The Fisher Residence refers to Sam Fisher's current residence where he lives at. Currently, at least until 2012 before the Blacklist Attacks, this refers to Sam's house in Falls Church, Virginia where Sarah Fisher stayed with him for a brief time.

For Sam's previous places of residence, this can either refer to his townhouse located in Towson, Maryland, or his farmhouse located in Germantown, Maryland. The term could also refer to his condo townhouse he lived in pre-2003. As a collective, Fisher has lived in multiple locations (some are not specifically named, however).

List of Residences and Locations Edit

Condo Townhouse, Washington D.C. Edit

Before 2003, not long after joining Third Echelon, Sam lived in a condo townhouse in the city of Washington, D.C. Here, Sam tried to live a normal bachelor's life from the townhouse, socializing with neighbors, sitting around his pool. But he was not much of a people person, he had a limited tolerance for most of them. While living in the condo, Sam Fisher spent most of his time mentally dissecting his neighbors and surroundings for threat or no threat; likely ambush sites; clear lines of fire. He moved out of the condo buying the home at Fisher Farms, Germantown, Maryland as he wanted a place where he could let down his guard, and decompress.[1]

This is not the same townhouse in Baltimore, as it is a shared condominium. The three-story house in Baltimore was a private residence.

Farmhouse, Fisher Farms, Germantown, Maryland Edit

Between 2003-2008 (perhaps before) Sam owned another home in Germantown, Maryland. It is a 1940s farmhouse surrounded by two acres of red maple and pine about thirty minutes northwest of Washington D.C. His closest neighbor (Edna Stinson) wasn't even a stones throw away, about a half mile away. The road the house was located simply wound deeper into the Germantown countryside. The only traffic came from the few neighbors and occasional traveler. It was a very quite location, with no sound of traffic, and just sounds of nature, such as the croaking of frogs, chickadees, hum of cicadas and wind through the maples.[2][3] Sam has been fixing up the house since he bought from the previous owner years before.

The house has at least a living room, where he has a couch and TV. It also has laundry room, a bathroom/shower. He has a computer for checking emails, and watches the news on a TV.[4]

Sam has owned this house since before 2003 (Checkmate), and still owns it as late as 2008 (Fallout). "Fisher Farms" was the nickname Anna Grímsdóttir had given the property. The book is not specific as to how many floors the house has. Though no lake is mentioned in either book, this house seems to fit closer to the location of the house seen in the original Splinter Cell, in a rural setting.

Townhouse, Towson, Maryland Edit


The location of Sam Fisher's Townhouse (Towson, Maryland)

Between 2004-2006, Sam Fisher owns a townhouse in Towson, Maryland. It is a large house with three floors. The entire bottom floor serves as his library, office, and gym.[5] Sam Fisher keeps a library of reference materials in the lower floor, and it is also the location of his home office. In his office Sam keeps a secure line to Third Echelon's headquarters on this floor as well.[6] A staircase leads up to the second level, the ground floor directly into the kitchen.

On the second floor is his living room, kitchen, and dining room. He owns a supersize flat screen television, a DVD Player, and surround-sound system in the living room, which he uses to watch the news.[7] His front door opens up from the ground floor to the front yard. The dining room contains his dining room table, which he entertains the occasional guest. The kitchen is located off from the dining room.[8] Sam keeps a regular unlisted phone line, an extension is in the kitchen in the middle level, where one can walk into the house.[9]

The top floor is the location of Sam Fisher's bedroom and bathroom. He has a large bed which he often leaves unmade.[10] Sam keeps a photo of his daughter on his bedroom nightstand.[11] The bathroom and shower is located off from the bedroom.

The three-story house was located at the triangle formed by I-695, York Road, and Dulaney Valley Road.[12] Sam keeps mostly to himself and doesn't speak to his neighbors much. He lives about three blocks away from I-695. He is nearby a strip mall (about a block away) on York Road containing a grocery store, liquor store, dry cleaners and the Krav Maga studio he frequents. Also nearby on York is the Towson University, just past the university to the south is a gym he frequents, just over the line separating Towson from Baltimore. He also lives near Towson Town Center, a huge indoor mall.

Sarah visited him at this house infrequently, and Sam often did the cooking.

As this is a private home, this is not the shared condo, he had lived in near Washington (mentioned in Checkmate).

Fisher House (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell) Edit

In 2004, Fisher lives in a two story house, with a basement. A lake and woods surround the house, and can be seen through the living room window.

Inside the living room is a piano, several paintings, a cabinet, a big aquarium in the wall, and several potted plants. A big screen TV is near the window looking out over the lake. The staircase leads up to the second floor lies across the room from the window (pictures are hung on the wall going up). The staircase actually opens up directly into the room along the wall. A second green hallway at the foot of the stairs leads out of the room to the right, perhaps to the entrance of the house. The chambers of his daughter, Sarah, lies under a trap floor leading into the basement. To the left of the window a hallway leads off to other parts of the house (a painting can be seen in the hallway). Next to the hallway is a bookshelf. In the center of the living room are two chairs and a couch, with a rug between them. A third hall or perhaps bathroom appears to go under the staircase near the aquarium.

This house is seen in the a couple of cutcenes in the game, early on when he attempts to call his daughter, and in the ending. As this house appears to be in the country, it is possible it is the farmhouse in Germantown, Maryland. Though it could be another house. It does not fit the architecture of the house in Conviction, and thus must be a different house.

Fisher House (Splinter Cell: Conviction) Edit

In the early 1990s lives in what looks to be a small two story house. The upper floor consists of a hallway leading to three rooms, and a staircase leading down into the first floor (it is blocked off by a child safety gate). A couple of French doors leads off into an entertainment room, and Sarah's room leads off from a door near the staircase. The third door heads off into a restroom, the toilet is not far from the door. The hallway is empty except one corner has a few potted plants and a vase near the single window. The staircase itself goes down one flight until it reaches wooden paneled floor at the bottom within a small corner, that turns left into the rest of the house.

The entertainment room has two couches, one to the left, and one near the back wall, and a small cabinet between them containing a record player/vcr and TV. On the back wall is a window, and a framed newspaper (with an article showing the American flag). The floor has a checkered carpet. To the right of the French doors, is a small table, and another padded chair. The room is a little messy, as there is a wine bottle resting in the middle of the carpet, one of the couches looks like its been slept in recently (by Sam Fisher?), as a blanket is draped over the seat in an untidy manner. There is a noodle bowl, a bag of chips and a beer bottle on the table. Under the table is a box of tissues on its side. A potted plant rests near the table.

Sarah's room lies near the top of the staircase. It is decorated with a couple of stars and a heart. Inside the room is decorated with pink and white striped wallpaper. Along one wall across from the door is a desk and chair, and a small foot stool to the left of the desk. On the right side of the desk on the floor is a pink bin. Near the footstool is another chair. The wall itself has a couple of Sarah's drawings and a wall clock. To the left wall, there is a wooden closet near the bed. On the wall are a couple of framed drawings and paintings by Sarah. On the other side of the bed is nightstand and a cabinet. The bed itself is decorated with heart and star stickers, and has a pink flowered quilt. A stuffed toy lies on top of the bed. On the nightstand is a lamp, a copy of 'Hilt by Hilt' and a wax candle. Under the bed is another pink bin, and a soccer ball. On the wall near the door is a bench chest. On the last wall, across from the bed is the room's only window.

The bathroom looks to be very basic, with only a toilet to be seen from the hallway along the back wall.

Nothing is known about the first floor but presumeably that is where Regan Burns' bedroom is, the kitchen, and living room, and other living space. The signs of Sam Fisher sleeping upstairs, the empty liquor bottles, the tissue box, and other details, would suggest that they are already having a falling out of sorts, or are already separated.

In the first "scene" of Conviction, the Sam walks into his daughters bedroom, which is located near the staircase to the first floor. Sam has a conversation with a young Sarah about the dark, teaching the player how to use the dark to hide from enemies. As the conversation comes to an end, a window shatters somewhere in the house. Sam leaves the room to checks things out and finds three men have broken into his house, and are searching the entertainment room, though at first the player only sees two of them. As the player is observing two of the men, the third comes out of the bathroom with a gun (you can see the toilet in the distance). This event is used to teach the player how to perform a hand-to-hand kill. After the kill is performed, the player is then taught how to mark and execute, and in doing so eliminates the other two men, shooting holes through the French doors. Then, a door can be heard opening behind the player, and Sarah emerges from her bedroom.

Note: That the architecture and layout of the stairs in Splinter Cell 1 and Conviction are not the same. So it is unlikely that these are the same houses. The location of the home in Conviction is unknown, and it is too dark to take any scenery in from the windows.

Fisher Residence (Prior to employment with Third Echelon) Edit

Prior to being employed by Third Echelon, and according to his DD Form 214, Sam Fisher's residence was listed as 659 Auburn Avenue, Albuquerque, NM.

Falls Church, Virginia Edit

After the events of the Third Echelon Conspiracy, Sam Fisher stayed in a house in Falls Church, Virginia along with his daughter, Sarah Fisher.


  • When Sarah was very young, Sam lived at a military base in Germany. He taught Sarah how to swim in the military base's pool.[13]
  • Also in Conviction, a burglar who broke into Sarah Fisher's house in the 1990s (20 years before flashback), states that "the lady who lives here is hot", which is a reference to Regan Burns, Sam's wife.
  • Splinter Cell (Version 2) begins and ends with Sarah and Sam staying on a boat in the South Pacific rather than in a house.[14]



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