Fusion Goggles
Official Name Fusion Goggles
Type Combined-vision Goggles
Developer Third Echelon
Used By Splinter Cells
Notable User(s) Sam Fisher
Preceded By Multi-Vision Goggles
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D

The Fusion Goggles are a type of optical headset that combines sonar vision, night vision, thermal vision, and even EMF vision into one vision type, enabling the user to see an enhanced display of the environment. The name "Fusion" describes the ability that the vision mode is able to do, combining different types of enhanced vision modes into one.

Overview Edit

The goggles make the sonar-like ping of the Sonar Goggles when switched on. The imaging is always on, however, whereas the images in the sonar goggles fade out between pings. Unlike sonar goggles, fusion goggles cannot see through solid walls. Also, unlike sonar vision, fusion vision offers excellent night-vision with adequate brightness and contrast in the display.

Imaging is in black and white, enemies and the player appear in white, as do important objects, powered lights, fire extinguishers, active cameras, alarms, switches, signs and lasers and other environmental hazards. Most electrical and powered electrical objects appears white. Interactive diversionary items like bottles, cans, as well as Medical Kits, also glow white. Helmets/hats knocked off an opponent also appears white, as do immobile bodies and corpses. The imaging seems to be thermal/infrared in nature, rather than sonic. The goggles allow the player to see infrared lasers, much like the Sonar Goggles.

Appearances Edit


  • Fusion goggles exist in real life. It is the term used for a type of goggles that have both night vision and thermal vision modes on at the same time. The intensity of one or the other can be adjusted. The effect allows someone to see black and white details and thermal images. This gives the illusion of solid objects becoming transparent, for example one can see a person through a solid object like desk or plant. This allows the user to see others, but also what they are hiding behind.
  • Bug devices such as hidden mics appear bright white, making it easier to find them.
  • Most glowing electrical devices can also be disabled with the OCP, and will be scanned as 'electrostatic' with the EEV.
  • Lighted areas tend to show up brighter as well, and this can be blinding.
  • Weapons on the player and enemies appear solid black like in sonar vision. Light fixtures and turned off electronics also appear black.
  • Fusion vision offers more or less a cross between night vision and thermal vision, though it cannot see through walls.
  • The goggles have EEV as a second mode. In EEV, the player can remotely hack or zoom like binoculars, and scan for information about the area. It can be used with fusion vision on.
  • The physical appearance of the head set is the trifocal lenses with the slightly stubbier center lens (like on the sonar goggles).

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