Biographical information
Died 2006
Cause of death Neck snapped by Spy 2
Citizenship American
Physical description
Hair Black
Career information
Occupation ARGUS Mercenary
Affiliations ARGUS
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (comic)

Derick was an ARGUS Mercenary that operated during the Indonesian Crisis in 2006. He, along with his partner Harlan, was part of a two-man defense detail that was tasked with defending an unidentified ARGUS facility holding two ND133 devices.

Biography Edit

2006: Indonesian Incident Edit

Derick, along with his partner Harlan, was part of a two-man ARGUS Mercenary team that had to protect two ND133 devices, part of Suhadi Sadono's attacks against the United States. During the night, he and Harlan heard a tapping sound and discovered a strange device. They soon discovered an intruder and they were both able to shoot him. Harlan told Derick to investigate the areas on the upper floors and set Proximity Mines up. During his patrol, however, Derick was grabbed by the other SHADOWNET Spy and his neck was broken, killing him instantly.


  • Derick is usually shown wearing his helmet, he is identified from his partner by his orange speech bubbles. During the second-half of the comic, when their helmets are removed, they are easier to identify.
  • It may be implied that Derick had been with ARGUS longer than Harlan, as he had to explain some of ARGUS' policies to him before they began their shift.

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