Training Edit

  • Sam Fisher: "Hi there."
  • CIA Instructor: "Hi."
  • Sam Fisher: "You're not going easy on me, are you?"
  • CIA Instructor: (Grunt) "Not so tight, that hurts!"
  • Sam Fisher: "Sorry about that. What's the door code?"
  • CIA Instructor: "2-8-4... 6-9."
  • Sam Fisher: "It was a pleasure working with you."
  • CIA Instructor: (Sigh) "Likewise."

Defense Ministry Edit

  • Hamlet: "What the?"
  • Sam Fisher: "I'm going to ask you some questions, when I think you're lying - I'll do this."
  • Hamlet: (Grunt)
  • Sam Fisher: "Who do you work for?"
  • Hamlet: "Vyacheslav Grinko."
  • Sam Fisher: "Tell me about him."
  • Hamlet: "He used to be Spetznaz, now he's mercenary. He works for President Nikoladze."
  • Sam Fisher: "Where do I find Grinko?"
  • Hamlet: "He's meeting Masse in the elevator, by the courtyard."
  • Sam Fisher: "Who's Masse?"
  • Hamlet: "Phillip Masse. Some computer guy. He has access to Nikoladze's office."
  • Sam Fisher: "What's this meeting about?"
  • Hamlet: "I don't know, I swear! It's got to be something bad if Nikoladze is willing to meet Grinko face to face."
  • Sam Fisher: "I need you to understand we never talked."
  • Hamlet: "I understand."
  • Sam Fisher: "Good."
  • (Interrogated again)
  • Sam Fisher: "Convince me we never talked."
  • Hamlet: "If anybody finds out, Grinko will murder me!"
  • Sam Fisher: "And you're frightened of Grinko?"
  • Hamlet: "Yes!"
  • (Interrogated again)
  • Hamlet: "Please, don't hurt me! I'm just a driver. I swear, I've already forgotten you!"

Chinese Embassy (Part 2) Edit

  • Sam Fisher: "I'm going to unlock the data on your computer and you're going to help me."
  • Kong Feirong: "You can't force a dead man to do anything!"
  • Sam Fisher: "You're not dead yet. The rest of your life is all you've got, and how painful that is will depends on your cooperation."
  • Kong Feirong: "My life was suffering long before you got here. Do your worst!"
  • Sam Fisher: "Will do."

Presidential Palace Edit

  • Sam Fisher: "Tell me about The Ark."
  • Kombayne Nikoladze: "Let me walk away. I can make you rich!"
  • Sam Fisher: "I know what it is. I want to know where it came from."
  • Kombayne Nikoladze: "Ha! This gets you nowhere."
  • (Interrogated again)
  • Sam Fisher: "What are you going to do with it?"
  • Kombayne Nikoladze: "With what?"
  • Sam Fisher: "The Ark. Where are you going to detonate it?"
  • Kombayne Nikoladze: "Kill me or let me go. What you are doing now is pointless!"
  • (Interrogated again)
  • Sam Fisher: "Tell me about The Ark."
  • Kombayne Nikoladze: "This is puerile. I'll say no more."

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