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Game Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Location Frozen Wilderness, Iceland
Date 4th January 2008
Depicts Red Mercury Plot
"Forget how to climb, Fisher? When Lambert asked me to show you the ropes, I didn't think he meant it literally."
Hisham Hamza to Sam Fisher while rappelling.

Iceland is the first solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2). Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher and CIA agent Hisham Hamza are sent in to investigate a power plant/foundary owned by Raheem Kadir, who was suspected of supplying weapons to terrorists around the world.

Briefing Edit

Rumors point to Raheem Kadir, a notable arms trafficker, as the owner of a new type of weapon bought from the Russians. Search his base of operations in Iceland and prove or disprove the presence of such as weapon.

Mission Information Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

  • Echelon: Infiltrate the factory
  • Echelon: Aquire buyers list
  • Echelon: Extract through the loading bay

Opportunity Objectives Edit

  • Echelon: Protect the creates
  • Echelon: Neutralize guards
  • Echelon: Retrieve weapon schematics
  • Echelon: Plant explosives charges

Mission Overview Edit

Sam Fisher and Hisham Hamza begin their mission rappelling down the side of an icy cliff as Third Echelon Director Irving Lambert goes over their objectives and purpose of the mission. Lambert explains that Raheem Kadir is a known gun trafficker and could have his hands on some type of dangerous weapon, so Fisher and Hamza must search the facility to find such a weapon and plant 'listening' devices to monitor Kadir. Once the two agents reach the bottom of the cliffs, Hamza points out crates that have been left out with a snow mobile and a hovercraft nearby. Lambert tells them not to worry about the crates as they may not have anything important in them. The two continue inside a cave that was burrowed through the ice, finding a single mercenary inside. As the two continued through the cave, however, they heard a helicopter fly over prompting Lambert to tell the two to head back and secure the crates. Fisher scolds Lambert, stating that they should have been guarding the crates in the first place, but Lambert tells them to just do it.

Fisher and Hamza return to the cave's opening but the crates, however, were already picked up by a helicopter and the area was being guarded by two men led by Alejandro Takfir. Lambert tells them to instead knock out Takfir's men so they can be extracted later and interrogated by Third Echelon. The two finally head back into the cave and close in near the entrance to the facility. Hamza suggests that they split up and enter in at two separate locations to search the facility faster, so Hamza helps Fisher over the gate so he can find another route inside.

Fisher moves through the facility and was then given orders by Lambert to plant demolition charges on several key control consoles located around the base. Once Fisher enters into a computer lab, he sees a man leaving the facility after angrily discovering that his purchase of Red Mercury had been stolen. Fisher was then able to obtain the schematics of the Red Mercury and obtained a list of buyers of the Red Mercury substance. The mission, however, was unexpectedly pulled out by Lambert. Hamza tells Fisher that he won't leave yet unless Fisher leaves, but Lambert tells them that he's aborted the mission and that he is already sending out Splinter Cell agents in to finish the job. Fisher exfiltrates the facility and arrives to the V-22 Osprey and climbs inside, asking Lambert what was going on. Lambert explains to Fisher that his daughter had been killed, and the Osprey leaves the facility.

Before Fisher and Hamza were extracted, Lambert activated a double Splinter Cell team, who had earlier graduated to Splinter Cell status following the East Asian Crisis. The pair were able to infiltrate the facility and recover weapon binders and schematics across the base, then destroy the base. The two then were able to sabotage the facility's pressure system, causing an overload to render it inoperable, and were able to successfully escape.

Trivia Edit

  • It seems that the men who were hired by Alejandro Takfir were currently working for, or had worked for, Raheem Kadir, judging by some of the dialogue overheard from Takfir's mercenaries.
  • The buyer mentions on the phone to Moss that Enrica and him are heading back immediately and to meet them at MSY. MSY is the IATA airport code for Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.
  • When Sam infiltrates the Iceland power plant, a trap door is used to climb below the staircase. A guard will investigate the area and look, seemingly thinking that he heard or saw something (the player). This encounter is unique in that the communications box will display text from him ("Hmm . . . ?"). Typically, dialogue in the communications boxes are either from the mission handler or interrogated guards.
  • The melted metal in the crucibles located in the foundry are fatally, very hot. If the player even so much as lands near the edges of the crucible containers, their character will die instantly. This applies to enemy guards as well, if the player manages to throw them off a railing.
  • The cutscene where Lambert tells Fisher the bad news is the same across the two versions; the side door of the V-22 Osprey opens up and Fisher throws his Multi-Vision Goggles out of the side door and into the ocean out of frustration and sadness.
  • Despite Version 1 of Splinter Cell: Double Agent being considered canon, the ending cutscene seems to fit more with Version 2 than Version 1. For example, Lambert aborts the mission in Version 2 which prompts Fisher to ask, "What's going on?!" while this reply doesn't make much sense in Version 1's Iceland mission (as the mission wasn't aborted).
  • Unlike Version 1, this level has the player complete some of the mission with an ally. In this version (Version 2), the player reams up with Hisham Hamza, while Version 1 has the player start the mission with John Hodge.


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