(Sam starts on top of a building in the rainy night. Coen is beside him as he is about to move.)

(If you talk to Coen first.)

Frances Coen: Here we are. This could end it, if Karlthson comes through.

Sam Fisher: I trust her.

Coen: I don't

Sam: First Dahlia, now Ingrid. Sometimes I think you don't like women.

Coen: "Like" isn't the word, but don't ask me about it and I won't tell. And I was right about Dahlia.

Sam: I met Karlthson in Dili. Looked her in the eyes. She'll do fine.

(If Sam speaks to you again.)

Coen: Good luck. Give my regards to Sadono.

(Speaking to her once more.)

Coen: Get moving, you're holding up the U.S. war machine.

(Sam climbs down the building.)

Dermont P. Brunton: You need to infiltrate the TV station first. This is where Ingrid and Sadono are.

(Sam reaches the bottom and as he walks, he sees a civilian moving to another one.)

Civilian1: Hey, is that your bike out there?

Civilian2: Yeah, why?

Civilian1: I think I blew my carburetor

Civilian2: Aye, tough luck.

Civilian1: Yeah. Do you have an Allen wrench I could borrow?

Civilian2: Nah, let me check my bike, just a sec.

(The civilian goes back and is met up with a guard.)

Guard1: What are you doing in the rain? Something wrong?

Civilian2: Nothing, just helping a guy with a dead motorcycle.

Guard1: Alright, I'll let you get back to it.

(The guy gives the other what he asked.)

Civilian2: Here.

Civilian1: Thanks man, shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

Civilian2: Keep it, I've got another and I need to get out of this weather.

Civilian1: Hey, thanks a lot. I owe you a beer.

Civilian2: I'll take that up someday. Good luck.

(Sam moves going through the adjacent roof top and moves. He will get a random quote as long as he is above ground.)

Civilian1: God! Be careful. Something fell from the roof.

(Sam continues to the next road and scales the scaffolding on the left side, going around building and finds himself on a building room going down to the next street. He leaves the building going near a park. He intercepts a radio frequency.)

Lieutenant: Fathir.

DDD031: Go ahead.

Lieutenant: Penyok says your boys aren't wearing their headgear.

DDD031: That's right, Sir. Night vision is not safe with the lightning. Flash blinded snipers would be useless to you.

Lieutenant: So how are we covering the parking lot?

DDD031: We've got extra men down there, it should be fine.

(Sam crosses the parking area as he hears two guards talking.)

Guard2: No it's fine, I'm sure. He looked confident. Strong.

Guard3: Then why ask for help?

Guard2: We're a small nation fighting a big one. We need allies, we might already found them.

Guard3: Well I don't know. I'm nervous.

Guard2: Keep it to yourself. As long as we have Sadono, we're fine.

(He climbs the fence and into the park itself then goes underground through a man hole and up the ladder to a point with a sniper standing on the antenna.)

Sniper: Sniper's in position, confirmed.

(He leaves the are and finds himself near the TV station and moves through the walls.)

Irvin Lambert: Coen was right to mistrust Ms. Karlthson. There's a reason for that wolf smell under the wool. She's an honest to god agent. A lot more than that hapless desk jockey she was playing.

Sam: That makes sense. If a bit too far fetched that she'd just happen to be in the right place to luck her way into being one of Sadono's hostages.

Lambert: She was at the embassy looking for Soth. The Agency needed to know whether or not he was a still a viable asset.

Sam: I guess they got their answer.

(Sam climbs the TV station building and breaches his way by a window into the lobby. TV screen are playing and sounds can be heard.)

Suhadi Sadono: (TV) To make America realize that no war will ever again be fought away from their shores. The Americans will never understand the cost of their rich, fat, blissfully lazy lives until the American people have felt the steam of the terror the rest of the world bears for the sake of their athlete works. Nothing can shape my faith that Indonesia is not alone. There are others around the world that will stand beside us. We'll take the battle in the home of the aggressors. I stand here, unharmed, despite the best efforts of this world's so called "Super Power", I know that resistance is possible. Their empire cannot extinguish the will of the whole world, Indonesia is not alone. And as long as the insistent threaten with subtlety, America is not safe. The world will soon understand. Goodbye.

(Sam heads through the upper floors via elevator and moves around the studio.)

Lambert: And now you need to find Karlthson. Sadono is keeping her around as a translator and bargaining chip. But she can move around the station with relevant freedom. We're that she will quietly get you to Sadono to grab him alive. Sadono needs to get caught by surprise.

(He reaches a recording zone where a guerrilla goes to speak to Ingrid in her room.)


Ingrid Karlthson: Twenty minutes at least. I told you my Hebrew is only passable.

Guard4: Sadono is waiting for it.

Ingrid: I'm doing the best I can. Where did this come from?

Guard4: You know I can't tell you that.

Ingrid Karlthson: There's something about that Angel's X. I'm putting a note next to it that I don't know the translation. You might have to point that out to Suhadi.

Guard4: Sure, sure, just hurry up.

(Sam goes into her room and speaks to her.)

Sam: Hello Ingrid.

Ingrid: You!? I didn't think it would be you.

Sam: You knew somebody was coming?

Ingrid: I've managed to get a few brief exchanges with the Agency. Enough to know I need to get you close to Sadono.

Sam: Can you do that?

Ingrid: Yeah, there's a retinal scanner on the studio I've been authorized for.

Sam: You've made yourself friendly fast.

Ingrid: Sure. Sadono is a sucker for a smiling woman. Would have been a different story is Soth were around. We've hired a chopper to pull Sadono out. If you can get him outside, we can get him back into the states.

Lambert: Ingrid's a godsend.

Sam: I keep pinching myself.

Lambert: Play along, trail her to the warehouse. It's our best and only way to get at Sadono.

(If Sam talks to Ingrid again.)

Sam: How much does Sadono trust you?

Ingrid: You'd be amazed.

Sam: How did that happen?

Ingrid: The only thing Sadono doesn't underestimate, is his own charm. He's rallied a country in opposition the "World Super Power", using nothing but charisma. It didn't take much than more letting him think he charmed me.

(Speaking to her again.)

Sam: What about Soth?

Ingrid: He's a part of the game that scares me the most.

Sam: Why should he risk so much for Indonesia?

Ingrid: It's not FOR Indonesia, it's against America. He thinks he was personally betrayed. He hasn't been back in Jakarta since the war began. If they're admitting this is a war, yet.

Sam: They're still calling it and consider it. There's a thousand bomb minimum on wars.

Ingrid: Huh, if Soth comes back, I'm sunk. I know he has sources inside the Agency. He will have to go out of his way to find out I have field training.

Sam: Do you know where's Soth now?

Ingrid: If I did, he'd be six feet lower.

(Sam follows Ingrid right outside the studio and into the hallway where she bumps to a guard on the way.)

Guard5: Hello Ingrid.

Ingrid: Dan, how're you doing?

Guard5: Good.

Ingrid: Really? You sound a little nervous.

Guard5: No I'm fine. Just anxious for the fight to start.

Ingrid: There's nothing to be anxious about. As long as we have Sadono with us, we're bulletproof. Right?

Guard5: Yeah, I guess.

Ingrid: Oh come on. You've been under fire before.

Guard5: I don't know, something feels different.

Ingrid: Besides, I've seen you shot. You're like the Indonesian Annie Oakley.

Guard5: Who's he?

Ingrid: It's a compliment. I'm saying you don't need to worry, Dan. We'll be fine.

(Sam bypasses the guards and turrets as he finds Ingrid near the retinal scanner.)

Ingrid: Up ahead I am going in the right hand tunnel. You have to take the left pad. I might get slow down with the guard, so wait for me on the other side.

(Ingrid goes on her way and Sam on the other side as he receives an alert.)

Anna Grimsdottir: We've just intercepted a call from Soth. He blew Ms. Karlthson's cover.

Lambert: If Sadono knows she's CIA, anyone of these Guerrillas might gun her down. Don't let that happen.

(Ingrid steps near a guard as they talk.)

Ingrid: Good evening. I don't think we've met.

Guard6: I've never seen you before, my name is Kent.

Ingrid: Nice to meet you, I'm Ingrid.

Guard6: Yeah, me too.

Ingrid: Mind if I go inside? I need to give a few papers to Suhadi.

Guard6: Eh, I am not authorized for this retinal scanner.

Ingrid: That's no problem, I am.

Guard6: Oh, well then I guess... Just a second. *To com* Yeah? Ok I'm listening... Sure, sure, right now... No I'm looking at her... Are you sure? Wha.. What should I do? Yes sir, right away.

(the guerrillas will attempt to take her down but Sam was quick to subdue them and talks to her.)

Ingrid: Hey, it's my guardian angel. Thanks.

Sam: Are you alright?

Ingrid: Still breathing. Here, I'll open the door.

Sam: Once I have Sadono, where do I meet you?

Ingrid: The roof. Not the most subtle options in the bureau, but we're not using a military chopper. So hopefully we will have the chance to slip by.

(Ingrid gives access to Sam in the studio where Sadono is and goes through the hall, intercepting a communique.)

Intercept: I need technicians! I need batteries! I need men in the studio, now! Sadono's taping immediately.

Lambert: I know your local intercept grabbed that, but you need to hightail it to the recording studio.

Grim: I'm getting a glut of side chatter about escape routes.

Lambert: The studio's likely to be your last chance to grab Sadono. If he gets out, he'll either vanish, or be killed. Neither of which you can afford.

(Sam, sneaks through the hall into the bar and in a vent shaft leading into studio where Sadono will be giving a recording speech.)

Cameraman: Sound, speed.. and we're rolling. Tape to distribution May first 2006. Take four.

Sadono: Citizens of the world. I'm alive and well. And closer than you think. It's been ten days since the date that claimed my death by the U.S. Government. It's been a week since the regrettably unnecessary release of the small pox virus on U.S. land. I hope that my suffering, the people of America understand the living suffering of the rest of the world must endure for the sake of American excess. The Americans will never come for me. They will never kill me. They will never find Suhadi Sadono and they will be safe. America will be held countable. They will be watched and they will be punished, and we will keep punishing America.

Cameraman: Aaand.. cut. Good, what do you think?

Sadono: I'm not sure if I should have called the smallpox regrettable.

Cameraman: Do you wanna do it again, or a third version without mentioning the pox?

Sadono: No, I don't have time, it will do. Ready my men, we're leaving.

(Sam manages to grab Sadono as he makes a move.)

Cameraman: Don't shoot, we can't take the risk of killing Sadono.

(Sam drags Sadono out of the scene as guards take aim without shooting. He can interrogate him.)

Sam: Howdy.

Sadono: Go ahead. I'm ready.

Sam: But we've only just met.

Sadono: Kill me, I'm not afraid.

Sam: No such luck.

(If Sam interrogates again.)

Sam: Where's the last smallpox sample?

Sadono: Who says there's only one more.

Sam: You do, if I squeeze hard enough. Where, and how many?

Sadono: Next door, hundreds.

(Sam interrogates him more.)

Sam: Where's the smallpox?

Sadono: Everywhere. Do you have children? *strained pain*

Sam: Where's the smallpox?

Sadono: Hah, how many children? Where are they now? *Strained pain*

(Keeping on interrogating.)

Sam: The questioning only gets worse when I'm gone.

Sadono: I'm not afraid of pain.

Sam: You can learn.

Sadono: You can learn from pain, huh? Maybe once America has suffered, she will start to learn. I know it's too late for you, but maybe your children. *Strained pain*

Sam: You don't learn so quickly.

(Interrogating him a bit more.)


Sadono: The pox is under your child's pillow. *strained pain*


Sadono: Go ahead.

(As Sam leads him towards the roof.)

Lambert: Great work Fisher. You're well on track to becoming history's most prolific unknown author of world events.

Sam: If I had any blood left I'm sure I'd be blushing. Is Ingrid in position on the roof?

Lambert: That's right, and the helicopter, too. Keep Sadono conscious until you've made visual contact with Karlthson.

Brunton: Can I get a confirmation, Fisher: Sadono's alive and you've got him?

Sam: Yes.

Brunton: Fantastic. Don't worry about leaving a mess behind you on your way out, we're arranging to sweep up after you're gone.

Lambert: We're not in the clear yet. Get Sadono to the roof. Ingrid's waiting.

(Sam reaches the landing pad with the helicopter as Ingrid stands by.)

Sam: Here, I've would have gift wrap him, but I couldn't find any duct tape.

Ingrid: It all well shocks me to see how young he looks, like a young kid compared looking his face on television.

Sam: You honestly liked him?

Ingrid: No.. Respect maybe, I know he's a monster. He has a child's idea of war. Can't tell the difference between a citizen and a soldier. He thinks the whole world is a morally viable target.

Sam: There's only one nation on the planet fighting the whole world.

Ingrid: Huh, whose side are you on?

Sam: You know I can't say that.

Ingrid: Yeah I know. I don't know who you are, or how you do what's you do, but thank you. I hope we can work again.

End Game.

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