Data Stick 1Edit

From: Katja
To: Evgeny
Sent: 05/11/2004 19:56
Subject: Where are you?

Dearest Evgeny

I don't know if this will ever find you, but if it does please get in touch with me. I know you would rather we didn't correspond while you're working, but this is important. Please, let me know that you are all right, and call me if you can. I have the most important news, I can only pray you will say it is good news.

All my love,


Data Stick 2Edit

From: Col. Shengelaya
To: Philip Masse
Sent: 06/11/2004 12:05
Subject: RE: 'run run run'?

Mr. Masse,

Our interrogations of Slava Romashin were completely unproductive. He still refuses to name the source of the rumor that Nikoladze's own men were responsible for your programmers' deaths at Kalinatek. Still, Slava is one of the last of our men I would suspect of treason, (if the word even applies to mercenaries.)

Do you think there is any truth to the rumors? Could it be possible that Nikoladze would order the deaths of men under his own employment? I'm terrified even typing this.

Col. Shengelaya.

Data Stick 3Edit

From: Philip Masse
To: Titko de Boer
Sent: 8/11/2004 22:19
Subject: You have a stupid name.

Tits on a Boer,

Heads up. New keypad code for the third floor doors between the Conveyors and the Furnace room. It's 53779. Think you can remember that, tits?

- pHilip MAsSE -

Data Stick 4Edit

From: Nikolai
To: Grisha
Sent: 8/11/2004 22:36
Subject: Next to godliness


I cannot continue making excuses to Alekseevich for your sloppiness and lack of discipline. The disorder of your living quarters is not only offensive to a military sensibility, but encourages a lack of discipline that could grow into a real security risk. If the situation does not improve by the 12th, I will be forced to report this to the Colonel. I'm sorry it has to come to this.

- Nikolai

Data Stick 5Edit

From: Philip Masse
To: Vasiline
Sent: 8/11/2004 23:12
Subject: UPS and dish maintenance.


Since I'm stuck down here in the smelting plant, I'm putting you in charge of repairing the Satellite Uplink Dish.

The dish will be vulnerable to power spikes as long as it is connected to the back-up generator. To protect it, THE UNINTERRUPTABLE POWER SUPPLY MUST BE TURNED ON. If the generator is running and the UPS is off, you'll fry the dish again, just like our favorite mouthbreather.

- pHilip MAsSE -

Data Stick 6Edit

From: Grisha
To: Nikolai
Sent: 08/11/2004 23:56
Subject: RE: Next to godliness


You and Colonel Alekseevich both have better things to worry about than 'the disorder of my living quarters.' Haven't you heard the rumors about the submarine dock? About Simargl? I haven't been sleeping well since the Americans uncovered our Virginia cell. Waste your time shining your shoes if you like, I'm going to spend mine loading my guns.

And by the way, Nikolai, we're not the military. We're mercenaries. The USSR's been gone more than a decade. Wake up.

- Grisha

Data Stick 7Edit

From: Col. Amiran Gabisonia
Sent: 09/11/2004 04:32
Subject: Tighter Security


I know everybody's getting stir-crazy out here, but don't let that make you sloppy. The front line of this war is wherever we are, even out here in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure you've all heard the stories about the fatal security breaches in other cells. I can tell you that these are not rumors. A team (or teams) of American commandos is playing hell with our Kola cells. Hence the increased patrols, SAM units, and upgraded encryption protocols.

A good example of the 'fatal security breaches' we've been experiencing is probably in your hand right now. Downloading emails to flashRAM is convenient, yes, but represents a huge lapse in encryption protocol. It's lazy and unprofessional.

Grinko has taken a personal interest in the security of this cell, and he may be sending us some new local leadership.

Col. Amiran Gabisonia

Data Stick 8Edit

From: Col. Amiran Gabisonia
To: Ulian
09/11/2004 06:51
Subject: Masse and Nikolai


I need you and Stadnikov to secure the Control Room overlooking the foundry and help Nikolai protect Phillip Masse.

By 'help Nikolai protect Masse' I mean help Nikolai remain calm. Mr. Masse can be particularly annoying, I'm aware, but he is critical to our operations here. If Nikolai loses his temper, there is no telling what he might do.

Mr. Masse has informed me he will be in and out of the Control Room and the so-called 'People's Hall' throughout the day. If you need access to the Ballroom, the code is 82840.

Col. Amiran Gabisonia

Data Stick 9Edit

From: Leri
To: Ma-Xu Yuan
Sent: 09/11/2004 14:29
Subject: See you soon.

Ma-Xu Yuan,

I'm looking forward to finally meeting you face to face.

Looks like we might need to work faster than we had anticipated; there are rumors that the Americans are getting close.

I hope the cattle aren't causing too much trouble. Ha-ha.


Data Stick 10Edit

From: Sergo Begalishvili
To: Filya
Sent: 09/11/2004 16:00
Subject: Subject: Foundry AC


Have you checked on the air conditioning system over the foundry control room yet? If that A.C. craps out, our servers overheat and we're in a world of trouble. If you need access to or from the foundry floor and the control room, the door code is 1888.

Sergo Begalishvili

Data Stick 11Edit

From: Philip Masse
To: Ivan
Sent: 09/11/2004 16:00


I'm getting serious doubts about Colonel Shengelaya's loyalty. We don't have room in this operation for loose ends. Not to beat around the bush-

I think we should consider killing him. And by 'consider' I mean 'immediately.' ;)

- pHilip MAsSE -

Data Stick 12Edit

From: Paprax
To: Philip Masse
Sent: 09/10/2004 16:32
Subject: Ballroom Doorcode

Mr. Masse,

I have no idea why you wouldn't be able to get through the rear entrance to the ballroom. I would never suggest you didn't know, but just to be sure, the keypad code is set for 62773.

- Paprax

Intel 1Edit

57E7-Y Surface to Air Missile Emplacement.
A surface-to-air missile armed with a 14 kg fragmentation rod warhead. The missile has a tandem, bicaliber body: separable booster and sustainer. The warhead, contact fuse, and proximity fuse are located in the sustainer. At launch, the missile weighs 55 kg.  With a range of 1 to 16 km, it has a maximum speed of 1,200 meters per second. The 57E7-Y is officially still in the prototype stage.

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