Drone Operator
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Blacklist

A Drone Operator is a hostile enemy type that utilize the use of small recon drones equipped with explosives to patrol areas and eliminate intruders, with the drone's ability to jam goggles and detonate it's explosives.

Overview Edit

Drone Operators excel in using their drones to scout areas, providing a 'second eye' on the environment. Their drones are designed to move around the environment, and are equipped with a red light used to scan the environment and locate intruders. When operating the drones, Droner Operators are stationary and are typically preoccupied using the drone. They are most identifiable by their red lights on their mask and helmet and are usually in a distant place from their drone. Their drones are mobile across both flat environments and can even move up inclines, such as stairs, that are in the environment. Drone Operators tend to be very tenacious if the player has been found, as a constant stream of explosive drone will be sent to player's location. If the player gets too close to a Drone Operator, they will pull out a pistol to defend themselves but will switch back to sending out drones once the player is far enough away.

Playstyle Tactics Edit

Drone Operators jam the player's Goggles, meaning all vision modes will be massively distorted and malfunction, reguardless of the distance between the player and operator themselves. The biggest benefit for this is that the Drone Operator's location is revealed in the vision mode, with a 'Jammer' sign giving away their location. Their Drones give off a very distinct 'beeping' sound and are easily identifiable by their servo noise and bright red light they use to spot intruders. For Ghosts and Panthers, players can shoot out these drones, however the Drone Operator carries an infinite amount, sending out more drones if they are disabled. The only way to permanently deal with Drone Operators is to non-lethally knock them out out or kill them. (For Ghost players, they can usually bypass them unless they are playing one of Charlie's Missions). Drone Operators are usually heavily armored, so its advised to use Mark & Execute tactic or explosives, particularly the incendiary grenade if lethal attack is necessary. Shooting the drone once is suffice for disabling them, the enemies around might be alerted to this act.

Trivia Edit

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