Heavy Infantry
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Heavy Infantry are a type of hostile infantry that wear thick body armor and helmets, making them highly resistant to firearms and explosives.

Description Edit

Heavy Infantry are aggressive, not relying on cover but instead they charge their opponents. Their gas mask make them immune to gas-based weaponry and their helmet protects them from headshots. They wear heavy armor covering all of their body, causing them to have massive resistance to most bullets and explosives. Their armor makes them resistant to electrical-based weapons and gadgets, such as the Stun Gun and Sticky Shocker rounds fired from the Crossbow and Tri-Rotor. Heavy Infantry are also able to fend off hand to hand attacks from the front, making them increasingly difficult. They are identifiable by their massive and bulky armor as well as heavy 'breathing' when they walk around an area. Heavy Infantry will mostly act like shock trooper and use shotguns, the shield variant will use D50 instead.

Playstyle Tactics Edit

For Ghost and Panther players, the best way to deal with Heavy Infantry is to sneak up behind them and perform a hand to hand takedown from behind. Use the walk button to avoid detection while doing so. Staying out of their line of sight and sticking to shadows, utilizing the environment to flank them and catch them from behind. Alternatively, for Ghost players, the player can usually bypass them for 'Enemies Untouched' bonus experience. For Assault players, they can face them in open combat, but a lot of ammunition is required to bring them down - they are heavily armored, but not invincible. Explosives can be effective against them if used correctly, Assault players can also attack from behind by flanking them and using cover in the environment.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being an established enemy type, Heavy Infantry will vary in appearance and equipment type - depending on the mission and where they are encountered.
  • On Perfectionist difficulty, the ability Heavy Infantry have to deny front takedowns is inherited by all types of enemies if they are in an alert state.
  • They are pretty weak against Incendiary Grenades so keep that in mind while fighting them.
  • Any explosive used against them will alert the enemy, so choose your strategy carefully.
  • Headshots from weapons equipped with armor piercing, Death From Above or Ariel Knockout, Mark and Execute + Sleeping Gas, or Melee attacks from behind are effective tactics to neutralize Heavy Infantry.
  • Some of the HVTs are Heavy Infantry.

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