Hugo Lacerda
Hugo Lacerda
Biographical information
Born 1972, El Salvador[1]
Died June 24, 2007
90km southwest of Pacific Ocean
Cause of death Killed by Sam Fisher.
Citizenship Salvadoran
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5′9″[1]
Weight 128 lbs[1]
Career information
Occupation Leader of the People's Voice
Affiliations People's Voice
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Voice actor(s) Luis De Cespedes

Hugo Lacerda (1972-2007), was the leader of the "People's Voice", a guerrilla group based in Perú. Working with an unknown contractor, Lacerda organized Bruce Morgenholt's capture to interrogate and obtain information regarding the Masse Kernels. Lacerda fled the Punta Blanco Lighthouse on the cargo freighter, the Maria Narcissa, but was eventually found and neutralized by Splinter Cell Sam Fisher on Third Echelon's orders.


Early life Edit

Lacerda was born in 1972 in El Salvador to peasant farmers. Having to grow up during the Salvadoran Civil War (1980–1992), he was strongly in the pro-communist side, preaching communist ideas across El Salvador and later on to Latin America. Lacerda believed that information warfare was the only realistic means by which to achieve revolution in the modern world, and was thus eager to acquire whatever data he could on information warfare attacks.

2007: Cyber Attacks of 2007 Edit

In 2007, Lacerda moved his base of operations to Colombia, where he established a radical guerrilla organization known as the "People's Voice", which employed mercenaries and rebels from various Latin American nations. Despite his anti-Western theology, Lacerda was admired by many of his men due to his natural leadership towards them. However, Lacerda was feared by many civilians due to his aggressiveness operations and his elite bodyguards (who were past Salvadorian Commandos).

During the formation of the "People's Voice", Lacerda established numerous contacts throughout Latin America, among them other guerrilla leaders and bankers. Through his contacts, he established a vast trading network through which he and his allies exchanged weapons and cash to fund their various causes.

During the crisis of 2007, American PMC Displace International was contracted to protect computational genius Bruce Morgenholt, who studied the Masse Kernels responsible for engineering the Georgian Information Crisis. However, Displace wanted the Masse Kernels for itself, and indirectly ordered Hugo Lacerda to kidnap Morgenholt in Peru, in exchange for more modern equipment and guns. Lacerda ordered his men to torture Morgenholt in the hopes of forcing him to divulge the Masse Kernels to them. Lacerda succeeded in acquiring the Kernels, and Morgenholt died from his torture before he could be rescued by Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher, who was ordered to recover whatever data Morgenholt might have divulged. Lacerda then fled the scene with the Kernels to the Maria Narcissa, a freighter under his control. Fisher recovered the intelligence he could and gave chase.

Fisher infiltrated the Maria Narcissa and was authorized to track down and kill Lacerda to ensure his knowledge of the Masse Kernels never left the vessel. Fisher eventually learned of Lacerda's Panamanian contacts, higher-ups of the MCAS Bank who were providing revolutionaries with illegal arms. Fisher learned from the ship's captain that Lacerda had taken residence in his private cabin, so Fisher worked his way down to the lower decks. There, he found Lacerda with a pair of heavily-armed bodyguards, foreign mercenaries provided to Lacerda by his contacts. These mercs are later revealed to belong to Displace. When Lacerda went to get a drink, Fisher was able to grab him and interrogate him. This revealed that Lacerda did not know the identity of his contractors. He was contacted indirectly, and was warned not to try to find out who he was hired by. Despite Lacerda's cowardly pleas for mercy, Fisher assassinates Lacerda as ordered, ending the guerrilla leader's campaign. Fisher then fled with the intelligence he gathered.

Trivia Edit

  • "Hugo" means "Bright in Mind, and Spirit" or "Intelligence."
  • When the player reaches Lacerda when he is in the Captain's Cabin on board the Maria Narcissa, he leaves the table where his bodyguards are sitting at and will be distracted getting a drink out of the refrigerator. He will stay here until the player intervenes.
  • Lacerda's location can be found either two ways: Interrogating the Captain or by investigating the security monitor room.
  • Like Milan Nedich, once the player grabs him, Sam will use a lethal attack regardless of which option the player actually chooses.
  • Killing Lacerda will grant the player the "Final Cruise" Trophy.
  • Lacerda is one of three required kills in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, the other two being Milan Nedich and Douglas Shetland. In regards to this, he is also one of only three kills in the game that will not count against 100% stealth.

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