Data Stick 1 Edit

From: Philip Masse
To: Alekseevich
Sent: 29/11/2004 18:29
Subject: Not my problem

Hey, Big Al

Look, when it comes to giving you the tools you need to penetrate the clunky architecture of outdated soviet transistor based computers, I'm your man, but I just ain't interested in helping you detonate nukes. Nukes - messy. Computers - clean. Get it?

You can come up here to this hell-hole and scream at me all you want about your evil master plan, but I wouldn't waste your breath. I'll help you get in. I'll help you get them. I'll even figure out how they work and help you sell them, but I'm not one of those techno-nihilists you read about on hacker forums, and I ain't gonna help you actually detonate a nuke. If you blow up all the world's computers, you'll put me out of work. Remember the part where I told you I was in this for the money?

- pHilip MAsSE

Data Stick 2 Edit

From: Colonel Alekseevich
To: Budanov
Sent: 19/01/2005 20:11
Subject: Vselka weapons locker

Colonel Budanov,

As promised, Mr. Masse has penetrated the security network and discovered the door code to the Vselka's armoury. The code is 20387. Unfortunately, given the sad state of the bureauocracy of our former fatherland the contents of the armoury have not been properly tracked. Please be aware that it may contain weapons that should not be fired aboard a submarine. I will send a further email to this effect to your men.

Colonel Alekseevich

Data Stick 3 Edit

From: Colonel Alekseevich
To: -
Sent: 26/01/2005 14:22
Subject: Fire control.


As you may have already deduced, tonight's operation will take us aboard a submarine. Due to the nature of the environment, you will not be permitted to use long arms or explosives. Colonel Budanov will come around and collect magazines from all of you. You will be issued shotguns, and gas grenades in place of your rifles and fragmentation grenades. You are not to replace the shot rounds with slugs, as penetrating rounds could compromise the inner hull. You may continue to use short cartridge arms such as pistols and sub-machine guns, but be sure of your targets as even these projectiles could cause inconvenient collatoral damage to the vessel.

Colonel Alekseevich

Data Stick 4 Edit

From: Sergeant Mikhailov
To: Colonel Budanov
Sent: 26/01/2005 19:31
Subject: Overdue. Low Morale.

Colonel Budanov,

It is my duty to report that Colonel Alekseevich has still not arrived from our Kola Base, leaving his helicopter now several hours overdue. The men awaiting him have critical duties to perform, and as time passes, their ability to achieve these objectives at all falls into doubt. Morale outside on the docks is dropping rapidly due to the cold, fatigue, and our delayed commander. I will do what I can and continue to stand my post until the arrival of Colonel Alekseevich, or until I receive further orders.

Sergeant Mikhailov

Data Stick 5 Edit

From: Colonel Alekseevich
To: Sergeant Mikhailov
Sent: 26/01/2005 19:36
Subject: RE: Overdue. Low Morale.

Sergeant Mikhailov,

While I appreciate your concern for Colonel Alekseevich, I detect a questioning tone in your previous mail. This tone is not appropriate, and if I hear it again, I will have you removed.

You will maintain the morale of your men, as is your duty. You will await the arrival of Alekseevich as ordered and deliver him to the Vselka immediately upon his arrival. You will also complete all duties assigned to you, regardless of the fact that the Colonel is late. You have not been asked to think about your orders. Only to execute them. Spend your intellectual efforts coming up with a way to perform all duties assigned to your men rather than questioning those who have honored you through assigning those duties.

Colonel Budanov

Data Stick 6 Edit

From: Sofron
To: Jaro
Sent: 26/01/2005 19:51
Subject: Subaquatic evac


Regardless of their uniforms, these guys are not Russian soldiers. I'm going for help. I'm going to try a subaquatic exit through the forward torpedo tubes. I've patched the launch controls with a bit of code that will automate the hatch sequencing on a 150 second timer. That should be enough time to make it from the launch computer to the hatch...assuming they haven't anticipated an escape through the tubes and put a bunch of guards in the torpedo room. Wish me luck.


Data Stick 7 Edit

From: Jaro
To: Sofron
Sent: 26/01/2005 20:22
Subject: RE: Subaquatic evac


You're right. They aren't friendly. Get the hell off this boat. I don't know if your torpedo hatch plan worked, but if you ever get this mail, please advise, as I am following you. I'm outside the launch control room now, but it's heavily guarded, so I don't know if you managed to get your program to work or not. I'm going to try going in through a vent over the ceiling. With any luck one of us will make it out of here.


Data Stick 8 Edit

From: Sergeant Mikhailov
To: Gaspar
Sent: 26/01/2005 20:28
Subject: I also cook.


I think you're right. I sent Budanov a mail about Alekseevich, and he had a completely different tone than usual. Very threatening. I think Alekseevich is dead, and that the entire Kola cell might have been hit. If that's the case, we're either in big trouble, or we've won the jackpot. If we manage to offload these nukes and get out of here, we won't have to split the cash with the other cell. More money for us = early retirement. Maybe you and I can pool our shares and go in on a little restaurant somewhere warmer? You can handle the business end and I'll be the chef. I make a pretty mean borscht.

Sergeant Mikhailov

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