Dvorak was the name given to an infinite-state machine created by Abrahim Zherkezhi used to create algorithms that would be used for Information Warfare ultimately by Displace International CEO and founder Douglas Shetland. The Masse Kernels, created by Philip Masse, were repeated through Dvorak to increase the accuracy of the Masse Kernels themselves.

Dvorak was hidden in a building adjacent to Zherkezi's penthouse in the Manhattan Garment District, New York. It was used on used on a number of occasions to copy each algorithm used in hacking processes to infiltrate or tamper with high tech machinery of weaponry, such as to cause a blackout or make the battery in North Korea launch a missile that sunk the USS Clarence E. Walsh. For some time in 2007, Dvorak was being maintained by its own keeper. Sam Fisher encounters Dvorak as part of his mission to identify and gain intelligence to what it does.


  • When Sam encounters Dvorak, there will be two manners of how he will react. If he speaks to its Keeper, he will understand better of what it is and does. If not, he will claim it's a finite-state machine and knows what to do like.

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