Eli Horowitz
Biographical information
Citizenship Israeli
Career information
Affiliations Noel Brooks

The Shop

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell (novel)
Eli Horowitz was a member of the terrorist organization called The Shop, as well as a student at Northwestern University in Evantson, Illinois in 2004. He was also Sarah Fisher's boyfriend for a short time, and acted as a minor antagonist in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (novel).

Biography Edit

2004: Babylon Phoenix Incident Edit

Eli had was currently enrolled at Northwestern University where he studied music, but he was then deported for an expired visa and for being listed on a terrorist watch list (having had dealings with The Shop). It was here that he was assigned to kidnap and deliver Sarah Fisher to two assassins, Vlad and Yuri, who worked for The Shop. Eli complied and captured Sarah Fisher after her best friend, Rivka Cohen, was murdered by Eli's best friend, Noel Brooks, according to plan.

Eli went to a warehouse in Jerusalem, Israel where he was supposed to meet with Vlad and Yuri, but was instead ambushed by Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher, Sarah's father. Sam Fisher had been able to eliminate all the other The Shop members within except Eli, who he seriously want to kill for having kidnapped Sarah. Eli pleaded to Fisher to let him live, and was spared by Fisher because of the cowardice Eli expressed on his face. Afterwards, Eli was captured by Shin Bet agents and taken to trial to account for his crimes; it is unknown what become of him afterwards.

Profile Edit

Eli Horowitz was described as being good looking from Sarah Fisher, and was able to effectively deceive her, kidnapping her for The Shop. Despite doing rather dastardly crimes, Eli is shown to be rather cowardly, facing the reality when he was confronted by Sam Fisher in the warehouse.

Trivia Edit

  • Horowitz is a surname that has its origin in the Yiddish name for the town of Hořovice in Bohemia.
  • Eli is one of the few antagonists to be left alive by Sam Fisher in the novel, and doesn't appear in the next novel (or any other form in the Splinter Cell media).