Biographical information
Died 2006
Cause of death Shot by Shadownet Spy 1
Citizenship American
Physical description
Hair Blonde
Career information
Occupation ARGUS Mercenary
Affiliations ARGUS
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (comic)

Harlan was an ARGUS mercenary. Shadownet spies had infiltrated the ARGUS complex he and his partner Derick was guarding.

Biography Edit

2006: Indonesian Incident Edit

One of the spies killed Derick by breaking his neck, and then tossed a Flashbang Grenade blinding him, then attempting to escape. Harlan recovered and began to chase the spy shooting him in the back. The other Shadownet Spy (light green) entered the room and shot him with Sticky Shocker. He was stunned but still alive, he attempted to get up but the spy warned him to stay down. When he didn't listen the spy gunned him down. The wounded spies made their escape to a helicopter.


  • Harlan is usually shown wearing his helmet, he is identified from his partner by his blue speech bubbles.

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