Data Stick 1Edit

From: Officer Beso Cheishvili
To: Officer Givi Kavsadze
Sent: 11/10/2004  10:34
Subject: RE: Evidence????

Givi, I know you're new here so I'm not going to have your thumbs broken. Don't question Lortkipanidze, not if you want to keep your job and your breathing privileges. Let's have a drink tonight, I'll explain some things to you.


Data Stick 2Edit

From: Dr. Slava Konipodze
To: Sgt Ramaz Lortkipanidze
Sent: 12/10/2004  09:13
Subject: Morgue Security Cameras


While I appreciate your newfound zeal in securing the station, I wonder at the need for a surveillance camera in the morgue. In my near forty years as a medical examiner, I have never once seen a cadaver commit a crime.

I am certain that there are other places in this very building where security cameras might do a much better job of spotting criminals. I am not speaking of the holding cells either.

Why, just last week I tagged some poor soul whose skull had been caved in by an object distinctly similar to the batons issued to our officers. Had there been security cameras in the research lab instead of the morgue itself, we might have caught the party responsible for destroying the evidence in that case.

Dr S. Konipodze,

M.E. PhD.

Data Stick 3Edit

From: Officer Gizo Giorgobiani
To: Sgt Ramaz Lortkipanidze
Sent: 12/10/2004 22:40
Subject: Gift Horse

Lortkipanidze Sir,
Last night's action on Route A303 to Tabahmela was a bigger score than we could ever have hoped for. Way too much H to disguise as evidence, I suggest we divide it into at least a dozen parcels and keep it domestic. I might also suggest you get in touch with your people in Turkey. We need to turn this around fast.

Captain Girogobiani

Data Stick 4Edit

From: William Robert Blaustein
To: Jonathan Sutton
Sent: 14/10/2004 05:32
Subject: RE: Madison

Mr. Sutton,

I think we can stop dancing around the words 'Agent Madison is dead.' Our only real question now is why, or more importantly why Nikoladze thought he could hide it from us.

Your theory about her disappearance as a way to keep secret the connections between Georgian politics and the Russian Mafia works, but it's too easy. It wouldn't justify murdering a U.S. agent. And Nikoladze knows we know how dirty he is.

I think I'm being followed, though it's hard to separate paranoia from reason in this part of the world. I suggest we start swapping digital signatures more often, maybe twice a week.

Forward Gurgenidze this keypad code for the back door: 091772. I'll expect the pick-up by 10AM.

Say happy birthday to Kaye for me. Hopefully I'll be back in VA for the next one.

- B.B. Blaustein

Data Stick 5Edit

From: Sgt Ramaz Lortkipanidze
To: Officer Gizo Giorgobiani
Sent: 14/10/2004  11:58
Subject: RE: Givi?


I don't trust Kavsadze, I don't care who he's related to. I don't want him within throwing distance of our horse.

R. Lortkipanidze

Data Stick 6Edit

From: Sgt Ramaz Lortkipanidze
To: Officer Gizo Giorgobiani
Sent: 15/10/2004  04:36
Subject: Resisting Arrest


I need you to stop by and pick up the concierge at the Hotel Begurebi for questioning. Make up whatever charges you see fit, something he won't be inclined to talk about. Once you get him back to the station have him resist arrest and break something painful.

It's a favor for a very influential friend. Do it well and we'll both be a little richer for it.

R. Lortkipanidze

Data Stick 7Edit

From: David Tanahill
To: William Robert Blaustein
Sent: 15/10/2004 17:22
Subject: FW: drop dead


Got the following from our man Gurgenidze:

'I got the envelope thank you very much. I'll have the police station information in our dead drop behind the bushes in Morevi Square.'

I'm sure it'll be there, Tom's a trustworthy type. If I can safely make the drop, I may leave you a toy or two. Walk softly.

- David T.

Data Stick 8Edit

From: Philip Masse
To: Tristan Gogoberidze
Sent: 15/10/2004  12:14
Subject: RE: RE: cut rate third world flophouse

Go go Gadget Beridze,

it's a pain in my ass to leave my work for half a week to have some hush-hush pow-wow with Nick and V.G., but it's an INSULT to have to deal with morons like the concierge at this dump you guys put me up in. I'm serious, I don't want to see his face again.

I need to get back out to the rig and back to my work, especially in the middle of our you-know-what out in you-know-where. Idle hands are the Great Satan's playground.

- pHilip MAsSE

Data Stick 9Edit

From: Officer Beso Cheishvili
To: Sgt Ramaz Lortkipanidze
Sent: 15/10/2004  23:53
Subject: Three in traction

Lortkipanidze Sir,

I just returned from the hospital, where about two and three-quarters men remain in critical condition. The beat cop taking statements from the doctors had a picture-perfect description of the men's attackers: your friend Grinko and some ogre named Nikolai.

You may want to put in a call to the commissioner over at the Eastern Precinct if you want to keep your friends from drawing more attention than they need right now.


Data Stick 10Edit

From: Thomas Gurgenidze
To: David Tanahill
Sent: 16/10/2004  03:09
Subject: Precinct back door

You can be getting into the police station with the keypad combination of 5929. This way goes by the back way into the holding cells. You are best for go at night when the drunks are all passed out.

Data Stick 11Edit

From: Kakhi Berikashvili
To: Office Beso Cheishvili
Sent: 16/10/2004  17:56
Subject: Crowd Control


You'll all be heading crowd control teams at next Friday's political rally in Morevi Square. Nikoladze's people have warned me that the President plans to make some extremely inflammatory statements. He's getting the people riled up. Get ready for some big news in the next couple weeks.

Chkhilkvadze, let's not be so free and easy with the teargas. We want the people angry, not revolutionary. Keep it to batons.

Captain Berikashvili

Case File 1

UPLOADED: 16/10/04
SOURCE: Grimsdottir
NAME: William R Blaustein
AKA: None
DOB: 04/08/62
AO: T'Bilisi, Georgia
OCCUPATION: Special Agent


Arrives in T'Bilisi to begin investigation of Agent Madison's disappearance.

First contact with Thomas Gergenidze.

Reports harassment from local police and near-incarceration. (Ref: Sgt. Lortkipanidze)

Report of possible security breach at Blaustein's base of operations.

Missed daily report to Langley.

CIA-implanted tracking subdermal motion is reduced to less than 10 meters per day.

Missed daily report to Langley.

Missed daily report to Langley.

CIA-implanted tracking subdermal microchips go offline.

A real cowboy, a good example of the old guard at Langley.

Case File 2

UPLOADED: 16/10/04
SOURCE:    Grimsdottir
FULL NAME: Alice McCarthy Madison
AKA: None
DOB: 29/08/68
AO: T'Bilisi, Georgia
OCCUPATION: Special Agent


Transferred to Georgia

Secures administrative position in Georgian Secretary of Defense Chokheli's office.

"Donation" to Nikoladze's campaign secures employment in T'Bilisi statehouse.

Report of "suspicious data traffic" between Nikoladze's deputies.

Paperwork submitted for the transferal of Nikoladze's encrypted files to NSA analysts. (Request as yet unprocessed)

Missed daily report to Langley.

Missed daily report to Langley.

CIA-implanted tracking subdermal motion is reduced to less than 20 meters per day.

Subdermal microchips go offline.

Status request made of contact Thomas Gurgenidze (ref: S.A. Tanahill)

Negative report from Gurgenidze

She's sharp but timid. She's worked herself deep into Nikoladze's government in a short time; quickly enough to make me wonder at her methods.

Case File 3Edit

UPLOADED: 16/10/04
SOURCE: Grimsdottir
NAME: Thomas G Gurgenidze
AKA: None
DOB: 08/11/60
AO: T'Bilisi, Georgia
OCCUPATION: 4th T'Bilisi Precinct Police Booking Clerk


Recruited by Special Agent Tanahill

Secures clerical employment in T'Bilisi Police Force

First Contact with Sergeant Lortkipanidze


Promotion, gains access to Lortkipanidze's PC through server

Agent Tanahill request GRANTED: Increased funding for Gergenidze's salary.

Weekly transmission of Sgt. Lortkipanidze files.

Negative report on CIA Agent Alice Madison.

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