Dermot Brunton
Unknown male
Biographical information
Full name Dermot Paul Brunton
Nicknames D.P.
Known aliases gargoyle
Born October 21, 1963
Citizenship Flag of the United States American
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 5′5″[1]
Weight 136 lbs[1]
Career information
Occupation Shadownet Operations Coordinator[1]
Affiliations Central Intelligence Agency
National Security Agency
Third Echelon
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
"All means are acceptable!"
― D.P. Brunton gives Sam Fisher the "green light" to use the Fifth Freedom.

Dermot P. Brunton is the Operations Coordinator of Shadownet, a black ops group within Third Echelon. In Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, he has a similar role to Irving Lambert, providing Sam Fisher with mission objectives and intelligence over the radio during some of the game's missions. As his operations specifically prohibit live satellite contact between coordinator and operatives, Brunton's function is more bureaucratic and managerial.

In latter games, William Redding and Charlie Cole play similar roles to Brunton.

Relevant historyEdit

Masters degree in Computational Linguistics from Harvard.

Publishes thesis, "Applied Cryptography and the Future of Privacy" in quarterly American Mathematician.

Receives Bell-Jones grant for development of Group Strategic Positioning Software.

U.S. Army purchases GSPS software.

Founds Three Clicks Software Development Company.

Acquires level 4 security clearance from U.S. Army for proposed work with the CIA

Hired by the CIA to develop a public key encryption system for inter-agency communication.

Develops ROOT HOG system for CIA.

Security clearance raised for live technical / strategic support on FBI Operation EARLY WIND.

Enters "Civilian Boot Camp" program at MCRD Paris Island, South Carolina.

03/02/01 - 07/09/01-
Consults NSA on restructuring network in wake of January 22nd crash.

Becomes a full-time employee of the NSA, Technological Consultant for Inter-Agency Liaison.

Security clearance maximized.

Promoted to Inter-Agency Liaison for Third Echelon.

I like Dermot, but I sometimes think Lambert wants to smash him. He's too enthusiastic for his own good, and I worry that he might be a dork trying to pass for a geek. Scary smart. (Author: Grimsdottir)



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