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Game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Location Offices of Displace Int. Midtown Manhattan, New York City, USA
Date 30th June 2007
Objective Determine if Displace is merely protecting Zherkezhi, or if they are also involved in the plot to acquire the Masse Kernels.

Displace is the fifth level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher infiltrates the headquarters of Displace International after Third Echelon discovered that Displace is somehow involved in the blackout attacks.


Displace International has been protecting Zherkezhi, who contacted Lacerda to kidnap Morgenholt. It must be determined if Displace is merely protecting Zherkezhi, or if they are also involved in the plot to acquire the Masse Kernels.

Mission InformationEdit


Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Don't kill anyone.
  • Retrieve the server access algorithm.
  • Access the central server in the server room.
  • Find information linking Displace and Zherkhezi.
  • Exfiltrate from the primary extraction point.

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Discover the real identity of Milan Nedich.

Opportunity ObjectivesEdit

  • Insert tracer programs into Displace's division servers.


  • The rooftop ventilation fan can be disabled from a breaker.
  • The central server access algorithm is on the executive's laptop.
  • Electrochromic windows can be made transparent or opaque with the OCP.
  • The key code between the meeting room and the lobby is 8136.
  • There might be a way into the central server room through R&D ventilation.
  • With power restored, the lobby elevators are back online.
  • The laser mic is part of the EEV.
  • The doorcode to the CEO meeting room is 2346.
  • The key code for the CEO's office is 2609.
  • The key code for the fire escape door 3485.


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Mission OverviewEdit


Sam infiltrates Displace Offices in New York.

In 2007 during the unfolding crisis in East Asia, New York City, Japan, and the majority of the US Eastern Seaboard were subjected to massive blackouts caused by an unknown source. Third Echelon immediately suspected that the attack was instigated by the party that had successfully acquired the Masse Kernels to further promote the East Asia Crisis for their own gains. Having recovered evidence of Displace's possible involvement, Third Echelon sent Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to the Displace Offices to search for answers. The mission was kept highly classified to ensure that Third Echelon remained in favour with the government and the Pentagon, who maintained numerous contracts with Displace.

Sam infiltrated the building to find out if Displace was involved in the crisis or not while New York City continued to endure the blackout. He entered a rooftop vent and made his way above a conference room where he witnessed a new technology where the specialized glass used in the offices could be made "solid" or "transparent". He soon left to track down an executive's briefcase which he is able to hack it with his goggles. Once he gathers the information he makes his way into the vent above the main server room. He then rappelled downward to access the computer but someone shunted the data; before long the lights came back on and Sam retreated into the vents. He then left to find and interrogate Milan Nedich in his office, as he had been implicated in the blackouts and the protection of Abrahim Zherkezhi, who was believed to have initiated the cyber attack that caused the blackouts. On his way he learned from a conversation that Milan Nedich is really Milos Nowak and soon reached his office. However, Milan was not present, so Fisher instead hacked into his computer. There, he discovered that Milan has moved Zherkezhi to a safehouse in Hokkaido, Japan, and that Shetland may also be involved. Fisher extracted and soon was sent to Sapporo to find Zherkezhi.

The Displace Offices were likely seized by the government after the U.S. discovered that Displace was one of the major architects of the war that had occurred in East Asia.


  • Sam drops in by parachute; it can be seen at the start of the mission.
  • In the Hokkaido level, Milan Nedich reveals to his men that the Displace offices were turned over by the Federal Agents, suggesting that the Federal Government was catching on to their activities. He also reveals that Douglas Shetland found out and is not happy about it.
  • The Displace offices are the only location where Fisher can manipulate the electrochromic windows to appear either opaque or transparent, using the fiber technology that Displace had been investing heavily in.
    • A presentation on the electrochromic windows can be accessed in the same room where the first conversation with the New York executive takes place. It is also the same room that Sam drops into via the ceiling shaft. A tablet can be found on the table and accessing it will cause a slideshow to play, and a narrator's voice will explain exactly how the windows work.
    • Activating an electrochromic window for the first time will trigger a unique conversation between Fisher and Redding. A new note will be added to Sam's OPSAT as well.
    • The status of the window can be either changed manually or via OCP, but be warned, NPC's that witness the change of the window's state will be alerted.
    • Sam can hack wirelessly through the electrochromic windows with the EEV, but only if they are set to transparent.
  • One of the optional objectives for this level is to discover the true identity of Milan Nedich, whose true name is accidentally uttered by an executive during a conversation in an employee lounge. If this is not completed, the player will discover Milan's real name in the following mission.
    • Sam's EEV has a built-in microphone, but you must point it at the electrochromic windows of the employee lounge for it to work. Optional objectives like this can be missed, so once encountered, they will not return to same location and such conversation(s) will not occur again (unless you reload a previous checkpoint/save/quicksave).
    • This optional objective must be complete if Sam wishes to get a 100% mission rating. If the objective is not complete, the best score he can get is 85%.
  • The suit near Milan Neddich's office makes a remark about suits and that Sam is a spy as he replies that he is not "the tuxedo kind", which is a reference to 007 or other similar franchises.
  • It is possible for the executive to drop his briefcase, which Sam is then able to access like a normal computer, although Grim will still remark as if Sam had accessed it wirelessly.
  • "The new Prince of Persia" video game (also made by Ubisoft) is mentioned in a conversation between two guards in this level. The newest Prince of Persia game at the time of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's release was Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.
  • The Assault loadout is not available in this mission due to the fact that Sam is not allowed to kill anyone in this particular mission. Even the Redding's Recommendation loadout has less lethal gadgetry.
  • Like in the Bank mission, the laser tripwire alarms are online in the 2nd floor of the Displace building; the guards can walk through them with no issue.
  • In the exercise room there is a guard running on a treadmill. If Sam disables it with the OCP, the treadmill will malfunction, causing the guard to fall over and knock himself out.
  • It is possible to trap a guard's body in one of the automatic doors near the gym section of Displace.
  • At Nedich's office, his computer screensaver shows a model of a Nokia 6260.
    • At the adjacent office, there is a newspaper that tells about a Ubi party gone wrong.