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JBA Headquarters - Part 1
Prev Ellsworth Penitentiary
Next Sea of Okhotsk
Game Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Location JBA Headquarters, New York City, New York, United States of America
Date 02 February 2008 / 16:27 EST
Depicts Red Mercury Crisis

JBA HQ - Part 1 is the third solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Undercover NSA agent Sam Fisher is introduced to John Brown's Army (JBA) by one of their members, Jamie Washington. During this time the leader of the JBA, Emile Dufraisne, tests Fisher's loyalty by having him kill their hostage.

Mission Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

  • NSA: Upload trojan to JBA server
  • NSA: Bug roof antennae
  • JBA: Complete the safe cracking course
  • JBA: Kill Cole Yeager
  • NSA: Spare Cole Yeager

Secondary Edit

  • JBA: Practice at firing range

Opportunity Edit

  • NSA: Get JBA medical files (-/5)
  • NSA: Get background info files (-/1)

Mission Overview Edit

(Note: The JBA Headquarters levels in Splinter Cell: Double Agent are rather non-linear, as the player can complete objectives when they want to and in what order they want to (in the allotted time given). This means that events may not happen in the order described here.)


Jamie Washington introduces Fisher to Carson Moss.

Sam Fisher and Jamie Washington enter the compound and Jamie introduces Sam to Carson Moss. After Jamie gives him a brief tour, Carson Moss enters the room and yells at one of the JBA members. Moss then calls Sam and tells him to come with him to the training course and the two arrive at the obstacle course. Moss tells Sam that he'll be back in 25 minutes and that the safe better be open when he comes back. Sam takes the opportunity to complete his objectives before Moss comes back.


Emile Dufraisne orders Fisher to shoot Cole Yeager, a test to prove his loyalty.

Sam completed the safe cracking course, bugged the roof antennae and uploaded the trojan to the JBA server. After Sam completed his objectives, he returned to the entrance of the safe cracking course before Moss returned. Moss arrived and told Sam that he'll see how he did, and observed the video feed showing the safe (that was closed before he left) is now open. He approved and told Fisher to follow him to the interrogation room where he met with Emile Dufraisne and Jamie Washington. A bruised and blooded man, Cole Yeager, was handcuffed and gagged to a pipe against the wall (Sam recognizes him as the helicopter pilot from when he and Jamie escaped the prison). Emile gave Sam a gun, wanting to test his loyalty, and instructed him to shoot and kill Yeager.

Choice Edit


Sam has two choices here that are entirely up to the player. Sam can either shoot and kill Yeager (gaining JBA trust) or he can spare Yeager (which will gain him NSA trust). After the decision, Emile will tell Sam to get ready for his first mission in the JBA, he tells him that he's heading to the Okhotsk Sea to capture the supertanker, the RSS Rublev.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a glitch here that may happen occasionally where, despite being present at the area Moss told Sam to be at when he arrived, Moss will get mad at Fisher for 'holding him up' causing JBA trust to lower.
  • If the firing range is completed, the sleeping JBA guard in the armory will wake up and be surprised by the results, asking Sam if he learned where to shoot in the Marines and that he's glad that Sam is on their side.
  • The M82A1 used in the firing range sounds suppressed when firing despite not having a suppressor attached.
  • If the player chooses to kill Yeager, they can shoot him on any part of his body and he will still die (for example, shooting him in the shoulder, leg, etc.). This will grant the player with some trust from the JBA, but Emile will still say that the next mission will have Fisher prove himself. However, Sam will lose some NSA trust if he kills Yeager.
    • Alternatively, If the player wishes to spare Yeager, they can either miss him intentionally or not fire the weapon at all. This will cause Jamie to pull out his sidearm and shoot Yeager and awkwardly apologize for simply shooting him when Fisher didn't. Sparing Yeager will gain some NSA trust and lose some JBA trust. If Sam has completed all JBA objectives in this part, both choices will not affect the outcome much.
  • When the player reaches the rooftop, Moss can be heard radioing one of the JBA patrols walking the rooftop. The guard states that there's nothing suspicious, but Moss insists that there's a 'new variable in the equation', possibly hinting Moss' distrust for their new recruit.
  • There are multiple hints to the player, and even answers, regarding where the next mission will take place. Firstly, the player can talk to Enrica in the medical room where she will reveal the mission and location of the next level. Additionally, the television screen on the lower floor shows images of the RSS Rublev with multiple information on the screen.
  • Moss threatens one of the JBA members to be where he's supposed to be, or he'll end up in the furnace. Suffice to say, the furnace is the area located on the lower levels of the JBA Compound where dead bodies are disposed of.
  • Despite given 30 minutes, Moss will be down at the entrance of the training course around the 10 minutes remaining mark, but will still get mad at the player for 'making him wait'. This will not result in a loss of trust, however.
  • Emile hands Fisher a Luger P08 when he is tasked to shoot Yeager in the final version of the game, while in the promotional images Fisher is shown holding a Beretta 92FS.