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Were you looking for the Kalinatek, the setting this level takes place?

Location Kalinatek Building, Langley, Virginia
Date 1st November 2004 / 01:24 Hours
Objective Recover the Encryption Key.
Game Splinter Cell
Depicts Georgian Information Crisis
Prev CIA Headquarters
Next Nuclear Power Plant (PS2)
Chinese Embassy
Kalinatek is the sixth single player level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Third Echelon sends in Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to infiltrate the Kalinatek building and obtain vital information.


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Main article: Data stick/Kalinatek

Mission OverviewEdit

Third Echelon computer specialist Anna Grímsdóttir was able to hack into Kalinatek's mainframe through a PC at the CIA Headquarters where the information was being streamed. Panicked, Vyacheslav Grinko's mercenaries proceeded to destroy all evidence of their activities - this includes killing their own computer technicians in an effort to keep them from talking.

Sam Fisher infiltrated the building from a parking deck on the opposite side of the street from the Kalinatek building. Irving Lambert explains to Sam that his mission "is a man named Ivan." Ivan is one of Nikoladze's computer technicians, and Fisher needed to find him before Grinko's men kill him. Fisher asks why they are killing their own men, to which Lambert explains that "it's all evidence." Fisher makes his way through the parking deck and up a flight of stairs to the upper level, both levels have Grinko's mercenaries patrolling them. After sneaking through, Fisher is able to navigate to the Kalinatek building by climbing around a crain stationed between the two buildings. Fisher gets to the top of the Kalinatek building and rappels down the side of walls, finally entering the building through a skylight set up that connects the parking deck to the Kalinatek building.

Fisher infiltrates the building and arrives to a broken elevator he's able to move through to the opposite side. As he enters into one of the office rooms, he finds two computer technicians trapped by two wall mines. Fisher disarms the wall mines and the technicians reveal to him that there is a bomb set up in the building. The bomb is set up on his level and is rigged to the gas pipes. Fisher quickly navigates through the burning building and wall mines set up and eventually is able to defuse the bomb.


Sam Fisher inside Kalinatek.

Sam eventually located and found Ivan, a computer technician who's data key provided crucial information on Nikoladze's plans as well as his possible location. After retrieving the data key, Fisher proceeded to head towards the extraction point located on the top of the Kalinatek building. He took the elevator to the top floor and discovered that the rooftop - which was still under construction - was covered with Grinko's mercenaries. Fisher made his way through the mercenaries and eventually made it to the location the Osprey was located. Vernon Wilkes, Jr. was waiting with the Osprey, trying to cover Fisher with his sidearm, however, during the gunfight Wilkes is shot and fatally wounded by fire from the mercenaries guarding the helipad. Fisher neutralized the mercenaries and climbed up to the helipad to the Osprey where he and Wilkes extracted. Wilkes, however, died on the Osprey from his wounds.

The FBI later seized the Kalinatek Offices and captured the few surviving mercenaries left alive at the building, and brought them in for interrogation. Later news reports indicated that the feds took full control of the Kalinatek Offices in it's efforts to uncover further evidence of Nikoladze's terrorist activities against the United States.



  • This is the first level that wall mines appear in the game.
  • In one of the officers is a hoop and little basket balls that can be thrown by the player.



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