Biographical information
Died 2013 (Player-determined)
Citizenship Libyan
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Militia member
Affiliations Unidentified Libyan Militia
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Blacklist
"One more time. Why did you run to the Americans?"
― Dawoud to Andriy Kobin[src]
Dawoud was a member, possible leader, of the Unidentified Libyan Militia that had operated in Benghazi, Libya around 2013, during the Blacklist Attacks.

Biography Edit

2013: Blacklist Attacks Edit

Dawoud was part of a group of Libyan Militia that had taken control of a bazaar and the surrounding area, including a police station, using violent means. Dawoud had learned that Andriy Kobin had given himself up to CIA officers who had been operating in the area because Kobin believed that Blacklist Zero would be blamed on him. After killing the CIA officers, Dawoud and his men had captured Kobin and then began torturing him for information. Fourth Echelon commander Sam Fisher, after learning that Andriy Kobin may have information regarding The Engineers, deployed in Benghazi, Libya to find and capture Kobin. After Dawoud and his men were found torturing Kobin in the interrogation room of the police station, Sam Fisher killed or knocked out Dawoud and his men, securing Kobin.

Trivia Edit

  • Dawoud's fate is entirely up to the player: the player can either knock him out non-lethally or they can kill Dawoud and his men. Regardless of if the player knocks him out or kills him, he does not make another appearance in the game.

Gallery Edit

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