The Incendiary Grenade is an explosive device that releases white phosphorus and quickly ignites it to engulf an area in fire. It is very lethal and accompanies a large area-of-effect when the grenade detonates itself, causing pretty destructive effects.


The Incendiary Grenade is a self-igniting grenade that creates an explosion of fire in a small area, able to affect one or more personnel in the immediate area. It is also noted that Heavy Infantry can be easily killed with this grenade, making it a deadly weapon against any enemy type, even with shield, they are vulnerable to flame. This gadget is best used if the player is an Assault-styled player, or in Charlie Missions that there are waves of enemies you need to take out. Purchasing and equipping this grenade is highly recommended even if the player is Panther or Ghost-styled player, as it will provide useful alternative ways to dispatch tough enemies silently, or as last resort against Heavy Infantry.



  • Fourth Echelon lead agent Sam Fisher had access to Incendiary Grenades during the Blacklist attacks.
  • In Blacklist, the player can score Panther points if they are not detected and the blast radius kills enemies.

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