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Defense Ministry
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Game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Location Georgian Defense Ministry, T'bilisi, Georgia
Date 16th to 17th October 2004 / 23:01 to 00:51 Hours
Depicts Georgian Information Crisis
Objective Discover President Nikoladze's secret.
"Alert! All men to full alert! We have an intruder in Nikoladze's office! Wake up, you bastards. I want troops in there now!"
Vyacheslav Grinko

Defense Ministry is the third solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. In this mission, Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must infiltrate the Georgian Ministry of Defense Headquarters and uncover Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze's secret.


Discover President Nikoladze's secret.

CIA agents Blaustein and Madison were killed for getting too close to information Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze needed to protect. Vyacheslav Grinko, a Russian mercenary, is closely tied to Nikoladze's secret; they arranged to meet at the Ministry of Defense.

Mission Information Edit

Goals Edit

  • Deactivate the courtyard security laser grid.
  • Infiltrate the South Wing of the Georgian Defense Ministry.
  • Access Nikoladze's personal computer in his office.
  • Infiltrate the North Wing of the Georgian Defense Ministry.
  • Complete the data transfer from Nikoladze's computer.
  • Rendezvous with Jr. Wilkes in the basement parking garage for extraction.

Notes Edit

  • Vyacheslav Grinko's car is in the basement parking garage.
  • Vyacheslav Grinko's license plate number is 86 KP 214.
  • Only Colonels can open retinal scanner-locked doors.
  • The evidence against Nikoladze is on his computer.

Data Edit

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Mission Overview Edit


Sam Fisher infiltrates the Defense Ministry of Georgia's Headquarters by rappelling down the side of the building.

Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher infiltrated the one of the rooftops of the Georgian Ministry of Defense Headquarters. Third Echelon's operation coordinator Irving Lambert told Fisher to intercept Vyacheslav Grinko at the garage for answers; if Grinko is not at his car, then his driver will be. Fisher entered a lower floor by rappelling down the side of the building and into the window where he then exited the room and navigated through the hallway and into the stairwell. As he entered the garage, he located Grinko's vehicle with the lights on and spotted Grinko's driver, Hamlet. 
SplinterCell 2013-03-09 21-51-14-87

Sam Fisher interrogates Hamlet, Grinko's driver, in the parking garage for information.

As Hamlet was about to relieve himself, Fisher was able to grab him and interrogate him. Fisher learned that there was going to be a high-priority meeting taking place between Grinko and Philip Masse in the exterior elevator in the courtyard. With this information, Fisher made his way back up the stairwell. In order for Fisher to actually get into the courtyard, he first had to disable the laser security grid. In order to do this, Lambert tells Fisher to intercept one of Nikoladze's colonels to disable the laser security grid using a computer. This allowed Fisher to enter the courtyard and laser mic the meeting between Grinko and Masse. From the conversation, Fisher learned of Nikoladze's campaign in Azerbaijan, and proceeded to Nikoladze's office to recover the data.

MLAA SplinterCell 2010-03-17 05-23-36-32

Fisher sneaks through the interior rooms and finds a way inside of Nikoladze's office.

Fisher infiltrated the wing of the building where Nikoladze's office was located and was able to eventually make his way into the office room by rappelling down the side of the building. As Fisher hacked Nikoladze's computer, Lambert was completely blown away by the evidence gathered from the files of the computer. Nikoladze had an extensive presence in Azerbaijan with Georgian commando cells and refugee camps, all of which surprised Lambert and caused him to wonder how they could have even missed it.

Suddenly, Grinko was alerted to Fisher's presence in Nikoladze's office and ordered a full sweep of the room. Fisher was able to finish the transmission to Lambert and gather enough intelligence to legitimize a NATO intervention in the Caucasus region. With his objectives complete, Fisher escaped Nikoladze's office and made his way back down to the garage area. Fisher's field runner, Vernon Wilkes, Jr., was waiting in the garage as some of Grinko's mercenaries were shot and killed by him. Wilkes asks Fisher what he found in the office because Lambert was 'flipping out'. Fisher asks him what he was saying, to which Wilkes replied that we 'are going to war.' The two agents fled the garage in a parked van as Fisher got ready for his next assignment.

Transcript Edit


Files retrieved from President Nikoladze's computer reveal a campaign of terror against Azerbaijan. Covering their invasion using techniques of information warfare, cells of Georgian commandos have nearly overthrown their oil-rich neighbour. This intelligence has opened the door for NATO intervention in the Caucasus.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time in the entire Splinter Cell series where the player uses the rappel action to scale down the wall at the start of the mission. This action was actually never covered during the Training mission.
  • There are actually two ways the player can enter into the building from the rooftop at the start of the mission. Whichever route the player chooses, they will enter into the same room - just at different areas in the room.
  • There are two security cameras located in the garage area. If they are not destroyed when the player goes down to interrogate Hamlet, they will be disabled once the player enters the garage to exfiltrate with Wilkes.
  • There is a medical kit, disposable pick and 5.72mm ammo (but ammo only in PS2 and NGC version) at the top of the staircase that leads to the parking lot, to gain vertical leverage the player will have to wall jump up onto a couple metal beams.
  • The chef in the kitchen allows a guard to spit in a special order for Colonal Kobiashvili, inciting that he is not very well respected by his colleges.
  • This is the first and last level that Phillip Masse appears in, not counting the DLC levels that were available after the game had released. The second appearance in the DLC is in Kola Cell, where Fisher has to kill Masse.
  • After the player records the conversation between Grinko and Masse in the elevator, a group of guards will exit a set of double doors located next to lattice (what players must climb to progress). It is possible for the player to enter those double doors and find a hidden medical kit inside along with a switch to the courtyards lights.
  • Once the player reaches the second area (where a short cutscene shows the elevator coming down), there is a supply closet to the left with a Disposable Pick inside.
  • The door code to the upper floors of the Ministry can be found written on paper located on the desk that is used to climb into the air vents. The code is 59259.
  • There is a medical kit and 5.72mm ammo box in the janitor's closet with a ladder leading to the roof.
  • It is possible to hide from the group of guards Grinko calls in to clear out Nikoladze's office. After a while, they will exit the room and regroup on the rooftop. Regardless of what the player chooses, they must either be killed or must exit the room in order to use the laptop again.
    • The soldier in the office has a frag grenade that can be picked up from his satchel.
  • While difficult and time consuming, it's possible to break into Nikoladze's office without killing or knocking out the guard in the room already. It involves shooting out all the lights, and rarely the guard might even walk out the window and kill himself.
  • Vernon Wilkes Jr. uses the getaway van from the end of the Police Station level to extract Fisher at the end of this level.