Deniable Ops is a solo, cooperative and multiplayer component featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction where players can access the four different types of game modes that can be played alone or with a another player. Players can play together via split-screen, System Link or connected through Xbox Live.

Overview Edit

Deniable Ops is a feature only present in name in Splinter Cell: Conviction, functioning as a feature that can be played either alone or with another player (cooperatively). The current mode, weapon/gadget restrictions and difficulty are each customizable by the player before the game mode is started. When players play Deniable Ops, they must play as either Archer or Kestrel, and can freely change characters at the press of a button. Both of the characters can also be customized on the lobby screen to change their clothing, equipment and uniform accessories before the match is started. These adjustments to the uniform vary between extra ammunition, gadgets or armor protection rating, which the player can select up to three depending on their playing style.

Game modes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Deniable Ops only appears in Splinter Cell: Conviction, but some of the modes still carry over to Splinter Cell: Blacklist: Hunter mode appears in Kobin's missions while Last Stand mode is similar to Charlie's missions (but is more about surviving than defending an objective).
  • Originally, there are only three modes for players to choose from; Infiltration is available for players to unlock through the Uplay function located at the main menu screen.

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