An UPSILON Mercenary uses EMF vision during a Spies vs Mercs multiplayer session.

Electromagnetic Field vision (also known as EMF or Wave vision) is the ability to detect electrical charged objects and sources powered by electricity.

Overview Edit

EMF vision allows the user to see the interference given off by electronic devices, ranging from a power box, telephone and radio to security devices, such as surveillance cameras and security lasers. These electricity-based devices (that a currently powered) are displayed as in a bright light with a 'fuzzy effect' outlining the vision. This allows the user to detect both important and miscellaneous devices placed around the environment. However, EMF vision also obscures any view of nearby enemies and the general area meaning that it must be applied only at the greatest necessity.

Advantages Edit

EMF vision displays all electronic devices in the environment in white: as long as that device is powered by electricity, the player can see it. When used with the Optically Channeled Potentiator, the player can use EMF vision to see if they've successfully disabled something electrical. EMF vision can be very useful for Mercenaries in Spies vs Mercs, as it allows them to see the electrical equipment the Spies wear. The EMF vision has some uses in Chaos Theory, as they make finding electonics easier, they also show if the player has succeed with the OCP shot or not. Disabled electronics will no longer light up in EMF vision.

Disadvantages Edit

EMF vision is used solely to detect electricity-based objects, meaning everything else is blue (or slight shades of blue). While it may be possible to tell certain objects apart, the player is blind to anything non-electrical in the environment (such as certain types of personnel). EMF vision is not affected by fog or even thunderstorms (such as lightning produced in the environments).



  • The EMF Vision was first added in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and returned in both versions of Splinter Cell: Double Agent, but it was removed in Splinter Cell: Conviction.

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