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Location Kalinatek Building, Langley, Virginia
Time 1st November 2004 / 01:24 Hours
Details Recover the Encryption Key.

Russian mercenaries have begun to destroy evidence of Georgian activities at Kalinatek. Before her detection in the network, Grimsdottir discovered that a technician named 'Ivan' is hiding in the building. Ivan possesses an encryption key that would help Third Echelon find Nikoladze.

Game Splinter Cell

Kalinatek was a front company working for Nikoladze based in Langley, Virginia. According to a data stick, it posed as an internet start up company. It is a major location in the events of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

Kalinatek Offices, VirginiaEdit

Sam at Kalinatek.


The Kalinatek Offices was a building the Georgians covertly commandeered during the Georgian Information Crisis as a means to coordinate their information warfare campaign in the continental United States. The building was overseen by Rogue Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze's Russian allies, who were serving with Vyacheslav Grinko. There, they had Nikoladze's computer technicians coordinate the attacks and keep track of political and technical data required to continue the campaign.

2004: Georgian Information CrisisEdit

During their campaign, Third Echelon computer specialist Anna Grímsdóttir was able to hack into Kalinatek's mainframe through a PC at the CIA Headquarters where the information was being streamed. Panic-stricken, the Russians proceeded to destroy all evidence of their activities and began to massacre the technicians in an effort to keep them from talking. Sam Fisher infiltrated the building from a nearby parking lot, his main objective being to gather information before Nikoladze destroyed all information related to the information attacks. When Sam infiltrated the building, he found the mercenaries murdering the technicians and destroying all computers and data files, as well as setting the building aflame. By the time of his arrival, much of the building had been ransacked and was littered with bodies. Moving swiftly, Fisher fought his way through the mercenaries, killing a large number of them and saving a handful of surviving technicians. At one point, Fisher saves the building from certain destruction when he disarms a bomb rigged to the gas pipes.

Sam eventually retrieved the information from a man named "Ivan", a computer technician who's data key provided crucial information on Nikoladze's plans and his possible location. Fisher then proceeded to extract from the building's top floor, which was still under construction. Sam fought his way to the Osprey, where Vernon Wilkes, Jr. was fatally shot by the mercenaries guarding the helipad. Fisher killed Wilkes' assailants and evacuated with his wounded comrade, who later died on the Osprey.

The FBI later seized the Kalinatek Offices and captured the few surviving mercenaries left alive at the building, and brought them in for interrogation. Later news reports indicated that the feds took full control of the Kalinatek Offices in its efforts to uncover further evidence of Nikoladze's terrorist activities against the United States.


What became of the now publicly-disgraced company is unknown, as are the fates of its legitimate work force, who seemingly did not occupy the building when the mercenaries seized it for their own purposes.


  • The player first encounters wall mines in this mission.

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