EEV mode
EEV mode in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appears in SC:CT - SC:DA
Electronically Enhanced Vision (abbreviated as EEV) was a new and experimental device introduced in Chaos Theory which allowed Sam to scan an area and reveal different properties about the objects in that area. Interactive objects stand would stand out from the other objects while viewed in EEV, which can be used in conjunction with other modes.



There are five symbols that, when Sam focuses on an object long enough, the EEV will have finished scanning it, will show a symbol which tells the player what can be done with the machine in question:

OCP AffectedEdit

This symbol is a double-framed square that contains a bullseye, it means that the object can be affected with the OCP.

Hacking is AvailableEdit

This symbol is a double-framed square that contains a code of 0's and 1's, it means the object can be hacked into. Hacking involves, in Double Agent (Version 2), matching up a curved line with a second curved line, or in the other version of Double Agent, a hacking interface similar of that in Chaos Theory. While using EEV to hack, the difficulty is significantly increased. This is apparent in Expert difficulty, while in normal difficulty it doesn't make any difference.

Explosive DangerEdit

This symbol is a single-framed square that contains a circle, and inside the circle is a small black circle releasing an explosion. It means that the object is capable of exploding and may need to be disabled.

Laser DesignationEdit

This device is used for calling in airstrikes after a target has been designated.

Remote AccessibleEdit

This symbol is a double-framed square that contains a diamond in the top right hand corner releasing waves in the south-east direction. It means the object (normally a computer) can be used from a distance.

Other UsesEdit

Pressing the interaction button selects the symbol, and the directional pad can be used to select which symbol to operate with when there is more than one symbol. The EEV can also be used to zoom in on objects by using its zoom capability.

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