(Sam begins from the Dili sea front, scaling through wooden docks out of the water.)

Irvin Lambert: Fisher. Welcome back to the front.

(while Sam is on the move.)

Lambert: Let's talk about stealth.Your gun should always be a last resort. Invisibility is your best weapon. We've got a network of photocells in your outfit connected to a visibility meter on your OpSat. If the meter is at three, then you're lit up like Time square.

(Sam ziplines and shimmies his way through the docks and into Dili soil, amongst the village huts. Sam climbs on a hut and through the trapdoor down.)

Lambert: Before you infiltrate the embassy, let me introduce D.P. Brunton, our inter-agency consultant. He's got an update for the mission.

Dermont P. Brunton: I'll keep it brief. I'm sure you know, I'm excited to be part of the team. The Joint Chiefs want this mission kept non-lethal and alarms flat zero. We can't endanger the hostages.

Sam: Understood. And with some due respect, leave anything Lambert can say to Lambert. I don't want the voices in my head become a crowd.

Lambert: Get inside the embassy. This situation is delicate and largely unknown.

(Sam traverse through the village buildings trying his technique of stealth, platforming, interacting with environment. He then reaches near an unaware guerrilla.)

Anna Grimsdottir: (PS exclusive) You have no choice. Knock out the guard and don't forget to hide his body to avoid a full alert.

(He then reaches an area with a cluster of mines.)

Sam: (PS exclusive) Landmines might spoil my... sweet disposition.

Grim: (PS exclusive) Heaven Forbid. Fisher, activate your thermal to spot the mines.

In the end he reached a building and half-split jumped his way up and lead himself to a view of the embassy.)

Lambert: Grim's found you a back door.

Grim: Avoid the main gate at all cost. Blueprints show an ornamental stream beneath the entrance. Looks like a viable way in.

Lambert: A little wet's better than little dead. That's streams your way in, even if it means moving slowly to minimize your noise level.

(Sam drops down from the building and to the embassy entrance grounds.)

Lambert: Fisher, be careful. This village is a walk in the park compared to what needs to be done inside the embassy.

(Sam sneaks through the stream while moving across the embassy and goes towards the side of the building's walls. A few huts are there and one guard sitting on a crate. Soon shots are heard in the embassy.)

Grim: The situation is getting worse in the embassy. They seem to be killing hostages now.

Sam: (PS exclusive) They seem, or they do?

(Sam approaches the guerilla sitting on the box.)

Sam: I've got a man on my way, Lambert. How flexible is my zero fatality mandate?

Lambert: As a rock. In fact, we want you to make a new friend. From your on-boards that man looks like one of Sadonos lieutenants. Interrogate him. Find out what he knows about Sadono's defense parameters. The chatter we're sifting sounds bad but lacks specifics. Details on your OpSat.

(Sam grabs the lieutenant and interrogates him.)

Sam: I need information.

Guerilla Lieutenant: I... I don't speak English. 

​Sam: I'd be willing to bet your neck that you do.

Guerilla Lieutenant: I know a little English.

​Sam: Good to hear. I'm going inside to meet your friends. Anything I need to worry about?

Guerilla Lieutenant: They've have guns.

​Sam: I'm shocked and amazed. What else?

Guerilla Lieutenant: My men planted the mines on our way out. We had to escort.. to defend the village.

​Sam: Escort who?

Guerilla Lieutenant: Nothing.

​Sam: Escort WHO!?

Guerilla Lieutenant: Nobody. I made a mistake.


Guerilla Lieutenant: *Strain* I don't know his name. Somebody important to Sadono. He's got an American accent and one of his legs is fake. A bald man with dead eyes.

​Sam: A fake leg?

Guerilla Lieutenant: Yes. Go ahead and kill me, that's all I know.

(If Sam interrogates more.)

Guerilla Lieutenant: Go ahead and kill me, that's all I know.

(Sam subdues the lieutenant and hears a voice inside the hut nearby.)

Guerilla: Vallar, you there? Got some light? Vallar you hear me?

(A guerilla leaves the hut to investigate as Sam sneaks by to enter the Embassy walls. While inside the Embassy grounds.)

Sam: Flash notes confirmed there was a hostage situation. Indonesian militants.

Lambert: Yeah but the hostages is someone else's game. You're here for information and especially the information held by Douglas.

Lambert: Shetland's your objective. We need to know how much data was lost.

(Sam wall-to-wall sneaks through the building's balcony to avoid contact by over-watch guerillas. He reaches a point where Suhadi Sadono is interrogating a hostage with a lieutenant beside him.)

Lambert: Freeze, Fisher. Not a muscle. Sadono is right on top of you. If he sees you, this mission is over.

Hostage: But why me.. ah... I didn't see anything.

Suhadi Sadono: But did you hear something?

​Hostage: No... Just 'Pandora Tomorrow'... and a lot of gibberish."

Sadono: Huuh.

​Hostage: I couldn't understand any of it.

Sadono: Give me a box.

​Hostage: I.... thank you, thank you.

(Sadono executes him and goes to his Lieutenant.) 

Sadono: Is Shetland safely separated from the others?

Guerrila Lieutenant: Absolutely. Kim doesn't open the door unless I radio in. We should break his fingers if we want him to talk.

Sadono: Yes, maybe... but do it quuietly.... and slowly.

(Sadono leaves and Sam goes to the far side of the balcony to enter a room where Kim is torturing Shetland.)

Kim: Talk damn you, where is it?

Kim: I only have to keep you alive, I don't have to keep you comfortable. Don't tempt me.

Kim: Idiot, where is the disc, give it to me.

(Sam subdues him and talks to Shetland.)

Sam: Douglas, it's been a while.

Douglas Shetland: Fisher? My god, man you're getting old.

Sam: You still in one piece?

Shetland: Where's the rest of the seals?

Sam: I'm working alone. Haven't been for a navy in a decade.

Shetland: Then who're you with? 

Sam: I'm here on damage control, just came to smash a computer.

Shetland: Thank god. Or should I say the CIA?

Sam: Keep guessing.

Shetland: I'm trying to destroy it.. but who knows how much data they were able to pull down. I've consulted for security for targets all over the world. Who do you work for? Delta?

Sam: No.. Staying Anonymous.

Shetland: Aha, maybe you've got to use for this storage device I pulled off a guerrilla after I killed him.

Sam: Thanks. How did you had it off your guard?

Shetland: Just wash your hands when you're done with it.

(Sam receives an SD card and inserts it into his mobile device and a body text appears.)

Grim: It was PGB encrypted, easy stuff.

Lambert: For all the good it did us, the body text is gibberish. Brunton thinks it's a regional Indonesian dialect. We're looking for a translator.

Grim: But we've got the sender's alias. Mortified Penguin, and four words on the body text: Red Beard, Saulnier, and Springfield.

Brunton: My CIA people came through. The dialect is Timorese Mambae. There's an agency bureaucrat working in the embassy, an Indonesian linguist, a woman named Karthlson.

Lambert: First name: Ingrid. She's being held in a tower off the garden behind the embassy grounds. Grim's working on a way to contact her without alerting her guard. Karthlson is your next objective. Details on your OpSat.

(Sam moves away from Shetland going around the upper floors of the Embassy that crawl with hostages and guerrillas. Some of the hostages are groaning and say.)

Random Hostage: Don't shoot, I'm American.

(He explores around the quarters and heads down to the main entrance, left in disarray, to the back gardens where spotlight is moving around and two turrets on both pathways blocking Sam's path. A sniper is watching with night vision while Ingrid uses a torch to draw Sam's attention.)

Lambert: (PS exclusive) Freeze, Fisher, I am getting you information. Grimsdottir thinks she's got through Ingrid, There's a guard near her, but she was able to snag a flashlight. She is on the right window, on the second floor.

Lambert: You're not gonna like this.

Sam: Chance are... 

Lambert: Security camera tap shows a lone guard overlooking to the next courtyard wearing night vision goggles.

Lambert: There's an automated searchlight they haven't shut down, should be blinding through night vision.

Sam: You're telling me to stay in the light?

Lambert: I said you wouldn't like it.

(Sam sneaks through the courtyard following Lambert's plan and scales up the building where Karlthson is and speaks to her.)

Sam: Ingrid.

Ingrid Karlthson: You must be my blind date. I hope that bit with the flash-light helped.

Sam: It did, thanks.

Karlthson: I'm doing the best I can. This hasn't turned to be the desk job I was hired for. I'm a word cruncher.

Sam: Word crunching is what I need. Look.

Karlthson: *Holds Sam's OpSat.* Nice PDA are you saving up for the colour model?

Sam: Can you read it?

Karlthson: It's phonetical Mambae, not a native speaker but fluent. Gives numbers for a meeting place. Forty eight, fifty seven, north.  O three, O eight, east. eighteen hours. And the only reference to the location is Saulnier, that's not Mambae.. it says they are only a few weeks for securing the ingredients for the Springfield demonstration. And that's it, it signed.. Mortified Penguin. Mortified Penguin?

Sam: Your guess is as good as mine. But I wouldn't recommend guessing. And while you're at it, forget everything you've seen, heard and said. You're gonna be alright if I leave you here?

Karlthson: Would you stay if I said no?

Sam: Nope.

Lambert: Well done, Fisher. There's a nice synchronicity between those coordinates and the name Saulnier. Both match a cryogenics lab in Paris.

Brunton: And we just got word from Delta. They're sending their boys in.

Lambert: Which means you're off the leash. Merry Christmas, Fisher. Shoot all the guerrillas you like. You've got a quick exit downstairs at the base of the tower Coen is waiting for you at the village.

Grim: The Osprey can't land in the village. Coen's afraid to be too good for a target. Cut the power from all the spotlights in the village. They will fly as low as possible to pick you up from the end of the pier.

(Sam leaves Karthlson and outside the window and rappels down to the village streets. He finds two spotlights where he climbs on a platform and shuts them down. He then rushes to the pier and on a boat. The Osprey is viewed in the deep dark horizon.)

End Game.

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