The Ghost icon.

"Remain undetected and use non-lethal techniques."
― In-game description

Ghost is a type of playstyle featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. This playstyle favors stealth and espionage over brute force and assault choices to deal with personnel and enemies during missions. Players are also given additional experience points when they deal with enemies non-lethally.

Overview Edit

The Ghost playstyle is the most rewardable playstyle, but possibly the hardest to master. Players who utilize the Ghost playstyle to accomplish missions exercise extreme caution and methodically complete their objectives using tactics more inline with a stealthy approach. Despite not being officially labelled by the games until Splinter Cell: Blacklist, rewards that can be accomplished in Blacklist are things that could be accomplished in previous games. Ghost points are rewarded to players that perform a varying amount of stealth-focused challenges and actions, such as knocking out enemies stealthly or using gadgets to take out groups of enemies. Ghost points are also rewarded to players who leave enemies untouched, and this rewards players the most when dealing with foes in levels.

Points Edit

Here are a list of actions players must accomplish to recieve Ghost points:

  • Hostiles Untouched — Players earn this when they sneak past enemies without knocking them out or killing them, all the while they are out of an alerted or searching state. If the player goes to another area while enemies are searching for them, there is a risk they will get 'Enemies Evaded' points, which contribute to the Panther playstyle rather than Ghost.
  • Knock out — When the player knocks out an enemy using non-lethal means, they are rewarded with Ghost points. Regardless of how they are knocked out (hand to hand, sticky shocker, etc).
  • Bodies Hidden — Awarded to players who successfully hide knocked out bodies in containers, trash bins, etc.

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