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The emblem of Echelon.
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Jurisdiction United States / Worldwide
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appears in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1)

Echelon is one of the two multiplayer factions in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1). Echelon Spies are the enemies of UPSILON (apparently an organization working for the Pentagon). An Echelon Spy uses their agility and spectacular moves and specialized stealth equipment to penetrate the most heavily-guarded installations.[1]


Note: This information comes from concept art.

Globally a spy learns abilities to fight barehanded except grabbing [1]. A spy is an acrobat, not a fighter.

A spy should be able to get into small places easily and quickly and as such their surroundings are one of their greatest allies. A wall, a box, a railing, a hanging pipe, even moving opponent are springboards for the spy to quickly change direction. It could be a kick off a wall to change direction (forward, backwards, left, right) or gain height...under a low object such as a car, a somersault over an opponent, a back handspring to evade being shot; all these things become as natural as breathing to a spy.[2]


Spies vs. MercsEdit


Echelon Emblem 2

Echelon official seal

Mission objectivesEdit

  • The mission objective of Echelon spies is to infiltrate locations steal data from nodes, while avoiding members of Upsilon guarding the data. After obtaining the data they exfiltrate and return the data to their field runners.
  • Spies must infiltrate heavily guarded buildings, hack highly protected servers, and extract - securing the data back at their base. They must avoid the Upsilon Mercenaries which guard the installations. In a sense the Spys are on the offensive in the levels (while Upsilon is on defense).
    • Goal: Echelon spies must reach the mission objectives, hack them, and bring two complete files to the control drone.
    • Victory: Two files secured or all Mercenaries eliminated within the time limit.
    • Infiltration: Reach the objectives, hack them, and complete one file.
    • Exfiltration: Bring the complete file back to your control drone.
    • File Secure: The aim of the Echelon spies is to download and secure two confidential files. They hack the same terminal twice (4 lives per spy / 20 minutes per game).

Mission locationsEdit


  • The "Spy Girl", a female Echelon spy skin appears in the PlayStation 3 version of Double Agent and can be downloaded on the Xbox 360 version. Gameplay wise, it is exactly the same as the Male spies, though described as being faster and more agile.
  • Echelon's goggles have three lenses like the iconic goggles of Third Echelon, but come in a blue color.
  • In one of the multiplayer levels, Secret Base, their mission objectives is to invade a "secret base of the NSA" to hack servers to steal information, while its defenders, the Upsilon Mercenaries try to keep it secure.


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