc3: Yes, the encryption key.

Merc4: I got it! It's destroyed. Let's move on.

(Sam breaks into the lobby and pushes forward through a keypad door into the clerk desk then goes back to the storage room. He climbs into a vent shaft and goes further into a hall.)

(Sam breaks into the lobby.)

Lambert: Fisher, those encryption keys are top priority. Use whatever means necessary, but get to Ivan before Nikoladze's assassins do.

(Sam pushes forward through a keypad door into the clerk desk then goes back to the storage room. He climbs into a vent shaft and goes further into a hall.)

(Sam intercepts another radio chat.)

Mafioso1: East wing of fourth clear. Three encryption keys retrieved.

Mafioso2: And the Ark files?

Mafioso1: Destroyed, every one of them.

Mafioso2: Thank god. Make sure you leave the bodies where the fire will get them.

Mafioso1: Of course!

(While Sam exits the vent, mercs are seen killing fleeing technicians. One of them plants a wall mine.)

Merc5: Last week it was those turrets, this week it's wall mines.

Merc6: So? I use the tools they give me!

Merc5: You obsess over them!

Merc6: You have to admit, these are cool!

Merc5: Yes, but if we plant too many, it's dangerous!

Merc6: They're supposed to be dangerous. They're mines, for god's sake!

(Sam presses on and jumps through the elevator door directly below a broken elevator.)

Lambert: We just sussed a little more out of Ivan.

Anna Grimsdottir: There's a group of mercenary programmers alive on the third floor.

Lambert: They're trapped behind a cluster of wall mines.

Sam: You think they might have encryption keys?

Lambert: It's worth checking.

(Sam leaves the elevator shaft and heads out to the third floor hall while more shots are fired by mercs. He moves near some office cubicles and finds two programmers cowering with two mines planted on the walls. Sam goes to speak to them.)

Programmer1: Please help us. They're motion-sensitive. Nobody move.

(If Sam tries to talk before disarming all the mines:)

Programmer2: Please! Disarm the bomb!

(Once Sam takes out all mines.)

Sam: I need an encryption key.

Programmer2: We don't have any.

Sam: Why should I believe you?

Programmer2: There is a bomb.

Sam: What?!

Programmer2: The Spetsnaz planted it to destroy the data archives. But they put it right next to the gas pipes. It will take out this whole floor!

Sam: How do I get there?

Programmer2: You will need the keypad code for the door. I think it's 33575.

(If Sam keeps talking:)

Programmer2: Can we come with you?

Sam: No.

Sam: How do I know you don't have an encryption key?

Programmer2: I am a dead man. I have no reason to lie!

Programmer2: We do not have much time left!

(If the programmers are killed or even simply knocked out:)

Lambert: You weren’t supposed to let them die, Fisher! The mission’s over!

Lambert: Grim checked the building specs. That geek's story about gas pipes holds up.

Sam: I'm on my way.

Lambert: Make it fast; you don't have a lot of time.

(Sam rushes to the archives department while using the code he was given and enters the archive while passing through wreckage, fire and several wall mines. He reaches the bomb in time to defuse it.)

Lambert: Great work, Fisher. That could've been bad.

Grim: But we've got a new twist for you. I hacked into the power grid. Somebody's thrown the breaker on the fire door circuit.

Lambert: Meaning you won't be able to open the door until you've found that breaker. Details on your OpSat.

(Sam passes through an auditorium and goes towards the cellar area beneath it. Three mercs are waiting down there and receive a radio call.)

MafiosoA: I just spotted somebody in the auditorium! Maybe our intruder. I need backup now!

(The mercs leave to investigate the auditorium, but Sam deals with them and hits the switch.)

(If Sam bypasses the mercs instead of dispatching them:

MafiosoA: Anybody see anything?

MafiosoB: Nothing.

MafiosoA: Stepfan?

MafiosoC: No.

MafiosoA: There's nothing out here. Auditorium clear. We're returning to our post.)

(The guards head back. Sam leaves the auditorium and continues on his way. He heads to a lobby and up some stairs by the offices.)

(He finds a badly wounded programmer slumped on the ground. If he talks to him:)

Sam: Can you talk?

Programmer3: I don't want to die here.

Sam: Are you Ivan?

Programmer3: Who? No. It hurts. Please, take me to the infirmary. *Grunts and passes out.*

(If Sam grabs him and takes him to the infirmary beds, he will wake up:)

Programmer3: Thank you. Who are you?

Sam: Do you have an encryption key?

Programmer3: They took it. Destroyed it. They've gone mad. I don't know—

Sam: I need to find a man named Ivan. He's locked himself behind the building's fire doors.

Programmer3: Then, he must be on the fifth floor.

Sam: That helps. Thanks.

Programmer3: So tired... *He dies.*

(He finds a badly wounded programmer lying on one of the beds in the infirmary. If he talks to him:)

Sam: Can you talk?

Programmer3: I don't want to die here.

Sam: Are you Ivan? Do you have an encryption key?

Programmer3: They took it. Destroyed it. They've gone mad. I don't know—

Sam: I need to find a man named Ivan. He's locked himself behind the building's fire doors.

Programmer3: Then, he must be on the fifth floor.

Sam: That helps. Thanks.

Programmer3: So tired... *He dies.*

(Sam continues to the control systems, where a merc is on the computers.)

Merc7: Bullet, do you read me? Bullet, I think I found something useful. A computer with a window that says "fire emergency system". Bullet? Are you there?! Bah, useless.

(Sam manages to deactivate the fire doors.)

Lambert: Good work, Fisher. Opening those fire doors cleared your path to Ivan, but it did the same thing for the Russians. You better make damn sure you get to him first.

(While Sam continues to work his way up to the fifth floor)

Lambert: Update on your situation. To cover our asses politically we clued in the FBI, and we're gonna have to leave Ivan for them.

Sam: So what am I doing here?

Lambert: Ivan's a technicality. All we need to trace Nikoladze is his encryption key. Get that and we're golden.

(He enters a cafeteria.)

Merc8: We already checked this hallway.

Merc9: We might have missed something. Go check it again.

Merc8: How could we have missed somebody?

Merc9: Listen, this order came down directly from Vyacheslav Grinko. If just one of these geeks gets out of here alive, he'll skin us all!

Merc8: Yeah, well...

Merc9: Well what?

Merc8: Nothing... Hold on a second. I need to visit the little boy's room.

Merc9: Make it fast.

(Ivan is discovered by either Merc8 or a new merc (if Fisher dispatched Merc8 before he leaves for the toilet), who will henceforth be referred to as Merc10 for convenience. Sam sneaks to the toilets and climbs into an air shaft that crosses over to the bathroom where Ivan is.)

Merc10: Who are you talking to?! Who's on that phone?!

Ivan: Please! Don't!

Merc10: Tell me who!

Ivan: Here. *hands him the phone*

Merc10: I don't want the damn phone. I want you to tell me who you're talking to!

Ivan: I don't know, I thought it was the cops.

Merc10: Who are you talking to?!

Ivan: I don't know.

Merc10: You have five seconds to give me name, you worthless slag!

Ivan: Please!

Merc10: Five, four...

Ivan: I swear. I don't know!

Merc10: ...three, two...

Ivan: Oh god, oh god, oh god!!

(If Sam doesn't stop the merc:)

Merc10:! *Opens fire*

(Sam deals with the merc and goes to interrogate Ivan.)

Sam: Are you Ivan?

Ivan: I... Yes. You are American? You are police?

Sam: Yes and no. The police are on their way. Until they get here, I'm the only friend you've got. And I'm not a very good one.

Ivan: We have to leave. We have to hurry, they will find us soon.

Sam: That's not my job. I'm here for your encryption key.

Ivan: That wasn't the deal.

Sam: The deal still stands. The Feds will get you out of here alive, but first you have to give me the key.

Ivan: That wasn't the deal I made with the woman on the phone!

Sam: Listen, do I come to your job and tell you how to murder civilians?

Ivan: What?!

Sam: No. So don't come to my job and tell me how to do mine. The Feds are on their way or here already. You're going to be fine. You can give me the key or I can take it.

Ivan: That wasn't the deal!

Sam: You're working from a very limited phrasebook. Listen, just give me the key. I'm tired and I hate making people scream. It gets me down.

Ivan: Here. *Hands him the key.*

Sam: Thanks. And until the Feds get here... find a better hiding place.

Ivan: God dammit!

Lambert: Fisher, you're gonna like this!

Sam: It makes me nervous when you say that.

Lambert: The Russians are all over the top floor. You're gonna have to do some cleaning before the Osprey can safely touch down for extraction.

(If Sam continues talking to Ivan:)

Ivan: Go away! I'm hiding!

Ivan: What?! Go!

Ivan: You have the key! What do you want?!

(If Sam fails to stop Ivan from dying or decides to kill him himself:)

Lambert: I thought I told you to leave Ivan behind.

Sam: He’s not going anywhere now.

Lambert: That was a direct order, Fisher! The mission’s over!

(Sam proceeds to the top floor, which is still under construction. A group of mercs are gathered as they speak.)

Merc11: So, how'd you guys do?

Merc12: What do you mean?

Merc11: Downstairs, how many geeks did you bleed?

Merc13: Have some respect.

Merc11: I want to respect you guys. Two... three a piece?

Merc12: I killed one, he did four.

Merc10: Oh my goodness, four! Nicely done.

Merc13: Yes, well... How about you? How many did you kill?

Merc11: Umm... None. But I had one assist.

Merc12: No shame in that.

Merc11: Yeah, I suppose!

(Sam reaches another couple of mercs.)

Merc14: I cannot wait for morning.

Merc15: Tonight's work is some of the worst I've ever done.

Merc14: It'll be over soon.

(He comes to another idle group.)

Merc16: Do you have a cigarette?

Merc17: I just gave you one.

Merc16: I smoked it!

Merc17: We've been standing here half an hour. I haven't seen you smoke anything!

Merc16: Fine, forget about it.

Merc17: Are you hoarding smokes?!

Merc16: I said forget about it!

(Sam reaches the Osprey, which is hovering while Wilkes is outside shooting at some mercs. One fatally wounds him and he falls unconscious. Sam shoots his way to the Osprey and manages to get Wilkes and escape.)

(Sam reaches the Osprey, which is hovering while Wilkes is outside shooting at some mercs. He shoots a barrel, which explodes, and manages to kill two of them. He then goes back inside. Sam shoots his way to the Osprey and manages to climb aboard and escape.)

End Mission.