A Hostile Sniper is a type of hostile marksmen that appear in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. They are highly perceptive and dangerous enemies who can spot the player over long distances, making them very dangerous adversaries as sharpshooters.

Description Edit

Hostile Snipers usually appear wearing regular enemy clothing along with a balaclava. They are usually given away by the highly visible laser attached to their weapon. As their name implies, they are always equipped with a sniper rifle, yet can switch to a pistol if they are caught at close range. They are lightly armored and some of the time appear wearing helmets. Snipers are almost always positioned on higher elevation to give them a better vantage of the overall area. Snipers are more perceptive than other enemies and will sweep their laser over areas where they think the player is hiding, making it hard to advance or break cover.

Combat Edit

Avoiding combat with snipers is the most preferable option, as they never appear on alert and can be taken out safely before other enemies. They can be taken out with a long range weapon or by simply sneaking up to them, although sneaking up to them can be dangerous as they are usually too far away to use distractions on. When sneaking up on a sniper, bound from cover to cover rather than walk in the open, or look for a route that the sniper is not covering. Take note, however, that snipers can change positions if they are unable to find anything. In combat, taking out the sniper becomes more difficult, as they can kill the player in a couple of shots if they peek out of cover. Returning fire is dangerous, so continue to look for ways to flank the sniper. Try to only fire on the sniper if he is not looking at you, as firing on the sniper if he is looking in your direction is likely to get you killed. Thankfully, snipers are not durable enemies and go down quickly. If close range combat is forced, the Sniper will switch to a pistol and fight like a regular enemy. If playing in Charlie's mission, where taking out snipers becomes necessary, pack a sniper rifle for a better fighting chance, save a Mark & Execute can take out up to three snipers without too much risk.

Trivia Edit

  • Snipers are mostly equipped with SVU; though some will carry SR-25 or VSS instead.
  • In Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Hostile Snipers emit a bright red glare from their laser sight attached to their sniper rifle. This is both an advantage for the player, as it gives away their position, as well as a disadvantage, as it obscures their figure.

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