Data stick 1Edit

From: Anna
To: Lambert
Sent: 17/04/2004 12:26
Subject: RE: Not likely...


I'm anxious to see what this super-spy of yours can do, so I'll be watching him from the observation platform over the assault course. I've temporarily changed the door code to 5656 to keep anybody from wandering in. If he's as capable as you say, I'm sure we'll do fine in the field.

Just don't get too optimistic old man...just because the brass gave us the okay to recruit him doesn't mean we're in the clear. We've still got a lot to prove here, and while Fisher may turn out to be the best thing since Audie Murphy, he's still just one man. A single slip up and the folks upstairs will shut us down faster than a leaking reactor. And as far as your claim that there is no such thing as a secret when Sam Fisher is looking for something...well...I'll believe it when I see it.


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