Data Stick 1Edit

From: Gennadiy
To: Maks
Sent: 29/10/2004
Subject: RE: Killer Robots?!?!


Calm down, my friend, the turrets are no more dangerous than mines. (So of course they're dangerous, but only if you act like an idiot.) Maybe even less dangerous than mines, one of Masse' geeks showed me the Recognize Friend / Foe interface on the rear end of one. As long as you're with the good guys, you're in no danger. Maybe you're drinking too much coffee, Maks. Please, take it easy.


Data Stick 2Edit

From: Adrian Gray
Sent: 30/10/2004 10:44
Subject: Blaustein


I've double-checked everything we've got on the CIA Agent, Alice Madison, and can't find any evidence that she had any idea what The Ark is. She was getting close to proof of our actions in Azerbaijan, but that's it. Agent Blaustein knew even less, he was just looking for Madison.

It might be easier for me to find information on this 'Ark' if you would tell me what it is. Though you know best, and I leave everything to your judgement.

Adrian Gray

Data Stick 3Edit

From: Artur
To: Tyoma
Sent: 31/10/2004
Subject: Bobrov


Happy Halloween! I've been passing out sugar cubes, too embarrassed to ask the Georgians for candy. I even gave one to the Sailor we're keeping in the walk-in freezer. He ate it, but I don't think he tasted anything.

This morning, I found him with tears frozen on his cheeks. You know, I didn't think tears could freeze; I thought there was too much salt in them. I guess you learn something new everyday.

your friend,

Data Stick 4Edit

From: Kombayn Mammadov
Sent: 01/11/2004 07:30
Subject: Kalinatek


As many of you no doubt know, early this morning we lost a cell in the United States of America. At approximately 30 minutes past midnight, the storm troopers of the American FBI raided the Kalinatek building, capturing a handful of our soldiers and murdering dozens other. The U.S. media will no doubt begin a campaign of lies to cover the execution-style truth of the FBI's slaughtering of your unarmed comrades. Do not believe them. Do not allow the lunatic ravings of a dying nation to poison your mind.

Kalinatek is a battle lost, but only a battle. The war, the greater victory will be ours. I assure you: Goliath is stumbling, and soon will fall. We will always remember these martyrs for the cause.

to greater victory,

President Kombayn Mammadov

Data Stick 5Edit

Sent: 01/11/2004 11:38
Subject: What a corncob

I am so ready to massacre Philip Masse. The guy's brilliant, but what an unbelievable, arrogant, corncob. If he doesn't stop raving about what a hot-shot he is, I'm gonna stick my boot up his USB port.

And Artur's starting to creep me out. Does it ever seem to you like he's too friendly?

- T

Data Stick 6Edit

From: Artur
To: Tyoma
Sent: 04/11/2004 01:47
Subject: Edison Bend!


My congratulations! Your Edison Bend power plant operation is proving itself quite well! The cooling rods have been withdrawn for ten minutes now and the Americans don't suspect a thing! You may yet win that bet with Masse. ;)

Your friend,

Data Stick 7Edit

From: Philip Masse
To: Tyoma
Sent: 04/11/2004 01:59
Subject: RE: Edison Bend


20 minutes and the idiots still haven't caught on. Looks like I owe you a coke. This might be a meltdown, huh. Three Mile Island here we come!

- pHilip MAsSE

Data Stick 8Edit

From: Kovaloy
To: Grisha
Sent: 04/11/2004 09:46
Subject: Barracks Turret

Hey Grisha,

Just wanted to make sure you had re-calibrated the automated turret between the barracks and the office building. I'm sure it's already taken care of, just wanted to check.
Also, you still owe me that bottle of vodka. We're dying of boredom down here in the sub. The vodka's in the walk-in freezer, access code 310.

Extremely thirsty,


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