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The Georgian Presidential Palace is the official residence of the President of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. It is located in the center of the capital T'Bilisi on elevated land. The Palace houses the office of the President and various officials, and is where he makes the majority of his executive decisions. It is a grand facility designed to fulfill the needs of the President and all residing officials, and is heavily guarded by a formidable security force.

History Edit

2004: Georgian Information Crisis Edit

After the assassination of the Georgian President in early-2004, industrialist Kombayn Nikoladze launched a "bloodless coup" in which he secured power over the country, thus making the palace his official residence and place of business. After the discovery of his crimes in neighboring Azerbaijan and the subsequent occupation by NATO, Nikoladze was forced to flee the country to continue his terrorist campaign against the United States. As a result of his departure, the CIA installed Varlam Cristavi as Acting President of Georgia, who immediately occupied the palace.

After the events at the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, Splinter Cell Agent Sam Fisher had to finish the job by eliminating Kombayn Nikoladze. With the Georgian Information Crisis over and his campaign in shambles, Nikoladze returned to Georgia, where he intended to recover a nuclear weapon known only as "The Ark", which was reportedly hidden in the Presidential Palace and posed a grave threat to the United States. Recognizing the threat, Third Echelon, a top-secret organization of the NSA, deployed Fisher to the palace to eliminate Nikoladze and recover the Ark.

Upon Fisher's infiltration of the palace, he soon found he had to contend with not merely the palace guards, but Georgian Special Forces assigned by Cristavi to track down Nikoladze and his men before they could claim the Ark. Dodging them and the network of cameras and trip lasers found throughout the palace's vast hallways, Fisher eventually found Cristavi's office. Here, he discovered recordings of an interrogation of one of Nikoladze's men that revealed the Ark to be a nuclear suitcase bomb, and Fisher was to force Nikoladze to open the safe where it was hidden below the library.

Nikoladze's men had already taken control of the library by the time Fisher arrived, having already killed several of the guards stationed there. Fisher infiltrated via the main elevator, sparking a gunfight. Fisher managed to kill and evade most of Nikoladze's men before reaching the basement, during which Cristavi launched his own assault which resulted in the deaths of Nikoladze's surviving men. Fisher then found Nikoladze himself preparing the access the safe, and forced him to open it at gunpoint. The two men were held hostage by Special Forces just as Fisher recovered the Ark's activation key, having learned from Nikoladze that the Ark itself was already deployed somewhere in the United States. Nikoladze agreed to tell Cristavi everything on the promise that he would be set free, leaving Fisher to face his opponents alone. Third Echelon however hacked into the palace's power grid, causing a blackout that Fisher used to kill Cristavi's men before continuing his pursuit of Nikoladze.

Upon reaching the palace courtyard, Fisher was ordered to assassinate Nikoladze, who had already begun negotiating the terms of his deal with Cristavi in his office overlooking the area. With his SC-20K, Fisher killed Nikoladze with a single shot to the head, and the entire palace scrambled to evacuate Cristavi and to kill Fisher before he could escape. Fisher however managed to outmaneuver his opponents yet again and fled with the key aboard the Osprey, ending the Georgian Information Crisis for good.

After the incident, Nikoladze's body was recovered by Georgian authorities amidst an angry crowd of spectators on the palace grounds. As of 2006, Varlam Cristavi remained President and still resides at the Palace.

Layout Edit

The palace itself sits at a very high altitude, enabling those on it to see far off into T'blisi nearby. In the front of the palace is a very large courtyard with two guard towers, shrubbery, a fountain and a statue situated at different sections of the outer areas. There are multiple fences set up that dictate different sections, with only one gate (protected by a keypad lock) securing the main entrance to the Georgian Presidential Palace.

Inside the entrance is the foyer, with one main set of staircases leading to the second level with two entrances located on either side of the stairs. Both of the entrances lead to the dining hall and the kitchen, with the path eventually leading out to the second courtyard located at the heart of the palace. On the second level, an office belonging to the President of Georgian is located in the middle of the hallway, complete with a small fish tank and a separate conference room for meetings.

The main hallway outside of the office leads to an elevator that people can use to access the first level library room, with the only entrance leading further down into the basement. The basement below contains a high-level safe that can only be accessed with the correct retina.

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