Downtown District
Sam Fisher Vest 2
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Game Splinter Cell: Conviction
Location Downtown District, Washington, D.C.
Date 2011
Depicts Third Echelon Conspiracy

Downtown District is the tenth single player level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. After the helicopter he was riding on crashes, ex-Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must make his way to the White House to confront Third Echelon Director Tom Reed and rescue the President of the United States.

Mission Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Mission Overview Edit

Sam Fisher Vest 1

Sam Fisher as he appears with his vest on.

As Sam Fisher, Victor Coste and Sarah Fisher fly across the Downtown District in the helicopter, two of the other EMP blasts across the District of Columbia detonate, disabling all electronic systems in the area. During this blast, a Black Arrow operative fires an RPG at the helicopter and is able to hit it, sending it veering down and into the roof of a theater building.

Thankfully, Sam, Coste and Sarah are all physically fine, but Sam is blocked from both Coste and Sarah. Sam tells Sarah that he is going to find a way around, but Coste assures him that he'll look after Sarah because Sam needs to be at the White House going after Tom Reed. Sarah throws a tactical vest over to Sam and Sam straps it onto himself. He exits the theater after dealing with the Black Arrow operatives who have infiltrated the theater to investigate the crash. After he walks out of the building, he heads down the street as the aftermath of the EMP detonation shows itself. Civilians around the area are trying to recover from the aftermath, EMS members attempt to revive and help survivors as many of them are injured or dead.

Sam eventually continues through the dark, destroyed streets of D.C. encountering both civilians and Black Arrow operatives in the area. Many of the Black Arrow soldiers attempt to control the populous by restricting areas and setting up barricades towards the routes leading to the White House. These oppositions don't stop Sam as he continues towards the White House, eventually making it to the outer area.

Trivia Edit

  • Following the EMP blast, the lights in this level do not work - except for the emergency lights that were set up. These emergency lights are chemical-based (glow sticks) that could not have been affected by the EMP blast.
  • Fisher's Portable EMP was affected by the blast, making it useless. Sarah threw him a tactical vest at the start of the mission, replacing the Portable EMP device with more endurance and space for grenades and mines.
  • The start of this level is one action sequence, while there is a period where Fisher walks through the streets of the Downtown District and observes the aftermath of Reed's EMP detonation.
  • Rabbids can be seen in the windows of a knick-knack store outside of the theater.
  • On one of the streets there is a sign which says "In Memory of Officer Ariel Rubin." This may be a reference to a developer that worked on Splinter Cell: Conviction. He also worked on Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Assassin's Creed III among other games.


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