The Kokubo Sosho's lobby in July 2007.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense Headquarters (known as the Kokubo Sosho) is located on Tokyo Bay near Tokyo, Japan and is home to the Japanese Ministry of Defense and the Information Self-Defense Force (I-SDF). It is the final location in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.


In 2007, tensions among the East Asian powers reached a boiling point after the establishment of the Information Self-Defense Force by Japan, which was viewed by the People's Republic of China and North Korea as an effort to remilitarize Japan in direct violation of the postwar constitution. In response, the United States came to Japan's defense as North Korea and China began to harass Japanese shipping lanes across the South China Sea, sending the USS Clarence E. Walsh to the region as a show of solidarity with Japan. During the crisis however, the American PMC Displace International engineered an attack on the USS Walsh with a North Korean anti-ship missile commandeered through the use of information warfare, and crippling the USS Walsh's defensive systems through the same means. The resulting destruction of the vessel accelerated tensions in the region as the U.S. and its allies accused North Korea of launching an unprovoked attack, prompting North Korea to retaliate by invading South Korea and triggering a regional war amongst the competing powers. In trying to track down those responsible, Third Echelon sent Sam Fisher to Japan to determine Displace's intent, and discovered that its CEO Douglas Shetland had conspired with the Japanese I-SDF to ignite tensions in the region in order to expand their own control over East Asia. While Fisher was successful in tracking down and killing Shetland at a bathhouse in Tokyo, the I-SDF remained active and fearing that Japan was sanctioning its actions, Third Echelon sent Fisher to Kokubo Sosho to learn of their intentions.


The Kokubo Sosho is a large, fortified facility that houses several branches of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. It has been home to the I-SDF since its inception and activation in 2006. Home to the offices of many high-ranking Japanese officers, including I-SDF commander Admiral Toshiro Otomo, it is the nerve center for many of the JGSDF's military operations. It is heavily guarded by JGSDF personnel and has some of the most sophisticated security measures of any military facility. It also hosts the offices of many American specialists who work in close cooperation with their Japanese allies on-site at the facility. Kokubo Sosho is the heaviest guardrd area in Chaos Theory and the hacking here is very difficult.

Often, the JGSDF personnel stationed at the Kokubo Sosho are LTL-equipped ("Less Than Lethal") so that they may subdue any possible intruders at the facility for immediate interrogation.

At the heart of Kokubo Sosho is the War Room, located in the sub-levels of the facility. It is sealed behind thick armored doors and is tempest-hardened, sealing out any electronic intrusions committed by an enemy party. It is here that the commanders of the JGSDF meet to discuss their military actions. Below Kokubo Sosho is an underwater bunker situated over one-hundred feet below the surface of Tokyo Bay, accessible via elevator shaft from the surface. This bunker is exclusively housed by the I-SDF and serves as its command center, and is home to the office of Admiral Otomo. It is heavily guarded by remote-controlled gun drones suspended from the ceilings, designed to eliminate any unauthorized individuals, and there are laser detectors as early warning device.

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