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An Iraqi Republican Guard soldier, as they appear in Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The Ba'athis Iraqi Republican Guard was a branch of the Iraqi military that operated from 1969 to 2003. They only appeared in the "Diwaniya, Iraq" level of Splinter Cell: Conviction in which the player takes control of Victor Coste during the Gulf War.


1991: Highway of Death, Diwaniya, IraqEdit

In 1991, soldiers of Saddam Hussein's elite Republican Guard conducted a pre-emptive strike against a four-man U.S. Navy SEAL squad that included Sam Fisher, as squad leader, and Victor Coste on the "Highway of Death" in Diwaniya, Iraq during the Liberation of Kuwait campaign. After an IED in the road detonated and killed one of the SEALs, the Republican Guard ambushed the rest of the squad. The blast knocked Coste to the ground causing him to fall into unconsciousness. As he struggled to regain consciousness, a Republican Guard soldier executed another SEAL and two more Republican Guard soldiers dragged the unconscious squad leader away for interrogation.

After getting to his feet and acquiring an AK-47, Coste was informed by Wofford Base that "his squad leader was missing and presumed KIA, then ordered to find cover, hold his position and wait for evacuation". However, Coste defied orders and set off to rescue his squad leader on his own all while evading many Republican Guard soldiers along the way. Eventually he came to an abandoned school where he found two Republican Guard soldiers interrogating Fisher, asking for his name, the name of his unit and his orders. Coste killed both soldiers and freed Sam, then contacted Wofford Base for evacuation. Before being able to confirm their location, the building was hit by an RPG and the two SEALs were forced to defend their position from an assault by Republican Guard infantry. Just when they were about to be overwhelmed by Republican Guard reinforcements, an air strike by U.S. forces killed them. Sam and Vic were then contacted by "Basilisk" who told them that they were coming for them.


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