(Sam Begins on a walkway above a ornate stream. Coen is front of him as she sets him out on his mission.)

(If Sam talks to Coen first.)

Frances Coen: Here's a cultural opportunity for you. The birthplace of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Sam Fisher: So this is where all that peace and love came from.

Coen: Exactly, recent attacks have led authorities to put curfews in place, which is what accounts for tonight's peace. In other words, you should have basically empty streets.

Sam: Great, the fewer civilians, the easier my job gets.

(If Sam keeps talking to Coen.)

Sam: I couldn't tell from the flash notes whether we're dealing with Shin Bet or Mosad here.

Coen: Let's hope for your sake it's Mosad. Between the lines back at Fort Meade reads like our side's having trouble getting a straight answers from Israeli Intelligence.

(Speaking to Coen again.)

Sam: Why are you smiling?

Coen: Thinking about my mom.

Sam: That's sweet.

Coen: She always wanted me to make the pilgrimage to Israel.

Sam: If I see any postcards, I'll pick up one for you.

Coen: Super.

(Speaking to Coen again.)

Coen: I'll see you once you're finished.

(Sam makes his way up the walkway to the streets where police patrol the urban area.)

Irvin Lambert: (Radio) This looks like a touchy mission. Brunton is coordinating with local intelligence.

Sam: Mosad?

Lambert: Even better, Shin Bet.

Sam: Spooky. Who are we torturing?

Lambert: Just you. First thing, you're going to need to retrieve your SC-20K.

Sam: Wouldn't it make sense just to give to me?

Lambert: We had the barrel altered to reduce sonic placement. Only one man with those skills in the area, an old arms dealer-slash-CIA plant working out of the back of a small shop. He'll be waiting for you, details on your OpSat.

(Sam sneaks through the streets of Jerusalem avoiding contact with police or civilians. He finds two rabbis talking together while he surpasses them to the shopping areas. He goes near Saul's shop where a police man is talking to a civilian.)

Policeman1: You cannot stay here, you have to go home.

Civilian1: Let me just finish my orange juice.

Policeman1: You can finish it in prison if you want.

Civilian: Ok, I'm going, fine.

Policeman1: I said now!

(Sam enter's Saul shop and goes to the back, downstairs in a basement. Two armed men are harassing Saul.)

Thief: We just want the guns and the money, Saul.

(As Sam prepares to attack them.)

Thief: We'll take your life too if we have to, but we don't want it.

Brunton: We have no choice, we need to have them dead.

(Sam subdues the thieves and speaks to Saul.)

Sam: You're Saul Berkovitz.

Saul Berkovitz: Haah. Thank god you showed up when you did. You're Mr Brunton's man, no?

Sam: Who were they?

Berkovitz: Thieves. They shouldn't have been able to get this close to me. There must be something wrong with my security arrangements...

Sam: You've got something for me.

Berkovitz: Yes. Only a small thanks compared to what I owe you.

(Saul goes near a barrel and flips it, revealing a trapdoor that has Sam's SC-20K along with some launcher projectiles and picks them all up.)

Lambert: Good. Feeling better with a warm gun in your hand?

Sam: Much, thanks.

Lambert: Your next objective is named Dahlia Tal. Brunton?

Brunton: Miss Dahlia Tal. She's a Shin Bet agent in deep cover with the local terrorist cells.

Lambert: She's our link to Norman Soth's terrorist connections.

Lambert: One of the choice nuggets of intel we pulled off Soth's laptop . Find Dahlia, She'll lead you to the mercenaries.

(Sam can talk to Saul.)

Sam: You made some modifications.

Berkovitz: If you'd like to give it a try, I know a discreet place nearby.

(Sam can follow Saul to the secluded area.)

(Sam listens to some Police men talking to a civilian nearby.)

Civilian2: Hey, please, can you tell me when the curfew ends?

Policeman2: No idea, we had an incident in the Christian area this morning.

Civilian2: Was it serious?

Policeman2: Pretty serious, but less than the one we had last week. Now be quiet.

Civilian2: God this city has become more and more and more dangerous.

(Sam followed Saul to an overlooking area with a fountain behind it, Sam could have a feel with his SC-20K.)

Berkovitz: Here we are. Feel free to play, but don't fire any bullets; I couldn't make it any quieter without sacrificing accuracy and range.

(If Sam enters into scope mode with the SC-20K.)

Berkovitz: I calibrated the optics on your scope, I think you'll like the effect. Of course it's still sensitive as a butterfly's wing, you'll probably have to hold your breath to get a steady shot. I... Oh, crap, get down, somebody's coming.

(Suddenly a policeman is coming their way then stands by the fountain drinking water.)

Berkovitz: Why don't you do both of us a favor and drop this guy. A ring airfoil grenade should be quiet enough, and it'll certainly do the trick.

Sam: He's standing in a puddle.

Berkovitz: Huh, oh, that idiot. I like the way you think. Sticky Shock him.

(If Sam subdues the policeman.)

Berkovitz: Good, good. Perhaps you can take care of that body, I have our two earlier guests to attend to.

Sam: Sure, thanks for the work. The gun looks good.

Berkovitz: My pleasure. Just don't do anything with it I'll regret contributing to.

(Saul leaves.)

(Sam makes his way to the lower district of Jerusalem, hearing two policemen talking.)

Policeman3: It's not a safe place anyway.

Policeman4: The curfew is not respected enough. We should be more severe.

Policeman3: People are tired and bored to stay home.

Policeman4: This ain't a way to risk their life.

Policeman3: This will never change.

Policeman4: I don't like what happened to the grocery store.

Policeman3: This is almost total anarchy now.

Policeman4: They will never respect any of the peace route map anyway.

Policeman3: Yes, I will keep on being busy.

Policeman4: Speak for yourself.

Policeman3: Who did it?

Policeman4: Nobody claimed it, but you don't have to think twice to know.

Policeman3: Will there be any reaction?

Policeman4: I guess so, as usual.

Policeman3: Another terrorist attack, and the city will blow up.

Policeman4: You know, we've been saying that for so long.

Policeman3: Nothing changes.

Policeman4: Only the number of dead and the list changes. It keeps growing.

(Sam follows the policemen and bypasses them to head near a square. He finds a gate blocking his path and climbs the pipes to a church then zip-lines to a scaffolding structure.)

Anna Grimsdottir: I have a clearer identification of Dahlia. She is waiting for you near the church. She is wearing a traditional white outfit. The code is "Is there a special hour for the mass?" answer: "Only in the morning."

(He rappels down to find Dahlia Tal waiting him behind the fence.)

Sam: "Is there a special hour for the mass?"

Dahlia Tal: "Only in the morning." You took a long time.

Tal: You're American, who are you?

Sam: I am friendly. And looking for a friend of mine. You've seen this man? *Show's Soth's picture*

Tal: I feel you wouldn't be asking if I had.

Sam: What he was doing in Jerusalem.

Tal: Buying a weapon.

Sam: Details, details.

Tal: I don't know any. Something biological. The Syrians have supposedly had it over a decade. But it was too dangerous to move it until your friend came along with some kind of storage devices.

Sam: What was the deal?

Tal: Your friend got the biological agent. He gave a small mountain of U.S. currency and one of the storage devices.

Sam: Where are the Syrians? Where's the device?

Tal: I'll take you to the device. But stay out of sight. Anybody sees us together and we'll be far from the only people killed.

(Dahlia unlocks the gate to let Sam out and follows her discreet-fully through the square and into a road where stalls are in place.)

(If Sam speaks to her.)

Sam: Wait. You knew I was coming?

Tal: Sure, my people contacted me. Said if you had any doubts to mention the name D.P. Brunton.

(if Sam speaks to her again.)

Sam: Who do the Syrians think you are?

Tal: A double agent. They think I'm betraying Mosad.

Sam: Why are you being so helpful?

Tal: Our governments are allies. Our enemies are yours.

(Dahlia encounters a police officer.)

Policeman5: What are you doing on the streets?

Tal: I'm sorry officer. I'm heading home now.

(The policeman escorts her for a bit giving Sam the chance to pass.)

Policeman5: The curfew is clear. You're endangering yourself and others.

Tal: Of course, but my father. I had to take care of him, since he got wounded in one of... the attacks. I was changing his bandages and must lost track of time. I didn't intend.

Policeman5: Ahh. I see. Well hurry home, and be careful.

Tal: Thank you officer, I will.

(Sam continuous further through the stalls and a mosque. He follows her through a closed bazaar while Dahlia finds another officer.)

Policeman6: What are you doing outside? You're well past curfew

Tal: I'm sorry. I was taking care of my sick father. He was wounded in...

Policeman6: Of course, but we can't make exceptions. I'll have to insist to return to your house immediately.

Tal: Of course, Officer. I'll be right on my way.

Policeman6: I'll escort you.

Tal: Excuse me?

Policeman6: These streets aren't safe, curfew or no. I'll wake you home to sure you arrive quickly and safely.

Tal: That's not necessary

Policeman6: I don't mind at all. Here, let's go.

(The Officer made a move but he was stopped my Dahlia who hits him unconscious.)

Tal: That really won't be necessary.

(Sam catches up with her near another square.)

Sam: Nicely done. Does this change our plan?

Tal: No. The biological agent will only be at the Shoshana warehouse for another few hours. We can't afford to let it get away. We just need to be subtle. If I see you between here and the warehouse and I'll have to call off my part of the assignment.

Sam: Right, is there a way I could get on the roofs?

Tal: Yeah, that works. Over there. You should be able to get up. I'll meet you at the warehouse.

(Sam goes through a block and into an alley where he climbs up a pipe to a house and through the rooftops. He rappels down to another alley as Dahlia distracts the officer and then he slips past to see her chat with another one.

Policeman7: Miss, excuse me.

Tal: Uh, oh thank goodness, a Police Officer, you startled me.

Policeman7: You can't be...

Tal: I'm so worried because of the curfew. Imagine the type of character I'd ran into out here.

Policeman7: You need to..

Tal: I'm sorry, but I really need to get home. I shouldn't be out past curfew.

'Policeman7: 'Exactly. Miss.

Tal: Thank you so much. Have a goodnight officer.

(Both reach by the warehouse entrance where an elevator is nearby that goes down to the Assyrians.)

(Sam can talk to Dahlia again.)

Sam: You don't have to come inside; teamwork isn't exactly my M.O.

Tal: You can take it up with your superiors. Brunton. I believe his name was.

(If Sam speaks to her again.)

Tal: You can follow me through the shadows.

(Once Sam enters the elevator, he speaks to Dahlia once more.)

Tal: You ready? We're stirring up a nest full of vipers here.

Sam: You want to come inside?

Tal: Not on your life.

(The elevator gate shuts as Sam gets a radio from Lambert.)

Lambert: Fisher. We need Dahlia dead. Kill her. Don't think, just do it.

(Sam has an chance to kill her while the elevator moves down.)

(Sam moves down to the warehouse basement while Lambert speaks to him, depending on whether Sam killed Dahlia or not.)

(If Sam let Dahlia live.)

Lambert: Damn it, Fisher. We needed her dead.

Sam: Why?

Brunton: Shin Bet's not playing a straight game.

Lambert: It's not your job to question.

Sam: I'm going to need a little more warning to shoot unarmed women. Are we aborting the mission?

Lambert: No. We can't. But you just dug a deep pit to get out of. Sign off, Brunton, we need to talk.

(If Sam killed Dahlia.)

Sam: Tell me what I just did, Lambert?

Lambert: The right thing. Hard work but it had to happen.

Brunton: Shin Bet wasn't playing a straight game.

Sam: But killing unarmed women seem mighty close to terrori...

Lambert: Shut up, Fisher. Leave the ethics to us. Brunton, sign off. We need to talk.

(Both lead to Bruntons final remark.)

Brunton: Get the sample as soon as possible. You're in a Fifth Freedom situation, all means are acceptable.

(Sam leaves the elevator where Syrian terrorists are guarding the pathway into a sewer system with a metal walkway. Sam traverses the tunnels that lead into two contained rooms, one had guns and the other the biological agent. Sam manages to pick up the sample then Lambert talks.)

(If Dahlia was left alive.)

Lambert: We've got some bad intercepts, Fisher. You've ever read the chamberlain chapter of your history books?

Sam: No need to act cute.

Lambert: Dahlia Tal is close and no doubt eager to repay your mercy.

Brunton: Shin Bet wants the ND133, and knows there's no official repercussion for killing somebody who doesn't officially exist.

Lambert: She's got sniper stats that could disprove Kennedy conspiracies. Needles to say...

Sam: Yeah, you said "jump" and I didn't. When I get back to the states. I'll sit facing the corner in a cone hat.

(If Dahlia was killed.)

Lambert: Great work, now to find out what's in it.

Sam: I could open it.

Lambert: And you could play Russian roulette with a clip-loaded pistol.

Sam: Where's your sense of humor?

Lambert: We've got a CIA analyst waiting with Coen. Man by the name, Bellagio Sampler.

Sam: Bellagio Sampler?

Lambert: You asked where my sense of humor was. Updates on your OpSat.

(Sam walks out of the storage and finds another elevator that takes him to the surface. He will face a corridor and out of it a square surrounded by buildings. He will face either police officers patrolling around or emptiness with snipers covering the rooftops, depending on whether Dahlia was killed or not respectively. He makes his way through the far end of the square to an alley.)

Lambert: You and Coen can get out of here, the mission's complete.

Sam: You think the smallpox is the real thing?

Lambert: I hope to god not. There's certainly been suggestions in Syrian intelligence that they've been developing agents. All we can do is let Bellagio do his job and hope.

Sam: You think smallpox is the "Springfield Demonstration?"

(If Sam didn't kill Dahlia.)

Lambert: I don't want to guess. Meet Coen and get out of there. Your soft spot for Dahlia has cost us more in the region than you can imagine.

(If Sam Killed Dahlia.)

Lambert: I don't want to guess.

Sam: Can you tell me now why I killed Dahlia?

Lambert: No, not yet. I know you're not happy about it, but preventative measures are never satisfying. Meet Coen and get to Amityvile.

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