Data Stick 1Edit

From: Colonel Alekseevich
Sent: 19/01/2004 20:03
Subject: Destroy when read


In five days time, the Vselka will arrive at her berth. We will then proceed with all plans detailed during our meeting at the Kola facility. I am greatly saddened that events have kept me from participating in this, our greatest operation. We are at the threshold of victory, and now the final push is in your capable hands. I expect nothing less than perfection from each of you. I will tolerate nothing less than complete success. The Vselka's special cargo is the key to our future success and prosperity. Do not fail.

Colonel Alekseevich

Data Stick 2Edit

From: Pavel
To: Grigor
Sent: 24/01/2005 09:33
Subject: Cold shoulder


Look, I know you're busy, but the vent beside my bed is throwing freezing air on me as I sleep. I spend my entire day on those docks in minus fifty weather, I would like to at least be warm in my cot. Can you please, please seal that vent. At least for the rest of the winter.


Data Stick 3Edit

From: Milos
To: Konstantin
Sent: 26/01/2005 16:56
Subject: Arm yourself

Konstantin, The inspectors are not who they seem. The uniforms are stolen. I don't know who they are working for, but they are definitely here to take over the facility. They've got the docks, and have secured the outer sectors with some sort of hobbled together automated weapons on tripods. Stay away from those things. One of them cut Yuri to pieces in the blink of an eye. I think they are making a push for the Vselka in the main berth. Get a gun. Hide. Kill as many as you can. We're in for the fight of our lives and we're probably not going to win.


Data Stick 4Edit

From: Colonel Budanov
To: -
Sent: 26/01/2005 17:21
Subject: Our gracious hosts


This evening's opening ceremonies did not go exactly as planned. Our single remaining host is now critical to our further celebrations. Mister Bobrov has been inestimably gracious in providing us with unrestricted access, and I would like the three of you to take special care with him. In other words, don't kill him. You may beat him within an inch of his life, but no further.

Though I am reluctant to give you this information, the doorcode to the cafeteria freezer is 310, and this should provide a good holding cell. Please stay out of the vodka. We may need it to bribe our way past checkpoints when we leave with our cargo.

Colonel Budanov

Data Stick 5Edit

From: Yvgeny
To: Konstantin
Sent: 26/01/2005 17:36
Subject: Help me get out of here


Sorry to bear the bad news. Milos is dead. We made our way to the main berth to see if the 'inspectors' were after the Vselka. They definitely are. I think they are trying to get into the launch tubes for the nukes and remove the warheads. I'm trapped back here now, as they seem to have locked down the doors, however I overheard a standing order for them to be prepared to retake the decompressor room if anything goes wrong. If you can get to the decompressor room, they may have to open the doors to come up after you. Then I can get out of here and we can try and call for help.


Data Stick 6Edit

From: Dmitri
To: Pavel
Sent: 26/01/2005 18:18
Subject: Eyes only


I know the decompressor room is locked with a retinal scanner. This is because we aren't allowed in there. Only the Colonels are allowed in there and only their eyes will unlock the door.


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