[August 4th, 2004]

Morris Odell: ...mark a steady rise in Georgia's economy. Once central to the former soviet union's development and manufacturer of weapons, Georgia has recently resurfaced as a potential player in the world military industry. With active contracts in Russia, Turkey, Germany, and even..

Morris Odell: ...has stated the need, especially in these times, for a reliable source of oil in the Middle East. Commerce Secretary Moore, on a visit to Azerbaijan this morning, noted the tiny nation's enormous potential for oil. Calling on American investors to provide the necessary funds for tapping the reserves..

Political Analyst: ...In many ways a leader from a bygone era, his beliefs are very firmly founded in Georgian Orthodoxy, his political standings more in line with the early twentieth century.

Interviewer: Would you fault him then as a politician?

Political Analyst: No, no. Not at all. Kombayn Nikolazde is all politician. He's done wonders for the Georgian economy. A brilliant tactician. It's more a question of ethics.

Interviewer: And ethically speaking?

Political Analyst: Well...

End News.

In Game:

(Sam is on the roof of the Defense Ministry and is about to breach.)

Irving Lambert: (radio) Echelon got a positive ID on your target from the morgue security cameras, a guy named Vyacheslav Grinko.

Sam Fisher: How do I find him?

Lambert: By his license plate.

Sam: And if he's not with his car?

Lambert: Then his driver will be. Grab him and make him talk, don't be afraid to use force.

Sam: Who, me?

(Sam rappels down to the windows and enters through the office and into the hall.

Lambert: Grimsdottir just pulled up the schematics on the ministry. They've got a laser security grid online in the courtyard.

Sam: So I stay out of the courtyard.

Lambert: Don't let them trigger any alarms at all. We still don't have any official approval from the Joint Chiefs for this operation, so one slip-up and it's mission over.

(Sam goes downstairs to the parking area and finds Hamlet, Grinko's driver relieving himself. Sam grabs him and interrogate him.)

Hamlet: What the hell?

Sam: I'm going to ask you some questions. When I think you're lying, I'll do this.

Hamlet: *Strained* Aye.

Sam: Who do you work for?

Hamlet: Vyacheslav Grinko.

Sam: Tell me about him.

Hamlet: He used to be Spetsnaz, now he is mercenary. He works for President Nikoladze.

Sam: Where do I find Grinko?

Hamlet: He is meeting Masse, in the elevator, by the courtyard.

Sam: Who's Masse?

Hamlet: Philip Masse. Some computer guy. He has access to Nikoladze's office.

Sam: What's this meeting about?

Hamlet: I don't know, I swear. It's gotta be something bad if Nikoladze is willing to see Grinko face to face.

Sam: I need you to understand that we never talked.

Hamlet: I understand.

Sam: Good.

(If Sam interrogates further.)

Sam: Convince me we never talked.

Hamlet: If anybody finds out, Grinko will murder me.

Sam: And you're frightened of Grinko.

Hamlet: God, yes.

(If same interrogates even more)

Hamlet: Please, don't hurt me, I'm just a driver.


Hamlet: I swear, I've already forgotten you.

(Once Hamlet is subdued:)

Lambert: I want to hear what Grinko and Masse talk about in that elevator.

Sam: I'll need to deactivate the courtyard laser grid to get into position.

Lambert: Then do it.

(If Sam kills Hamlet)

Lambert: Damn it, Fisher! What was that?

Sam: He was one of the bad guys.

Lambert: It's sloppy work. Don't do that anymore.

(Sam navigates back to the halls and into an office and hangs on a ledge to move to the next window. Sam intercepts a radio chatter with some soldiers)

Soldier1: (radio) I need a Colonel down here, we're trying to get through a retinal scanner.

Soldier2: (radio) I pass Colonel Kobiashvili on my patrol. Want me to send him down?

Soldier1: God no, I hate that guy. We'll find somebody else with the rank.

(Sam enters the open window into the kitchen, two chefs are preparing a meal as a security personnel comes in from the door.)

Security: I thought the kitchen was closed.

Chef: It's a special order for Colonel Kobiashvili.

Security: Ah, excellent. *chuckles* May I?

Chef: Please.

Security: *Gathers saliva and spits into the pot* Thanks.

Chef: Thank you.

(As the guard leaves, Sam bypasses the chefs' presence and enters into the main lobby and downstairs. Sam sneaks to the main desk, towards a computer and patches to deactivate the laser grid on the courtyard)

Lambert: You've got an incoming Colonel, Fisher. Make the most of him. You'll need him conscious and cooperative if you want to unlock the retinal scanner sealing the door to the courtyard.

Sam: That's detailed intelligence.

Lambert: Knowing everything is my job.

(Fisher grabs the Colonel and forces him on the retinal scanner then subdues him. Moving along, he enters the courtyard. A glass elevator stands on the side of the garden as Vyacheslav Grinko and Philip Masse enter.)

Anna Grimsdottir: The glass elevator's in motion.

Lambert: Make with the laser mic, Fisher. It's mission critical that we hear what Grinko and Masse say before they reach the top.

(Sam uses the laser mic to eavesdrop on guys in the elevator.)

Philip Masse: Savages. What did you rip it out with, pliers?

Vyacheslav Grinko: We had some difficulty with Blaustein's chip. You can see fibres of muscle tissue still attached.

Masse: Nasty... Naasty.

Grinko: You are in the wrong line of work to avoid getting gore on your hands.

Masse: Whatever Nikoladze does in Azerbaijan is his own conscience's burden.

Grinko: You are just a tool.

Masse: You're a tool! I'm the technology. I'm the clean-up man. All the blood's on yours and Nikoladze's hands. I'm clean.

Grinko: And... It is?

Masse: It's what?

Grinko: Clean.

Masse: Azerbaijan? Yeah, man. This operation's goddamn immaculate. Except for the files Nikoladze insists on keeping on his own machine. You need to talk to that-

(The elevator reached the top and the two of them step out.)

Lambert: Sounds like we found the subdermals.

Sam: I get nervous when the bad guys start making 'blood' jokes.

Lambert: That conversation's going straight to the Joint Chiefs, and we're gonna need more.

Sam: Nikoladze's computer?

Lambert: You guessed it. Get inside his office and access that machine. Alarms aren't mission critical anymore, we're moving into Fifth Freedom territory.

(Sam infiltrates the building and goes to the top floor via elevator, navigates around the offices and breaches Nikoladze's, by rappelling and breaking in through the window. Once he accesses the computer:)

Lambert: Christ almighty!

Sam: What do you have?

Lambert: Bad things. Keep transmitting, we need to see how far this goes.

Sam: What's going on?

Lambert: Corpses, refugee camps. They've had commandos at work in Azerbaijan for weeks. How the hell did we miss this? Keep transmitting.

(Sam intercepts a radio alert)

Grinko: (Radio) Alert! All men to full alert! We have an intruder in Nikoladze's office! Wake up, you bastards! I want troops in there now!

Soldier3: Grinko, Sir! I've got three men about to breach Nikoladze's office!

Soldier3: We are sending reinforcements now!

(Three soldiers enter the office, do a brief sweep, and then leave while Sam remains undetected.)

Lambert: Fisher, we need the rest of the files from Nikoladze's computer. This stuff is going straight to the President. We might be headed for military action, and we're gonna need airtight proof.

(Sam interacts with Nikoladze's computer a second time)

Lambert: That's the end of it. Thank God.

Sam: What exactly is going on?

Lambert: You wouldn't believe the numbers. Nikoladze has been systematically murdering his way through Azerbaijan.

Sam: And we didn't know about it?

Lambert: Nobody did.

Sam: What does he want?

Lambert: You can watch the news later. Rendezvous with Jr. Wilkes for extraction.

(Sam leaves the office to the service staircase and to a lower roof, near an open shaft, leading down to the garage. He intercepts another military conversation)

Soldier3: (Radio) Nikoladze's office is clear! We're heading for the rear gangway!

(More soldiers enter the roof.)

Soldier4: Where are you?

(Once they sweep the area, they leave back. Sam then descends into the garage, intercepting more chatter.)

Grinko: (Radio) I want an update. Why hasn't the intruder been caught yet? Do we have men on the rear stairwell?

Soldier3: About to breach the stairwell, Sir.

(Sam moves through the parking area while gunshots are heard in the distance and one guard is shot dead by Wilkes Junior near his van. Sam speaks to him.)

Vernon Wilkes, Jr: What the hell did you in find there, man? Lambert's flipping out big time!

Sam: What's he saying?

Wilkes: That we're going to war!

End Mission.